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  1. I didn't even see anything official from SLU that he's coming.
  2. Butler & Houston, good competition. Nice to see Ford is getting the schedule up-to-par.
  3. Plus of a grad transfer is your not stuck with them if it does not work out. Getting a decent mid-season transfer (like Graves) is rare, so you sacrifice very little on a gamble.
  4. Any status on Foreman?
  5. stu durandoā€¸ @studurando 23h23 hours ago Timeline on Elliott Welmer's recovery from foot surgery is 6 months, which would have him returning late September/early October.
  6. Both, the Brooklyn one and the one in Pennsylvania.
  7. If he's going for a graduate degree, would have to sit out a year?
  8. Aaron graduated? I thought he was a junior. Good for him. If I were him I find some place to get a graduate degree on a basketball scholarship. I am sure some low-level D1 program would love to sign him.
  9. After 3 years of total turmoil, it's feels good arguing about this.
  10. This is my all-time favorite confrontation: http://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2014/02/13/today-is-the-20th-anniversary-of-john-chaney-vs-john-calipari-video/
  11. The Palestra is legit college basketball arena. It seats about 8700. Also it has a lot of history. http://www.philadelphiabig5.org/palestra/index.html Now where LaSalle and St Joseph's play, I would not disagree if you called both of those HS Gyms. Recall seeing a Bills game at the Hagan and buying a pretzel from someone behind a folding table
  12. Are these scholarships really part of the cash budget of the AD? Like renovating the players locker room? If your a faculty member, you get free tuition. I wonder if like this: where I live a lot of Delta Airline retirees live near me. They, and family, all fly for free. I am sure Delta doesn't lose any cash on this perk.
  13. Atlanta will soon be relocating to the Mercedes Benz Stadium, it's downtown. Temporarily they playing at the Bobby Dodd Stadium (Georgia Tech's football stadium), which I would consider Mid-Town Atlanta. Mercedes Benz is also the new home of the Atlanta Falcons.
  14. I guess Jamal Walker becomes expendable. Probably join Groce at Akron.
  15. If VCU/UD bolt for AAC, hopefully we will be part that package also. Be nice to bring back old rivals like Memphis & Cincy.