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  1. I can't comment for consistency, but he was a deadeye shooter in the open practice
  2. Good for him. Hard worker. Hope he balls out this year and gets a real shot at some professional basketball
  3. I don't think anyone owns that information. I agree though. Enjoy the top 10 Billikens.
  4. I was literally checking all of those as you replied. That's kind of funny. Creighton and Xavier being the first two I checked. I may have overreacted. But just like @Pistol said on the podcast. I'd much rather have any sort of feed. I can't make it tonight due to a work event but I'd be able to watch a youtube stream pretty easily.
  5. The more times its asked the more times they'll realize a program that wants to be top tier needs to stream every game. Regardless of whether or not it's an exhibition. Quite honestly it's unacceptable in my eyes.
  6. I for one think Carter rarely gets the credit he deserves. He regularly breaks stories before our actual beat writer and puts out the most written Billiken content. Just because we don't agree with every take means he deserves the hate he gets here. I really just don't understand the negativity he gets every time his name is mentioned.
  7. He ran the secondary point multiple times when he and yuri were on the floor together. The other team forced him to bring it up instead of Yuri. Side note: More emphasis on constant ball movement this year it seemed like.
  8. Someone on Twitter mentioned that he was the leading scorer the other day in a scrimmage while being on the lower end of shot attempts. That could be exciting if true.
  9. Damn that hurts. Was hoping he went back to the NBA or something.
  10. I've heard some not so great stuff that kept me from going back.
  11. https://twitter.com/tarrisreedjr/status/1383897674512961545?s=21
  12. Why is the stitching so god awful?
  13. This is just an opinion but I feel like they’re a crappy team right now, but they still have national notoriety. So it’s an easy win for most of the teams, but people still know the name.
  14. I think transfers sign some sort of financial agreement to make it binding.
  15. I like the idea of us just playing the hot hand with Perkins being the go to shot maker in crunch time. Could be nice to see teams key in on one of our scorers and another come off the bench and light it up.
  16. Only lost twice in their last thirteen to a final four team both times. They were rolling. Regardless of how “complicated” you assumed their game plan to be, it’s hard to get game time when you’re the new guy and the team just keeps winning.
  17. Even being a one and done talent doesn’t always equate to getting serious minutes after being thrown into a brand new team in the middle of the conference season. He wouldn’t have known plays, schemes, or rotations. While I think there is more to the reason he left, I don’t look into him not playing much.
  18. Landing a top 50 recruit isn’t what winning the recruiting battle always looks like. Recruit players that want to be here. Winning with them will push the program forward and it will come. We’re in a better spot than we were 4 years ago. We’re losing two of the best Billikens to ever lace them up and I’m happy to see where we go next.
  19. I believe they ran with MOKAN last year
  20. To be fair they’re both pretty solid chess schools. Which is surprising for University of Missouri. I work for the St. Louis Chess Club and both have Grandmaster’s that do work with the club.
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