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  1. Actually not a bad line-up. Would have liked a few of those A-10 games (that were missing on) and the BYU game on something other then ESPN 3. I am sure Go Bills will help with some on-line suggestions.
  2. For some insane reason this is a big bone of contention. A few years back Ole Miss changed its past mascot, Colonel Reb, a slave owner, to a cuddly bear. I was at the Georgia-Ole Miss game 2 weeks ago and when I walked around the Grove (where they tail gate) prior to the game I seen plenty of old Colonel Rebs around (banners & fans dressed in Colonel Reb garb-you could have your picture taken with him) and not many bears.
  3. These issues never seem to end. When I arrived as a freshman in the Fall of 70 they had William Kunstler come to speak. The conservative alums went nuts. Made the front page headlines of the 2 St Louis newspapers denouncing his invite. Fr Reinert, the president at the time, gave the okay. For those not familiar on who Kunstler is here is his wiki bio. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Kunstler
  4. Remember Josh Fisher. He had all kinds of trouble getting out of his LOI with Pepperdine.
  5. Where did you read that? In the past FSMW would release it's broadcasts in mid-October.
  6. Some years ago I had this conversation with a guy, who was originally from No Dakota, that I worked with. He sent his daughter to Wash U and she was an art major. He moaned about all the money he would saved if he only sent her to major in art at No Dakota State. I laughed, while at Wash U she met and married a international banking major and they now live in a apartment overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland, which he visits frequently. If she went to No Dakota State she probably now be only making $30,000/y working as a art teacher at some middle school in some middle of nowhere town, North Dakota. Also married to some red neck dude working in a fracking field. These mid west ivies do have some advantages other then academic.
  7. This awhile ago but this how I remember it: Didn't Sodie ignore Harrelson and Harrelson signed with WIU? Then when Majerus came into the picture, Harrelson wanted to drop his commitment with WIU and sign with SLU. WIU would not let him out so he spent a year at SW Community College. Had a really promising year and UK came into the picture. How do you turn down the Wildcats?
  8. Maybe Brown was just too challenging. Re SIU: My neighbor, an older retired senior from Chicago, from across the street here in the Asheville, NC area, said when he was in HS he wasn't the best student. Ended up going to Community College in Chicago. Then went on to SIU, average student. Admitted back in the 60s when he attended SIU it was where all the dummies from Chicago went (his words). Joined the Peace Corps and spent several years in Columbia, in fact met his wife in Columbia. Returned to the Washington DC area. Got a Masters and PhD in Biology from Georgetown. Taught Biology, attained full professorship, for almost 40 years at UNC Chapel Hill. I guess some people can be late bloomers. Nice guy, when SLU vs SIU on TV, I always invite him over and enjoy some Asheville craft beer watching the game. He attended SIU when Clyde Frazier played for SIU and still keeps up with the Salukis. .
  9. Did Jordair Jett play football in HS? Memory is fuzzy on this but didn't Jordair also get recruited for football also? I believe it was Univ of Minnesota.
  10. Isn't just like any other foreign student here, they just get a foreign student visa. Now if they don't leave after graduating or just stop taking classes, that's different. SLU was always kind of unique back in the late 60s and 70s when they racked up all those NCAAs Championships to have pretty much an all St Louis roster (mostly from the local Catholic HSs). I recall, that's when I used to watch the games, the rosters of the opposition was usually heavily foreign even back then. I don't know if this legal NCAA wise, I always thought they should use the SLU Madrid campus. Get a decent club team going. Scout the youth programs and have them enrolled intensive English program while playing on the club team. Test whose good and use as a feeder. A kind of a minor league :). I recall being in Valencia a few years back and seeing this dry river bed which had maybe 20 or so soccer fields with 1000s of kids playing. Who knows maybe the next Renaldo could be discovered.
  11. A 250 lbs & 6'8" PF, those are rare. No wonder the college basketball world wants him. Agree, go get him!
  12. That would be YUGE and would help a lot if the Bills have an early exit in the A10 Tourney for an NCAA seeding.
  13. Don't follow soccer that closely but In basketball it's common. Recall when Syracuse lost to Lemoyne 91=48 and they still won 27 games for the season and advanced in the NCAAs.
  14. +1 Crews was a far worse coach then Johnny Jones. Abas, since this argument is based on hypothetical situation, we will never know. Just be grateful Crews is gone.
  15. Didn't help Sodie with Ryan Hollins.