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  1. you'd think they'd know considering we've given them 2 NBA players in the last few years. The city I mean.
  2. GW is literally insane. They keep trying a 3 every time expecting different results.
  3. Yeah, it's better for my sanity if we're getting hammered. Looks like we held it together ok into the half.
  4. Off-topic but the band being high up like that is an interesting choice. When I was in the band we met the GW folks on trips and their band is good people (I had and still have a crush on their assistant director who is about the same age as me). Mason obviously has the best band, they're the only other band we saw in a bar and they drank with us.
  5. I've never had it written down like that, but yeah, actually. I think that's accurate for me too!
  6. Why is it so hard for me to calmly watch away games when back and forths at Chaifetz have me cool as a cucumber?
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