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A10 Players Portaling/Graduating (Underlined)

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The first post of this thread has been updated, taking out guys who are now coming back (Shulga, Shepard) and updating who is going where.

As far as A10 players portaling up, I'd list the following 11 players going "up":

Grant Hufgfman, Davidson  to Vanderbilt.

Kobe Brea, Dayton to kentucky.

Kobe Elvis, Dayton to Oklahoma.

Khalil Brantly, La Salle to Oklahoma State.

Jhamir Brickus, La Salle to Villanova.

Josh Cohen, Umass to USC.

Matt Cross, Umass to SMU.

Jeremy Foumena, Rhode Island to Mississippi State.

Chad Venning, St. Bonaventure to Boston College.

Christ Essandako, St. Joes to Providence.

Toibu Lawal, VCU to Virginia Tech.

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On the flips side, I'd list the following 16 players as coming "down":

Joel Hurlburt, Colorado to Davidson,

Matt Zona, Notre Dame to Fordham.

Zed Key, Ohio State to Dayton.

Posh Alexander, Butler to Dayton.

Jalen Deloach, Georgia to Loyola. 

K.D. Johnson, Auburn to Mason.

Rafael Castro, Providence to Geedubya.

George Washington III, Michigan to Richmond.

Apostolos Roumoglou, Uconn to Richmond.

Jamarcus Lawrence, Nebraska to Rhode island.

Drissa Traore, St. Johns to Rhode Island.

Dasone Bowen, Iowa to St. Bonaventure.

Josiah Dotzler, Creigton to Saint Louis.

AJ Casey, Miami of Florida to Saint Louis.

Kobe Johnson, West Virginia to Saint Louis.

Jack Clark, Clemson to VA Commonwealth.

Interesting that DeLoach who started at VCU and Clark, who started at La Salle are back in the A10 fold.


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SLU transfers:

Parker to McNeese State.  Up?  I think not.

Medley to Kent State.  The MAC is not upward bound.

van Bussel to Charleston.  Charleston could be A10 soon and they consider that an upgrade.

Curcic to Charleston.  See above.

Sotirov to Northern Illinois.  Nope.

Ezewiro to UAB.  At best maybe a lateral.

Zhang and Magassa are still destination unknowns.

Further down the transfer line, oldies but goodies include Markhi Strickland to Western Michigan, Jordan Nesbitt to Wyoming, Daniel Rivera to Umass thru Bryant, Andre Lorentsson to Toldeo, Lasina Traore to Xavier thru Long Beach State, Mouhamodou Cisse has an offer from Seton Hall, Nick Kramer is still at Missouri State, and Ja'Quavios Williford is still listed as committed to Saint Louis but I thought I saw he was destined for Oregon State.

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Cart'are transferred out of Grambling almost a year ago (5/11/23) after 22 gp and 12.7 ppg.  No sign of since.

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Dayton's DaRon Holmes staying in the NBA Draft.  I have seen him as high as 20th and as low as 52nd. 

Lesser known Rasheer Fleming from St. Joseph's is dropping out of the draft and returning to St Joe.


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