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  1. Yeah my focus is mainly on the women's team right now, they can still finish middle of the pack this year and keep improving.
  2. I'm trying not to feed the troll by responding directly to him, but that guy's the only person on this board I genuinely hate. He never has anything constructive to say and makes it his goal to make people angry.
  3. I just want the throat cutting gif to come back when Ford gets the axe.
  4. You're starting to sound like my 61 year old dad, quoting Animal House.
  5. Thanks for using my all-time favorite movie as a framing device for a really cool statistical comparison!
  6. The contract stuff is still just conjecture, though until he's either gone or he's not. We won't know until he's gone probably.
  7. This is what separates Fords from Majeruses (Majerii? Maji?) Both can recruit, but only one can develop.
  8. I lost my grandfather who was like a 2nd father to me my junior year at SLU (my real dad is awesome but so was my grandpa) I didn't miss any games for band, not saying Jimerson doesn't deserve time to grieve, especially since his family is in another state, but there are no games between now and Saturday, he could definitely go home for a few days, come back for Saturday, and fly back out for the funeral, maybe miss one game at most. This isn't like it's a weeks long injury.
  9. Navy Pier in winter is bracing if you're a masochist
  10. To quote Clint Eastwood in Outlaw Josey Wales: "Dyin' ain't much of a livin'"
  11. Not NHL personal reasons, hopefully have to specify.
  12. Yeah there are ~4000 colleges and universities in the US and SLU is usually in the top 100 to 150, so that line of thinking is definitely dark side.
  13. I would welcome the players pushing back if the coaches get out of line.
  14. WTF? He's shooting from the arc at that point I hate this sh*t
  15. I think the women will be better positioned in the conference than the men this year. Road wins have been scarce, but the non-con was more challenging.
  16. Ask anyone about this movie and this scene is all they remember, lol.
  17. It's happened several times. Definitely home cooking.
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