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  1. I love Ramsey the play by play guy. I despise Ramsey the talk show host.He's opinonated to a fault. His act with Claiborne is poor at best. If I was Doug I would certainly dress him down.
  2. Driving home from work last night I listened to the Tony Kornheiser show on 11.90 a.m.. He interviewed somebody from USA Today about the big east. He stated that it would be very difficult for ND football to join any league. They went through such an emotional debate when they we're recruited by the big 10. To join a different confrence now would bring up those scars. He pointed out that he expects any move by anyone to join the big east is only step one in what will be many changes. None of this is new to this board but one think he did point out is the complications of what happens to past NCAA basketball money. I think one of the problems of setting up a new papal conf.is these schools may be walking away from monies the have already accrued. Maybe we can get Woolard to talk about money issues at a Tip Off meeting.
  3. I agree. With Reggie sitting the first 3 games Brad will be less likely to try and play 3 guards. I hope he is commited to Izk as a small forward even when he may have problems. I'm not worried about the offense as much as Izk pkaying without fouling.
  4. I think Anthony would be better at coming off the bench playing either position.There will be plenty of min. for all 3 of them. If Clarke doesn't earn big min. I can see each of them playing in the 25-27 min. range.
  5. I don't remember if he funked out but I do remember he left school shortly after his injury.
  6. It's good to hear your report on Izik. I've been saying all year that the key to this team will be whether Izik can play the 3. He will create terrible matchup problems for teams if he plays the 3 well. If he plays the 4 and we play 3 guards I feel our upside is limited. I don't want to be a good little team,I want to be a good big team.
  7. Jamie Thomas was from Springfield. Ryan Grant was from somewhere in Ill.
  8. I could care less whether a school is catholic or not. What I want are the best baketball only schools we can find that respect academics. Charlotte,Temple,Tulsa[not sure about football]Butler would be possible additions to our papal brothers.
  9. I think you make a good point about conflict of interest. I believe this board has downplayed the coalition from day one. I believe these 4 schools have common concerns which can be best served as a group. I'm looking for a new league with these 4 as founders, or at the very least the core of a division.
  10. I think it depends on how well he competes in practice. If he holds his own or a least offers some competition then he should play. If he's not ready for college play then redshirt him regardless of your bench.
  11. By the way backword fellow,Brad Soderbergs degree is in Physical Education.
  12. The negotiations for this have been going on for well over a year. Woolard spoke of this several years ago. Sorry no smoking gun.
  13. So now we have atheletes who all major in communications. I guess they are all going to be sportscasters. A lot of our players end up as high school coaches. It seems to me that being able to take some PE classes along with their education classes is a natural.
  14. Roy I think you give Myles Brand way too much credit for standing up to Bobby Knight. Brand put up with Knights crap for years. It was only at the end when public scruitany was at it's highest did Brand do anything.
  15. PE classes. If Brandon took any PE classes they would not tranfer to SLU but would transfer almost anywhere else. If Father Biondi wants to level our playing field he should establish a legitament PE Dept. Surely PE is as honarable as offering law degrees.
  16. Roy thats what Brad also said last year. In the first part of the year min. were pretty even for a lot of players. Later in the season Brad stuck to a stricter rotation takeing min. from people like Chris Braun. I don't think it was an accident that the fewer people we played the better we became. If we had everybody available it would have been very crowded early on.
  17. One of the big fears that I had about the upcomeing year was the problem Brad would have with playing time. I envisioned us loseing some early season games because we played too many people. While loseing Floyd and Brandon may hurt in the long run there is a certain amount of short run benefit. Dreja's playing time just went up.
  18. I voted for AJ but as usual it didn't register. I feel disenfranchised.
  19. I think it's just terrible that the Kansas City Star is picking on Old Mizzou.Their sports writers must be KU grads.
  20. This would be a good job for someone who is retired.
  21. There is nothing wrong with helping Clemons get to Barton as long as they felt he was going to a legitement school. If they knew the whole thing was a sham then that is achedemic fraud. I can hear the conversation between Ricky and Q. How's summer school going Ricky? Pretty good Coach. Last week I passed 5 courses, this week I'm going to take it easy,I'll only take 4 courses. Thicks as I said earlier it's the addmisions dept. that allowed fraud to take place.
  22. While Mizzou may not have had a direct hand in Clemons' 24 credit hours I'm sure they did have a hand in his going to Barton CC to get eligable. Mizzou's addmisions dept. is the one who should have been asking questions.
  23. I have heard from a very good sorce that we have in fact offered.I doubt we offered at a fairly late date unless we believe that Shaw has real interest in SLU.
  24. I agree that one of our problems is that we have so many new comers. Brad's biggest problem will be finding out who his top 8 or 9 players are. We became a better team last year when Brad shortened his bench. Lets hope this can be done in the pre season,but I doubt it. With the exception of Varner and the 7 footer everyone would seem to have a chance to play.
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