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Billikens Supporters in Total Denial

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I think the majority of this board is hilarious!

Ahearn outscores the St. Louis recruit by 44 to 1 and SLU supporters still think they got the best player.

Let's talk about his defense.... Let's accuse him of practicing at Fontbonne for weeks prior to the game....Let's accuse him of orchestrating a smear campaigne against SLU. Are you guy's ridiculous or what?

Torch your funny..." I don't want Ahearn.... he's never impressed me" I'm sure glad your not recruiting for SLU... wait...maybe you are. You really have an eye for talent...don't quit your day job! Guess what...IMO SLU doesn't deserve Blake!

tseugnekillib you ask " What is it that those other 37 schools didn't like about Ahearn?" I guess the same thing they didn't like about Kent Williams!

It appears the SLU coaching staff made a mistake in not offering Blake and now all we can do is bash the kids reputaion,playing ability and accuss him of insticating a smear campaign against SLU.

Who will be the brave soul to step forward and introduce one shread of evidence that Blake or his family were behind the RF Times artcle or Bernies SLU's jabs. If you can not..... STOP..... and support you argument by his playing ability.

Here are the facts as I know them:

The game had player's going to DePaul,Missouri,Illinois,South Carolina,Arizona State,Texas A$M,University of Miami and Blake was clearly the best player on the floor that night.... Not bad for a kid that can't play defense,slow of foot,needs upper body strengh, and has a one dimensional game!

When are we in St. Louis going to stop the denial?

You know the first step to recovery is to acknowlege your problem

One last question...What would the majority of SLU supporters be saying if Clarke outscored Ahearn 44 to 1?

I bet I know what you wouldn't have said "it just an All-Star Game..nobody plays defense"

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Congratulations to Blake on a great all-star game. But whether he scored 44 or 80 points, that doesn't change the fact that we need someone to back up the 3 this year. Darren Clarke, 6'3 195 lb is more physically prepared to do that than Blake Ahearn, 6'2 170 lb. The 1 and 2 guard positions are pretty much set with Fisher, Morris, Bryant and Drejaj.

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thank you mr ahearn for that passionate speech. be sure to visit after each and every sms vs slu game to remind us of the score.

i personally still dont want him. after the two times that i saw ahearn play, i fail to see much more than the next drew diener. i admittedly havent seen darren clarke play yet, but it sounds like he has much more overall game and potential than blake the shooter. if you are proposing that we should have taken blake before brandon morris, i have been told on numerous occassions that when it comes down to it, morris will be the plum of this billiken recruiting class, so i am doubting that there was a chance in hell brad was going to take blake over morris and i am fine with brad's view.

but as you said, i dont recruit for slu. good for sms that they got the next pete maravich. why you feel the need to get us to all want blake and cry we screwed up is beyond me. i have very little problem with the billiken guard recruits for next year. and it should be obvious that no one is crying about it here and i guess you will have to deal with it.

as to kent williams, spoon did recruit him and asked him to wait until the spring to sign. kent refused and wanted a spot in the fall. in the fall the billikens were committed to marque perry and maurice jeffers. which one would you have preferred the billikens not sign at the time in order to sign kent?

had kent waited until the spring, the hart kid that also signed had by then not made the grades and a spot would have been available. so dont blame spoon for screwing that up. anyone that is advising even in hindsight to have taken williams over either perry or jeffers is nuts and it shows your lack of knowledge.

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Whoa, calm down buddy. What is Blake ur son, cousin, boyfriend?? I believe the key phrase in that sentence was "Blake was clearly the best player on the floor that night"...THAT NIGHT. Blake scored 41 pts in an all-star game where offense dominates. Nobody has ever disputed on this bored that the kid can shoot. And thats what he did in the game. Clarke on the other hand is a 2 but was forced to play the point. He was taken out of his normal position and required to run a team of guys he's never even met before, let a lone play a game with. Is Clarke the better player, who knows...that will be decided in a few years. Is Ahearn the best player in the entire all-star squad? I seriously doubt that. If he was, he would be going to a more prestigious program than SMS (not a knock on SMS, btw). From everything I have heard about Darren's ability to handle the ball along with his apparent athleticism, I am not too worried. And Clarke has scored 40+ in a game also, so I wouldn't read into it too much...

