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  1. Feel like he is on par with Roddie. Good pickup imo
  2. Not the greatest news, but in Schertz we trust
  3. It genuinely makes me sad that within the first couple months of his SLU career, this stuff comes to campus. Not making a political statement either way, just sad and disappointing
  4. Really want to read the article but I don’t have a PD subscription. Genuinely curious, does he comment or get asked about his thoughts on Pestello allowing the protests to happen on campus?
  5. Well that certainly isn’t the big fish I was thinking we’d play at the Pentagon
  6. Trilly has made the call for Anya to SLU
  7. With all due respect, what a pointless message this is
  8. Let’s get this Tuesday started off right. Former top 100 recruit, Whitney Young in Chicago grad.
  9. Evansville is too big. Indiana St is more his speed
  10. The date mentioned in the announcement was Nov 4
  11. Jeff Goodman dropping scheduling news!? Sioux Falls on 11/4??
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