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  1. Mickey Pearson Commits

    Harry was the best. Still my favorite player. Averaged almost 25 a game in his senior year. It would have been over 30 if he had the benefit of a 3 point line. Agree, it was a crime not being named to the all-time team.
  2. Practice news

    It's not bad if you can catch a scrimmage.
  3. Exactly. When we had Situation 1 we had Willie's dad do the circuit of different media outlets. That and everything else about Situation 1 turned out to be one big mess. Playing it close to the chest by all parties seems to be the best strategy.
  4. OT: FBI Arrests NCAAB Asst. Coaches

    Okay, how?
  5. Lisch looks good tonight vs the Jazz

    +100 I was watching the Celtics-Charlotte exhibition game last night, the announcers commented on the shortening of the NBA exhibition season, I wonder if that will have a positive or negative effect on Kevin's NBA future?
  6. I think the Vandy situation is very similar to the Duke situation here in North Carolina. Most of the undergrads at these schools are from somewhere else. Mostly from the Northeast. They come, graduate and return to where they came from. The Carolina and UT undergrads are pretty much all locals. They don't leave the state when they graduate making for a huge alumni base which the media caters to. Most of the locals loathe Duke. If Duke was not as good as it is, I don't think it would be as bad.
  7. Semi-OT: #105 in the W$J poll

    Unfortunately still not good. Also would not mind reading that article on Pitino I saw in the headlines.
  8. Recruiting - 2018 class

    You mean George Jefferson-Sherman Hemsley? He died 5 years ago.
  9. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    Yea, Zeke will get to play for Frank Haith. Here is another coach that had a Crews effect, 1st two years decent records, last year with his players, not so good.
  10. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    Zeke not even Developmental League material. The fact that Crews recruited Zeke over Mike Lewis is a travesty.
  11. OT: Masonic temple auction

    When I was at SLU back in the early 70s my room mate and I went over to the Masonic temple to see what was inside. The curiosity was killing us. One of the masons met us at the entrance and to my surprise gave us a tour. I don't think we got to see all of it but to my surprise he showed us a lot and was very nice.
  12. Television

    In years past it usually appeared around mid-October.
  13. Bernie This Morning

    ADs in the SEC (at least to be successful) have to be the top of the profession. A10s ADs aspire to get in the SEC. A A10 budget would dwarf SEC budget.This mostly because of the huge amount $$ involved with football.
  14. Semi-OT: Gus rumor

    Being out-of-town I don't make many Bills games but I did attend that great Butler win several years ago. I recall Brad Stevens calling a time out after a nice Bills scoring run, the crowd is going wild, Guy chimes in with some irrelevant announcements that could been done anytime, all enthusiasm is stopped dead. You would think after all these years he would know how to announce a basketball game. I honestly think he does not understand the sport.