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  1. Anyone think the Missouri Valley is where SLU ought to be?
  2. Wish you had connections like this? BTW, You would have really enjoyed a person like Homer Drew being around and strengthening your program. Scott, btw, went to Butler.
  3. This is where hope and reality are the farthest apart.
  4. That answer is no. I have asked Bryce that question directly.
  5. Didn't want to play us regularly but our coach is good enough for SLU. Who are the most delusional posters on the internet? The answer is like the Michael Jackson song "Man in the Mirror." Why would Bryce Drew turn down Tulsa and Iowa State and take up Saint Louis on an offer?
  6. Where would this forum be without
  7. damn can't forget
  8. you da man
  9. especially couldn't forget minus "ov"
  10. What's so great about Athlon's, BLIKNS 117 - Driver Download(you thought I forgot you?)
  11. How did I forget the
  12. FROM THE