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  1. If Moser stays at Loyola after this year he likely isn’t leaving anytime soon. If Loyola does hang on to him it is time for the A10 to add Loyola. It would help bridge the gap between SLU and Dayton, add another good program to the conference, and couldn’t hurt recruiting in Illinois/Chicago for us to have a game there every year. Either add them on there own or bring Drake or Bradley with them to get to 16 teams. A west pod with Dayton, Loyola, SLU, and either Bradley or Drake would be great.
  2. Disappointing news. That probably kills our chances of getting in the Big East anytime soon. And snce it looks like we are going to be in the A10 for a long time I'd like to see the conference expand to 16 with some closer schools. Something like Loyola and either Belmont or Bradley would be nice additions. Could have four divisions, play each team in your division twice and everyone else once for an 18 game schedule. Playing Dayton, Loyola, and either Bradley or Belmont twice each year could be fun and provide some good match ups.
  3. Rutgers fans seem to like him and are wishing him well. Don't know if that means much but it's a good sign in my opinion. https://rutgers.forums.rivals.com/threads/van-macon.85710/
  4. I wonder if John Pelphrey is an option for one of the assistant spots. He was a teammate of Ford's for one year at Kentucky and took this last year off so he might be looking for a job. In his last year at Arkansas he recruied a top ten ranked class but never got to coach them. They let him go to bring back Mike Anderson. After Arkansas he went back to Billy Donovan's staff at Florida for 4 years till Donovan jumped to the NBA. Apparently he had this to say after Ford was hired here: "Travis Fords Ex-Teammate at Kentucky, John Pelphrey, Chats with Frank Cusumano on The Press Box On his recruiting ability: Theyve gotten people from all over. They really did a good job in Texas. They got a lot of good players out of Texas. I always thought hed be a great fit. I think hell be able to recruit very well. I think hell do a good job in St. Louis.
  5. They would also help the team with the transition to the new coach since they are familiar with his offense, defense, the way he runs his practices, and know what he expects from his players.
  6. Good question. I don't have any specific names but a couple of good recruiters with AAU connections would be nice. And based on the description the OSU poster gave of Ford's coaching abilities an assistant that's good with x and o's and is hopefully good with developing post players.
  7. Glad we officially know who our coach is going to be. Next up will be seeing what kind of staff he can put together.
  8. Well its going to be interesting to see if the Post just jumped the gun or if they got it completely wrong.
  9. Big east forum on the hire of Ford. Not many replies yet but it will be interesting to see how they all view the hire. http://holylandofhoops.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5329&sid=d9223df96fb4f30e270a11ce64740647
  10. Oklahoma State Forum's reaction. For the most part they don't sound hateful or bitter and are wishing him good luck. http://www.orangepower.com/threads/travis-ford-hired-at-s-l-u.213998/
  11. Not the direction I had hoped we'd go but if it's done so be it. Good luck to coach Ford. I am a bit concerned about his conference record at his last stop but I do like the fact that he has multiple NCAA appearances and has gotten there from two different schools, he did fairly well at his last A10 job including a conference championship, and is a good recruiter.
  12. His team was 26-6 (16-2) this year and still didn't get to go dancing because they didn't win their conference tournament. That has to be frustrating. A record like that in the A10 and you've got a good chance at an at large bid.
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