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  1. Billiken2damax

    Lasalle Roll Call

    Greetings Billiken Fantatics! I don't think I have posted since the glory days of Jeff Reid and Rueben Cotto (JR and RC for some of you that remember). There is a big group of Billiken fans heading up to Philly this weekend for the Lasalle game. We are planning on meeting at Misconduct Sports Bar at 4:30 for a Happy Hour. Anyone else going? Roy? Wiz? 05? Let me know if you are interested in joining. Look for us on TV if you are watching from home! We are going to be 6th man loud!
  2. Billiken2damax

    Coaching Candidates

    My sources in the athletic department are saying that if a former Billikens coach (not sure if it is a former HC or assistant) wants the job--then it is his to take. She wouldn't give me a name though. They are playing this one a lot closer to the chest than the Majerus and Crews hirings. Everyone and their mothers knew who was getting those positions. i think they should go get Darian Devries out of Creighton. Fresh blood, Jesuit connection, and 2nd to none at mid major level recruiting and coming up with a game plans. Take it for what it is worth.
  3. Billiken2damax

    Next NCAA Tournament Appearance

    You must be drinkin that koolaid PB was talkin about.
  4. Billiken2damax

    Next NCAA Tournament Appearance

    9 years? No way. Schools bounce back much faster than that. The A-10 has respect as a conference too so finishing near the top would get you in Lunardi's field. SLU will get back to the dance before Mi$$ouri.
  5. Billiken2damax

    GDT: win this one for Dr. P

    Nobody does. Killing me
  6. Trail 27-21 at the under 4.
  7. Billiken2damax

    It's Jake Barnett's time...

    Barnett is the worst player on the floor - everytime he is on the floor.
  8. Billiken2damax

    Love & Haith

    Actually he is one of the most well spoken NCAA basketball I have seen in some time. And if he is a C*NT, what does that make a fan who has to bring a water bottle to the student section to stay hydrated during the game?? If you dont like hearing about Mizzou on this board then why always so quick to pile on the hate on this board, and bring them up when something negative is written.
  9. Billiken2damax

    Sports zone

  10. Billiken2damax

    Sports zone

    I hear there is a good SLU following going to SZ tomorrow for SLU and Mizzery. Let's try to get a good turnout and shut up the over rated tigers crowd. Show them real hoops
  11. Billiken2damax

    SLU v. Loyola-Marymount GDT

    Loyola Maramount is tough. Beat UCLA at UCLA to open the year and lost to Harvard who is a good team.
  12. Billiken2damax

    SLU v. Loyola-Marymount GDT

    We need GManAlum back in the stands for this one