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  1. I think that is right but @Billiken2damax will have to confirm
  2. Misconduct is at downtown Philly. About 20 of us are meeting there then ubering to the game. The Doc is coming? Nice, is he bringing his lil buddy?
  3. If ‘05 is out, I’m in. Be there Thursday night for discovery. Bill2DaMax, first round on me
  4. Not even close. An assistant coach wouldn’t be in the top 100 bad college basketball hires. Got better recruits, not Porters, from it too. Cant coach and getting paid a lot but nothing close to worst
  5. Get paid, Hank. Might as well turn some positivity on this
  6. Fact: the line today is still UMass -4. Hammer time. If SLU covers good for Ford, real bad for my bank account
  7. We have a group of 10 Thursday and 11-13 Friday should be at Foley’s as well
  8. You don't need a cheerleader covering them. That's silly and would be one sided. Let's leave that will our broadcasters. We need to get back to being relevant and the coverage will follow. I did enjoy Tom Timmerman when he covered them
  9. He's making a million this year and will get close to $10 million in free agency. Buy a Bentley, buy a house. You earned it. A $200,000 car on a $1 million salary is probably a lower percentage than most on this board pay for their car. I don't see it as a big deal.
  10. Good players can make up for coaching shortfalls, especially in non-major conferences. I think Crews was an ok X/O guy, except that stupid not filling the lane thing on free throws, but couldn't get needed players. When he had the guys Majerus got/developed, things were great still but I could have probably coached that team. Ford should be able to win a lot in the A10 from getting good players and Tate should help him. I like it a lot. I think either type of coach can win a lot of games at SLU. Romar is an elite recruiter but has trouble coaching. If Ford can recruit at Romar's level and coach a bit better the future is very bright, and that is what I am envisioning. You get away with a little more in the A10 than PAC whatever number now and ACC.
  11. Manhandled people in the NBA? That is a stretch, a long stretch. He could be a decent backup/shot blocker/rebounder playing 10 mins a game but not much more than that. His personal reasons for leaving an NBA team mid season tell me he is still very immature and wont get much money but I hope for the best.
  12. He has the money, good for him to buy nice things. SLU fans should be more concerned with Pestello making SLU overpay for his residence in the CWE. Or the fact that he added his wife and daughter to the payroll. And his out of town son as a full time student. I would like for him to keep the budget in check and hope Travis Ford does whatever he wants with his cash.
  13. Waah, waah. I didn't get my coach so I'm gonna pout like a widdle baby. Have fun with whoever your new team is. Please don't come back
  14. I hope all you losers don't actually renew your season tickets
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