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  1. McKilop kind of reminds me of Kress at the C of Charleston. When McKilop leaves the program will it have that same allure? Schools, as you mentioned with Davidson, are in very desirable living areas. Charleston did bring in Cremins, who did a decent job, but not the same thing & had leave for medical reasons.
  2. I always admired the AD at Wisconsin when Bennett (the old man) abruptly left. Sodie was selected as interim and did get them in the NCAAs. Safe thing would have been to retain him but he went out and hired Bo Ryan, That was gutsy because in Ryan's short tenure at Milwaukee was not all that spectacular. Saw something in him. The AD hit the homerun because Ryan did a nice job with the Badgers,
  3. Old guy, you may be right. I do know a lot State grads. Worked & played a lot of golf with them as they made up the bulk of the engineering staff at 2 hospitals I worked at in No Carolina. I can safely say they have a inflated view of themselves. They think they should get the next Jimmy V. and regularly beat Chapel Hill and Duke. They hate Chapel Hill with a passion and Duke, well Duke, everybody hates them. Duke probably has more students from New Jersey then the Carolinas. Bobby, not sure on Davidson being number 3 in Carolina. All my years living in North Carolina, I don't think I ever met a rabid Davidson fan. Davidson recently just came to the A10 from the SoCon. Not a conference that receives a lot press or you see on TV. Everyone respects and admires McKillop & they had Curry years but not like the ACC schools. Watching the ACC match-ups on TV is a big deal here (not quite the level of SEC football but close). Most Davidson students come from the Charlotte or Raleigh high price/high end prep schools.
  4. We even ran after Gottfried after Spoon left. His record at State is pretty good. 2 Sweet 16s & couple of early exits in the NCAAs in 5 years (didn't count this year). He could be an attractive hire at a middle of the pack BCS school. Unless State has someone already lined-up, like an Archie Miller, I think they are crazy for canning him.
  5. The Incident Year, that was very bad year all around. Wasn't Cody getting over mono his sophomore year? That was Conklin's junior year and fortunately he had the 'Conklin Summer'. Also the freshmen that year had a baptism under fire which ended up to be a positive the next 3 years.
  6. The position we are now, does it matter? We are not going to run the table. So, I don't see getting a PIG game is all that bad. Gives us a chance for another win. I think I rather come home from Pittsburgh 1-1 rather then 0-1.
  7. You know, Willie would probably do it. I was in Miami last month for a couple of weeks and caught a Heat-Mavericks game. On a game I watched on TV heard him in an interview, he's matured a lot.
  8. Crawford is smokin.
  9. This is winnable, lets do it.
  10. They had Red Panda for 1/2 time entertainment. Good game, can't beat the Duke atmosphere.
  11. I saw Cory Remeken jam one at LaSalle and I told him after the game it should make the ESPN plays of the week. Majerus had a in bounds play for Willie which had some spectacular dunks.
  12. I think rushing the floor (after the clock expired) should have some criteria. Rushing the floor when you beat a team that is not ranked is one of them.
  13. LOL, even when we had NCAA teams, winning up in the god forsaken North Pole location was a major challenge.
  14. Is it the 1st time this year Ford cleared the bench? Even the Greek kid played. Nice win.
  15. Since we played them, just watched Kansas State beat #2 Baylor by 2.