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  1. I always liked this youtube on SLU. Too bad the two players featured bailed. Happy to see they trying to improve the image through media and the internet.
  2. Talking about crazy coaches with poor impulse control, I see Mike Rice, the old Rutgers coach, is back. He's coaching at the Patrick School. A prep school in Northern NJ. When the old St Patrick's HS closed it seems that parents of students got together and created this school and they hired Rice. Independent of the diocese or any religious order. The old St Patrick's was HS basketball powerhouse with several alum NBA players. No doubt they want to bring back the glory days of the past. I believe Rice signed several highly ranked players.
  3. Here is his bio: http://www.gofrogs.com/sports/m-baskbl/mtt/chris_tifft_810116.html Seemed he went when Dixon cleaned house. That's normal but this is demotion since he was an Asst at TCU. Looking at his playing history, he went to Columbia, an Ivy league school, to 3 Rivers. Interesting. Has a lot of JC HC coaching experience. I don't know if that experience is as valuable as it was 20 years ago with most players now needing either further basketball playing development and/or academic improvement going on to prep schools.
  4. Kyle Cassidy, better not let backhand hear that. maybe if we had a 'tied to the whipping post' HOF.
  5. Didn't Deane back in the 90s at Marquette have similar issues?
  6. I think it just not about proximity to the campus. Some programs have a tremendous entourage fans. For example if Kentucky had a choice between Knoxville or Memphis, both cities have access to big arenas but Memphis has more hotel rooms and a better nightlife for the off day evening. Have to keep the alums and moneyed fans happy.
  7. He's been a head coach at both Charleston Southern & Ark Little Rock. Crews had him as an assistant at Army also. He's been around with assistant jobs at DePaul, FL State, and this is the second time at Tulsa. Give the guy credit, he is a survivor.
  8. Romer inherited a Spoon team that was 15-16 & 8-8 conference which he takes them on to the NCAA. Romer passes on a team that was also 15-16 & 9-7 conference. Sodie takes that team to 2 consecutive NITS. I don't undersand about Romer not a success or Spoon being unsuccessful.
  9. He was Polk's assistant. Coached the Freshmen Team. Prior he coached HS in Chicago at Gorden Tech ( a Chicago powerhouse B Ball school back then). Polk tried to use him as a pipeline for Chicago recruits. Versace had the nasty habit of some colorful language during the Freshman games. This offended some the alums and Versace only lasted a year. Back then I used to attend the Freshmen games and it was kind of amusing. I believe he moved on to Michigan State as an assistant
  10. None that I can remember. I can't even think of any assistant that one of our head coaches groomed and was successful elsewhere other then maybe Bennett.
  11. I find South Asian beers have real salty taste.
  12. I took several undergrad UA courses back in the early 70's. It had a reputation as being one the best programs in the nation. I recall Lou Cervantes was one of my profs. Remember seeing him in City Hall, talking to him about a paper I was writing. Very helpful and genuine nice guy. Mill Creek Valley was before my time and I was told it was one big slum. I lived in Laclede Town for 2 years (74-5) and I liked it a lot. If they had crime I did not know about it and I still recall how nice my neighbors were. I will admit the buildings SLU constructed on the site of Mill Creek Valley are just plain ugly. I am sure the designers could made something to at least resemble DuBourg and DeSmet. That was way before Bondi's time.
  13. Cory and Ricky are related?
  14. From the ad, what's the difference between gross area and saleable area?
  15. That's a pretty common perk. Few months ago, I was seeing my doctor over at Emory who also has a faculty position with the Emory Med School. I said I don't want to lose you as my physician. She replied, don't worry I have 3 daughters approaching college age and I need that free tuition perk.