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As I said, I think Blake Ahearn should be at SLU, though not necessarily in exchange for Darren Clarke. I'm not ready to base the relative value of the two players based on that one game; even so, it was obvious that Clarke is more athletic, versatile, and skilled than Ahearn. Brad Soderberg wants to upgrade the athleticism of the players in his system, and Ahearn probably doesn't fit the bill. I'd like to see him have a good career at the school of his choice (SMS), and we'll see.

So just because Clarke scored one point while playing out of position, he's never going to score? If that were really the case, how did he score in double-figures in high school? I believe Ahearn won't outscore Clarke by more than a point or two per game for the next two years but Clarke will contribute much more in rebounding and assists (and steals). Clarke will make his teammates better, even when his shot isn't falling, but Ahearn would be as useless as a Drew Diener who refuses to shoot.

And don't act like Ahearn has never had a bad shooting game before. The word I got on him is that he's either really on or really off. Conference USA is full of 6-6 quick guards with hops that can make it nearly impossible for Blake to get a good look at a basket: is he able to put it on the floor and blow by to create his own shot or a look for his teammates? I'm confident that Clarke will be able to do that, eventually.

See the question isn't, "What did Ahearn do during Saturday's all-star game?" it's "What can Ahearn do to help the Billikens succeed in Conference USA?"

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Again ... conjecture. Good luck to Blake in the Valley. I don't know the ratio of 6'6" guard with hops there so only time will tell. Considering you'v eonly recently registered and your threads dominate on the Ahearn side, you've made your mark ... you can leave now. Come backin four years and let us know how Blake did. We'll hold our breaths until then.

Have a nice life .......

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I think the ultimate all-star team would consist of:

Blake Ahearn

Troy Slaten

Kent Williams

Joel Shelton

Joe Ries

Those guys would light us up anyday of the week. What I don't understand is why the SLU coaches didn't look past a glaring need we have for a 3 and take a slow player with limited ball handling skills to play against the toughest defenses in the Nation (Huggins, Pitino)?

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Why is it that anytime anyone supports Blake on this board is he accused of being a parent or relative.

Thanks for the compliment on my passionate work though.

Contrary to some on this board, I do not think that SMS will beat SLU once in the next 4 years. As a matter of fact SLU should never loose to SLU. If they do somethings wrong!

Billiken Roy I too am exited about our point guard that scores 6 pts a game that didn't have another Div 1 offer.

Nobody here is crying about not getting Blake!...then why did they jump Nate from PD for his remarks on Blake.

You have no clue what you are talking about in relation to Kent Williams. I was in a converstaion when Derek Thomas said "he can not play in CUSA" Spoon never did want him. Why should Kent have to wait on anybody.

Lets see SIU went to the tournament Twice in Williams four years and one Sweet 16.

How many times did SLU go to the tournament? I will even let you count the broken leg tournament run.

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answer the question. dont confuse the issue with other halfway related points. williams alone was not responsible for siu's ncaa success just like perry and jeffers were or were not.

please tell us which of perry and jeffers spoon should have passed on to take williams that fall. your reasoning should be interesting.

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butter, the fact you have entered this board soley for the reason of campaigning for blake ahearn is reason enough that you wont get a fair shake as you apparently think is your right. maybe if your interest was the billikens instead of blake ahearn you would be greeted differently about your view of blake, but it is pretty obvious you couldnt care less about the billikens.

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Athletism is not the only ingredient we need... we need skill players.

I thought Darren Clarke was very athletic during warm-ups, as were all the National all-stars. Unfortunately athletism doesn't win games skill does. The only player that had a complete game on the National team was Gardner going to Mizzou. I believe he is really good.

Brad's teams at Wisconsin were not characterized as athletic but fundementally sound.

Darren making his team better...I would not agree. Much on this board has been made of his passing ability...how many assists did he have the other night? When his shot wasn't falling did he get to the free throw line?

As for Blake having a hard time getting is shot off against 6"6 guards....he did not have any trouble the other night (opps I forgot there was no defense being played). Does Dreja have a hard time getting his shot off? How about we just get guys that can make open shots. By the way,Diener could have never pulled off the game Blake played on Saturday.

