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  1. An extension at this point is unjustified. 2 years is plenty of time to recruit; that would be a lame excuse.
  2. This is the goal and aspiration he had for the women's program, why not the same accountability for the Men's program if Travis can only deliver 1 out of 7 seasons? That's irregular to me. He let Lisa Stone go and she had 3/4 consecutive postseason appearances in her 10 year tenure and WBB has a bigger achievement gap than MBB does.
  3. Honestly as many as there have been this season, I think Ford is gone if there's another.
  4. Last thing I want is to watch another 3 point, lights out performance from the other team.
  5. Positive vibes for Richmond's Coach Mooney. Meanwhile, let's crush these Spiders into the ground.
  6. I mean...I've never experienced looking up a player only to find something very adult instead
  7. Solid pick-up. Good to see we're getting some decent people. Edit: DO NOT look up Brooklyn Gray without the word basketball. Apparently there's a porn star with the same name.
  8. She's so good is really the discussion here, lol.
  9. She definitely the best defensive player the program has ever seen. I think she still has an outside chance at the WNBA if she wants it, but she'll have an exercise science degree and that will honestly mean more money for her.
  10. We should be able to take the game against Loy-Chi, UMass, even at home is going to be very tough.
  11. This team can't win 4 in a row in Brooklyn. I don't want NIT, I want a coaching change.
  12. 100% from 3 won't last the whole game but we need to respond.
  13. We win tomorrow, our bye×2 chances go up by a lot.
  14. Back in 2019, the Canal Bar was the band's place to go the night before every game. The Green Machine from GM was there the day they lost. It's a hole in the wall with popcorn, but it's great.
  15. This is actually bada$$. I'll take advantage if it happens. Thanks for the info!
  16. So what's the deal going forward? Is the Wizards Goodwin custom jersey my mom got me for the holidays going to be obsolete by the time it arrives? (She ordered it 12/20 and I called Monumental Sports and they said it won't arrive until 4/10?!)
  17. Probably because most of the MBMs are at the game. Away GDTs are where we can bi tch together while we watch.
  18. I think too much is read into attendance for an 8 pm tip on a Tuesday night. 7 pm is the sweet spot for folks who have to get up for work the next day. I hate late tips.
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