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  1. RIP Joe Our prayers and condolences to your family
  2. has the renewals been sent to season ticket holders?
  3. I'mable to set up account. Any help will be appreciated
  4. Will there be an old alumni meet the coaches kick off?
  5. Second increase Two years ago $10 per season tickey
  6. Waiting to see what happens on Saturday Is team staying at the Brooklyn Marriott?
  7. We sit 5 rows from where jb took his shot. The Duquesne player did not appeared to touch the ball. My wife and I just laughed and shook our head in amazement-- what can go wrong with this team will go wrong Can't blame jb on the outcome he played his arse off and is fun to watch
  8. Jollys uncle and aunt is at game Silent as to what happened. Wilmer's parents here they like school and campus
  9. When was the last time that doc c missed a vacuum game at the Fetz? Also where was president P?
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