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  1. Thick, I was just making a sarcatic comment about my past greeting to the board. As I have stated before I have no affiliation with Ahearn.. but do not tell Roy Billiken becuase I thick he relishes calling me Mr. Ahearn! I just want SLU to have a Local flavor when possible. My whole point to my post is we (SLU no matter who the coach is) consistantly loose local players that could help us by looking elsewhere. For the reason I stated above SLU should have an assistant with local ties to keep local players home. Does anyone have an opinion on whether Brad would have offerd Sloan out of High School? My guess he would have the same misgivings about him as a player as Shaw. IMO this is too bad because Sloan has been a good player for SLU.
  2. Why is Brad waiting to offer Matt Shaw? He is local kid and could really help the Billikens with his workman-like attitude and basketball skill. Do you think Brad has not offered because no other large schools have? It amazes me SLU hasn't offered. I think he is the second best big man on the 2003 Eagles. Time is going by quickly. Looks like we will miss out on another local kid wanting to attend SLU. Wish I would have received as nice a welcome as Mrs. Douglas....oh well!!!!!
  3. Steve, First and faremost let me clarify one thing. I am from St. Louis and like all native St. Louisans I am a big fan of "all" sports in our area. I particularly love basketball. Although I have always been a spectator and never a player I enjoy watching the sport. Being a native St. Louisan I am particularly interested in rooting for "all" the teams from SLU to MIZZOU...and yes even SMS. I would love to see "one" our teams...I don't care which one win the final four if they could. Perhaps my never picking up a ball and bouncing it on the court doesn't qualify me to have an "expert" opinion...but...I still have one...and since I am over 21...free...and live in America...I will continue to express "my" opinions. Steve, there is no need to extend any kind of an apology to me. I am not that thin skinned. I do think it is a little funny though that every time someone expresses there personal opinion about a particular player that certain posters on this board accuses the poster of being their father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, grandfather, etc...etc...well maybe that's the only argument they have and do not want to face the facts. I don't know. I am not Blake's father or his mother but if I were I would be a proud parent as I am sure his parents are. When I posted my comments the other day I didn't realize that the posters on this board would be so disrespectful to a local who has certainly, and this is my opinion again, made watching basketball exciting for "me". I would have loved to see Blake Ahearn who has in "my" opinion again lots of talent and more importantly a "local" boy play for SLU... but...at least he picked a Missouri school. I don't know if Blake Ahearn reads this board but I would like to apologize to him personally if he does only because when I expressed my opinions about him I didn't realize it would cause people to be so disrespectful and say not so nice things about him. Like Torch, I, too, am referring to the "potted plant" remark...only I am not following it up with a little smilely face. The kid apparently worked hard to get where he is today and no matter how he performs in the future he should be not only be commended but "respected" for making St. Louis basketball not only exciting but apparently very controversial. Good Luck Blake!
  4. So shoot me!...they shoot horses don't they...it was Saturday night and not Friday night...better?...jeez!...
  5. I knew you had not a shread of evidence for you assertions. But if it makes you feel better to call me Mr. Ahearn by all means go right ahead. Its comforting to know that you are now inferring that if it is not his dad it must be Blake himself.... nice work disparaginging a 18 year old's reputation. Finally if I am wrong about Williams vs jeffers than I am wrong. But just so I am clear I do have a right to my opinion, don't I?
  6. Very interesting post. I am not sure I agree with everything but your points are very well articulated. The only comment I would make is IMO you can never have enough shooters. If you watched the game last night on TV the only reason the St. Louis All Stars won is becuase they had 5-6 shooters. The national all-stars were much more athletic but could not shoot the ball (with the exception of Gardner). Sometimes I think coaches put to much emphasis on athlectism and not enough on skill.
  7. Billiken Roy unless you have access to information that we do not.... what makes you think I would be Blake's Dad. How do you know Nate L isn't his Dad. He thinks SLU should have offered! I would think the Ahearn's have long since moved on. The kid is signed to go to SMS for christsake..... why would they be on this board wasting their time. Its over for them! They would have nothing to gain by being here. Who would they want to listen to disparaging remarks about their kid. I wouldn't This is the attitude I am talking about. When some posters have different opinions.... the theory is... lets bash them and accuse them of being the Kids parent. Billiken Roy your comments must have some foundation. Please tell the board why you think Butter 33 is Mr. Ahearn. I hope its not just because he thinks SLU should have offered him a schollie. Tell me your thought process is deeper than that?
  8. Little touchy are we. However, I do not know the answer to that question. Just as I do not know why they didn't offer KW. Why were we the only one to offer Darren Clarke a schollie?
  9. My original point was Blake. But I have moved on to address Williams vs Jeffers,Shaw and Falkner Is that acceptable? Or do I have to stay on one subject.
  10. Perry wasn't drafted by anyone. Should we draw the conclusion that he is not worthy or did not help his team. Who do you think had better college career Williams or Jeffers?
  11. You may be right about needing help with the 3. But some on this board thinks Clarke is a 3. I always thought he was earmarked for the 2. I also think Matt could possibly be a 3
  12. Nothing could be futher from the truth. Billiken Roy you are right about one thing.... I am new to the board and no one told me your opinion is the only one that counts here. I do like the Billikens and wish them success even against SMS but SLU makes the same mistakes over and over and over again.... and Blake was a mistake! One thing they can do to move in the right direction is offer Matt Shaw from Centrailia... what are they waiting for ..... before anyone make any accusations...no I am not Matt's mother or father. Start holding this staff accountable. I agree with Nate from PD I would have taken Cusworth a year earlier over Husak. AS a matter of fact, Randall Falker from Gateway would have been a great get for the Billikens.
  13. Athletism is not the only ingredient we need... we need skill players. I thought Darren Clarke was very athletic during warm-ups, as were all the National all-stars. Unfortunately athletism doesn't win games skill does. The only player that had a complete game on the National team was Gardner going to Mizzou. I believe he is really good. Brad's teams at Wisconsin were not characterized as athletic but fundementally sound. Darren making his team better...I would not agree. Much on this board has been made of his passing ability...how many assists did he have the other night? When his shot wasn't falling did he get to the free throw line? As for Blake having a hard time getting is shot off against 6"6 guards....he did not have any trouble the other night (opps I forgot there was no defense being played). Does Dreja have a hard time getting his shot off? How about we just get guys that can make open shots. By the way,Diener could have never pulled off the game Blake played on Saturday. Shooters have off nights ask anyone. I have seen games when Blake did not shoot well but thats basketball.
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