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  1. Perkins now 9-46 (19.56%) from 3 against D1 opponents on the year. STOP TAKING THREES.
  2. Conklin was first team All-Conference when Xavier and Temple were in the A10. He was the glue that kept players from jumping ship during the difficult 2010/11 season. None of the NCAA appearances 2012-14 happen without Conklin. Goodwin has yet to make any All-Conference team, and while he's been good (not great) this year and he gets credit for his role as a cornestone program builder...I think Conklin did more.
  3. Jordair was doing this every game, but this sequence clinched the regular season A10 title and put the finishing touch on his A10 Player of the Year campaign.' This was the consummate Jett/McCall/Loe/Evans play. Jett gets it started with the block on the other end, McCall brings the ball into the frontcourt, hits Evans who drives in for the dunk with Loe providing the seal. Those are both very good choices...but my pick as the play of the decade is Kwamain's 3 point bomb against Memphis in 2012
  4. Willie would have naturally broken Melvin Robinson's career blocks record in this implausible alternate universe.
  5. Jordair Jett Kwamain Mitchell Javon Bess Dwayne Evans Brian Conklin
  6. 2 teams fly halfway across the country to play a neutral court game that's not on TV and is part of the undercard for Jerry Fallwell U?
  7. I'm not sure if anything more will come out that's not already out there but just having the most powerful dickheads in the world having their phone records turned over for discovery is win for all of mankind. That said.... The more evidence that comes out showing Jerry Jones was running point on this maneuver, the more damages can be claimed and the more pain inflicted on Jerry and Stan.
  8. I concur Perkins' sequence midway through the first half was one of the positives to take away from this game. At a time when the Bills were struggling to get anything done inside the arc, Perkins fearlessly weaved through the taller defenders and got to the rim. That's a skill that this team will need.
  9. You have to wonder how Cam's trajectory would have turned out had he come to SLU instead of ND and played on those 2012-13 and 2013-14 teams. I realize he verballed to ND in Sept 2010 (Majerus alluded to how at ND they took him to a football game and we took him to a soccer game and that was that) and with the turmoil of the 2010-11 season would have been tough to get him even if his recruitment was still open...not to mention even if he had signed with SLU he'd have arrived on campus to find Majerus was gone (and may have transferred anyway ala Keith Carter)... but going from Notre Dame (as a top 50 HS recruit) to Mizzou (sat out a year but never played) announced he was transferring to Iona but ultimately transferred to Jacksonville St and subsequently bounced around NAIA schools LSU-Shreveport before finally ending up across Compton at Harris Stowe...it's a cautionary tale of how quickly a star fades Typically a player can get a 2nd chance with that first transfer - there's always a coach out there trying to rebuild a formerly big time program willing to take a flyer on a disgruntled former blue chip prospect - but once you blow that, there's no going back
  10. If I had to guess, this will be settled for some astronomical number in order to avoid the extensive pre-trial discovery process and to keep Kroenke, Demoff, Goodell, and Jerry Jones, et al from being deposed under oath. re: the Chargers My read is that some in the NFL power structure have "workshopped" the idea of sending the Chargers to STL as part of the settlement (kill 2 birds with 1 stone), but that's unlikely to happen based on Dean Spanos recent comments and also the fact that there's really no money for a new stadium which the deal would hinge on (even when the lawsuit windfall comes, I doubt that money would go to a new stadium).
  11. Not only are the Billikens bumped to the 2nd Fox Sports Midwest Plus channel, but they have been confused with an indoor soccer team that plays at Family Arena.
  12. I would enjoy them bringing back cursive "Billikens" as an alternate uni.
  13. My best source on Taylor Twellman said he was such a fk up at Maryland that - despite his stellar on field play - he was asked not to come back (combination of grades, off the field behavior) He went to Germany (Munich 1860) and couldn't advance from the reserve minor league team, then promptly came back to the states and led the MLS in scoring his first year...which is an amazing comeback story...but his career was short Regardless, in December of 2016 Taylor Twellman went on a media tour boosting the orignal (Dave Peacock) MLS bid and Twellman said on the radio that "If St Louis gets an MLS team, the Blues will be in trouble"...which was a ludicrous statement in the moment, but is even more ludicrous now. Good kid. Bounced back from adversity to play at a high level. Victim of lack of concussion protocol. Advocate for better concussion protocol. U-High what what. But let's not act like he's any kind of authority on sheeeeet. I had to turn it off when he was the first speaker. I can't take him seriously.
  14. From what I understand, he's basically getting paid to be a practice player through the summer and in camp. If things go well, he'll sign a better deal down the line. The Pelicans will be a tough roster to crack, but Bess will get a chance to measure up daily against a talented group of young players and their summer league games will be the most watched of any team because of Zion. He's really there in case other players get hurt or don't play with enough defensive intensity (which would be the case no matter what team he signed with).
  15. re: Yuri I hope he lives up to the hype/potential. I've long believed that having a quality play maker the most valuable asset in basketball. Until he shows it against regular season D1 competition, he's a prospect. Period. re: Jacobs I expected more from him this year. If he wants to transfer, fine. If he wants to stay, fine. I'm of the opinion you can't have too much depth when it comes to ball handling guards.
  16. As someone who called out Jordan Goodwin at times, I will say he has raised his performance over the last 8 games The FT shooting obviously needs to improve, but those are respectable FG % from 2 and 3 and 9 bounds (4 offensive) per game is sick...they would absolutely not have made the dance without his contribution and most encouragingly he was making good decisions in transition and wasn't afraid to shoot from range (the 3 he made before the half on Sunday was huge) still, he needs to get better at scoring in the half court sets as we're losing our top 2 scorers, but I do concur he's trending up
  17. I just noticed that through Selection Sunday, Javon Bess leads all of D1 in minutes played...
  18. I'd be fine with him joining the club Sunday evening... Bess, Burns, Justin Love, and Donnie Dobbs are the only 2-year Billikens to get to 900. Roland Gray and Monroe Douglass were each over 900 points scored through their 2nd season. Kwamain had 899 through his soph year.
  19. No boozing either...and how about we lift the limit on reactions, Steve?
  20. Bonnies 13-0 run to close out the half 29-27 Rhode up 2
  21. We want to play the teams that don't go very deep on the bench. Bonnies had 3 guys play the entire 40 yesterday and another go 37. Davidson will be the tougher game, regardless.
  22. Over the last month (8 games) Isabell's averaging 22.5 PPG and shooting 53.5% from beyond the arc...after averaging 10.9 PPG on 24.2% from 3 during the first 24 games
  23. Au contraire... We're losing our top 2 scorers, so regardless of how things go the rest of the way, we need Goodwin to polish his offensive game for 2019-20. Even if Goodwin plays out of his mind for the next 2 weeks including the NCAA tournament, there's a 57 game sample where he's averaged 10.9 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 3.8 APG, on 38.4% FG, 24.2 3P%, 59.2 FT% - we need better than that next year.
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