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  1. I wish Brad would say something to Chris.
  2. JJ has a sprained ankle. When things get tight and teams press Brad goes to the 3 guard offense. I think it hurt us today. You needed Ikes scoring to take pressure off Regie.
  3. I hope your right . I thought they had tabled reseeding for this year.
  4. This is bad. How are you going to do your brackets? I agree with Roy the NCAA does everything to support the Dukes of the world at the expense of the smaller schools.The pod system is wrong this is wrong. The RPI rankings are wrong. The NCAA should be about fairness not about helping a few powerfull programs. It should be about wins and losses and how you do against teams you play not about your opponents opponent.
  5. I asked Brad about this at the last Billiken Club meeting. He was pretty adament about sitting players with 2 fouls. He said games are won or lost in the 2 half and wanted his players to play hard without worring about fouls. That said he said he second guessed himself for not bringing Reggie back in the SMS game. For what its worth I agree with you. I'll go back to Al McGuire sayin you get to play untill you pick up your third. McGuire also said that once you picked up your 4th it was too late to sit. Just keep playing. I've just shown my age by bringing up Al.
  6. So were only suppose to cover the better program? Since Kansas is a better program then yours they should be the lead story in KC papers? This is St. Louis not Columbia. Our name is on the door.
  7. If it is the exception,and I don"t necessarily buy that,its the way it should be. The name on the paper is the St. Louis Post. The name on the the school is St Louis. We are the city's only division one program. Enough said.
  8. I grew up in Louisville Kentucky and nothing is bigger in the state of Kentucky than UK basketball. The Louisville Courier Journal and all local TV stations lead with UofL basketball and football. Even in some of the down Crum years they were always the lead story. When they play each other the Louisville perspective is the one played first.
  9. Part of the reason Wash U made an investment in properties off campus is because they are land locked. They simply didn't have the space on campus to build more dorms unless they take all of the limited green space left. I will give them credit for seeing a problem and dealing with it the best way could. As an aside there is a debate within U City political types as to whether this is a good thing. Every apt. building that Wash U buys loweres U Cities property taxes.
  10. . He mentioned the possibility of a transfer,saying this is becoming a bigger part of the game. He said more than once that he wants to recruit freshmen. My guess is he'd like a good transfer.
  11. I try to never agree with kshoe but that was a pretty good shot. That is the shot that Paulding almost always makes. He is a very good end of game shooter when he doesn't think but just fires away.
  12. A couple of small items that were missed. The Billiken Club will have a bus going to Memphis. They also will have a chartered flight to Cincinnati. This is probably their annual sponsors trip with open space.
  13. I thought it was interesting that Crean felt he had to play Travis with 2 fouls in the first half. I personally think the whole concept of sitting with 2 fouls is kind of stupid. Romar would never let anybody foul out of games fearing they would play tenetive on that 5th foul. That said what probably makes Brad such a good coach is that he is inflexible. He know exactly what he wants and by God thats how it's going to be done. If we disagree with some of his strategy that doesn't mean we feel he's not a great coach. Thats what sport fans do,second quess.
  14. I believe Cincy plays Louisville in freedom hall next week. I'll put my 2 dracmas on the Cards.
  15. Bauman I don't think O'Neil is that bad. He tries to be friendly with the fans. Don't forget he tried to give us the walk at the end of the game. Now if you want to say Burr was looking for a fight I would agree. As I said before they missed calls,but they did not decide a game like the Arizona game officials.
  16. Worst refs in 30 years??? They missed some calls but they were not that bad. Compare last night to the Arizona game,now those guys were dishonest.
  17. I think our rebounging stats are something less than an exact science. The paper showed Izik with zero rebounds and I know I yelled at least once nice rebound Izik. By the way Izik has become a pretty good defender. We missed him in the second half.
  18. While I didn't like the tone of his voice I thought he did a pretty good job. He did a decent job of talking about little things like useing the shot clock but staying agressive. Something Syracuse was very good at. What I can't stand in an announcer is someone like Billy Paker who pontificates that this is how the game must be played.
  19. Terry Moore was the ref who made the call.
  20. Roy your criticism of Grim was incorrect. He said he watched the 2 half live after getting home from the Ram game. He taped the game and at least rewatched the bogus 5 second call. Brad did a good job as always. One caller[half of this board] wanted to know why Varner played . Got the standard does the little things like screening response.
  21. I'll never be happy with the NIT. If you don't make the NCAA's you have not had a good year. The Tournament should be our only yardstick.
  22. I hate the guy because when the Tigers score a touchdown he sounds like he's he's going to have an orgasim. When they lose a basketball game he acts like his mother just died. I want my announcer to show some passion but not too much passion.
  23. I agree he is not the only one who has hurt us ,but going 0 for 5 from the field-missing the front end of 2 straight one and ones -grabbing 1 rebound in 22 min.play sure didn't help us win.
  24. I'm in Narks camp on thus one. Brad has chosen to play Varner because he does the little things that Brad wants done. Unfortunately little things like setting good screens have not made us a good offensive team. We are not going to become a better team if Ross continues to play. He's doing all he can. He's not going to get better. I'm sure Ross is a great kid and I wish him well,but I wish him well on the very end of the bench. At some point Brad has to give min. to potential not just how well you practice or defend off the ball. As somebody said earlier its about wins and losses not how hard
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