Shooters have off nights ask anyone. I have seen games when Blake did not shoot well but thats basketball.

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Again, why, after watching Blake Ahearn play two years or more with the strong St. Louis Eagles AAU team did none of the 37 coaches in the Big 10, Big 12 or C-USA offer Blake a scholarship? Butterbutt, you didn't answer my question.

Personally, I hope Blake (he seems like a good kid from a good family) has a Kent Williams type career at SMS and plays long enough in the NBA to qualify for that great NBA pension. At the same time, I hope Blake will be serious about completing a degree at SMS, just in case the NBA career falls thru.

By the way, if I had a son like Blake, I would have sent him to Meramec this summer to get three transferable college courses out of the way. Then I would have asked SLU if he could be a walk-on redshirt in 2003-04, just to prove that he was worthy of a SLU scholarship. If my son earns that four year scholarship, he plays for the next four years and leaves SLU with a master's degree.

If my son couldn't prove that his is worth a SLU scholarship during that redshirt year, he then transfers and plays his freshman year at a top juco like Dixie College, Hutchinson, Southwestern Illinois, etc., After that juco freshman season, he then transfers to a mid-major program for his final three years. Yes, he would be gambling about $25k of my tuition money at SLU, but it would be worth it to determine if he is truly a high major player. You could substitute any of the other 36 schools mentioned above and the game plan works just the same, and probably saves dad some money (except for Tulane and Northwestern).

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Nothing could be futher from the truth.

Billiken Roy you are right about one thing.... I am new to the board and no one told me your opinion is the only one that counts here.

I do like the Billikens and wish them success even against SMS but SLU makes the same mistakes over and over and over again.... and Blake was a mistake!

One thing they can do to move in the right direction is offer Matt Shaw from Centrailia... what are they waiting for ..... before anyone make any accusations...no I am not Matt's mother or father.

Start holding this staff accountable. I agree with Nate from PD I would have taken Cusworth a year earlier over Husak. AS a matter of fact, Randall Falker from Gateway would have been a great get for the Billikens.

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>>One thing they can do to move in the right direction is offer Matt Shaw from Centrailia.<<

Butter, if you had been around the board longer, you would know that many of us here have been advocating offering Shaw. We like his tenacity and game even though he may be smaller than what Brad likes to take at the 4--some say he is 6'6". Another possibility is that, with the 2 remaining scholarships, he is going to take two 3s which is the position on the floor where we probably need the greatest help (we'll see how Isik Ohanan does as 3 this coming season). As this is Chris Sloan's last year at SLU, I for one would like to see us take Matt Shaw as a Sloan replacement. As I see it, reasonable minds can differ on this issue.

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butter said, "One thing they can do to move in the right direction is offer Matt Shaw from Centrailia... what are they waiting for ..... before anyone make any accusations...no I am not Matt's mother or father.

Start holding this staff accountable. I agree with Nate from PD I would have taken Cusworth a year earlier over Husak. AS a matter of fact, Randall Falker from Gateway would have been a great get for the Billikens."

matt has visited the slu campus. remember, that currently the college scene is in a dead period where the billikens cannot talk to the recruits. before the dead period, i believe that coach brad still felt he was in the running for grimes and thus no offer. be patient and the shaw wish might happen.

as to cusworth, if you are saying he should have been taken last year, you mean as in ryan hollins last year? why in the world would romar have done that?

as to falkner, as has been explained about 20 million times this year, falkner wants a particular type of engineering degree that slu doesnt offer. thus he was never interested in slu.

it is good to see you really know your local recruiting info mr ahearn. just curious why you switched names from pistol to butter?

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if you think matt is a credible small forward at the conference usa level, you again are showing your lack of local recruiting knowledge. he is an undersized powerforward at best at a d-1 conference usa level. he in no way has the out court skills needed to play wing.

and before you get testy about my take on matt shaw, i have been a huge "sign matt shaw" booster for months. but he wont pass as a wing. there are far more and better wing prospects the billikens could or should take before matt if that is the thinking.

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