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  1. Yes, asked a friend of mine in State (ie diplomat). He carries black when posted abroad.
  2. Of course you can. I have four valid passports (UK, US, Australia and Canada)... Can get awkward though when departing and entering countries due to airline information (can only enter one passport into the system) until one gets the hang of it. In any event, this is getting easier with self check-in immigration procedures. I don't get why people still think Americans can't have dual citizenship, yet know of old sportsmen like Brett Hull and half the US soccer team (all those German-Americans are still German). Old US law allowed for dual citizenship by birth but naturalisation elsewhere was potentially illegal, although not directly. That was changed a long time ago. There's certain instances where doing an act towards another country could cause revocation of US citizenship (I would argue, say, joining the parliament of another country), but again it's unclear and the law is untested. Incidentally, I used to work in the Australian foreign affairs and when on official business our passports are green as opposed to the normal dark blue.
  3. "Gross" area includes some common area space (I haven't figured out what is included and what isn't), divided by the number of apartments. It was a realtor trick, before the law changed and now they have to disclose "saleable" area - which is the actual sq ft of the apartment. People would think they were buying, say, a 1000 sq foot apt but really it was 800 or so. @Old guyof course it's ridiculous, but a bit of fun.
  4. What around US$2 million will get you where I live - yes, they really are fairly sh+tty looking 628 sq foot flats. http://www.squarefoot.com.hk/property/20142028/ or http://www.squarefoot.com.hk/property/21481301/. If the rental estimate is correct, it's over US$4000 a month. Exchange rate is HK7.75 to US1. It's all relative...
  5. Hilarious. And we're showing our age.
  6. The reality is that basketball and football are different - in all other sports (there may be an additional sport of which I am unaware) there is no restriction. A player can transfer and play the next with a proper release. You don't see everyone jumping up to the better schools because most kids are in university for an education. They aren't interested in Keith Shamberger like three schools in three years. At the same time, of course some kids do transfer and it does mean the rich get richer. A lightly recruited kid who excels his/her freshman year at a lower tier school (academically and athletically) can essentially be re-recruited upwards. The quality programs become entrenched and it is even harder for the "mid-major". The graduate transfer rule is a farce - the "as long as the school does not have your graduate degree" requirement is hardly enforced, and I'd be willing to bet a lot of football transfers don't even attend class. By the time grades come out, the season (and their eligibility) is complete. The SEC rule (which I have not heard of) is a nice check which could be more widely adopted to limit the "fake" graduate transfer.
  7. Things are looking up.
  8. Guilty as charged. True blue.
  9. I was getting worried, hadn't seen us making an offer in a few days now.
  10. Just kidding, mate. Thought he deserved the full video
  11. Weak effort. DJ deserves better. https://youtu.be/i0vFid2tKbI
  12. Fantastic! +1 to Travis Ford! What's that sound? Is it Pitbull?
  13. This just symbolizes all that is wrong with modern college sports - no connection whatsoever between the three schools - not in geography, size of schools, reputation or specialized subject matter (I mean, what the school is "good" at or "known for") - they all just have a basketball program. For guys with no hope of going to "the league", I would think that more should matter to the perspective "student athlete". I shall take off my professor hat now, rant over.
  14. It's a lower tier than NASL, so don't expect a better product than AC St Louis. Quite the opposite in fact. Lower quality players and same head coach. But it has to work - if not, all claims about St Louis still being soccer USA become not only outdated but laughable. 2500 fans to break even in tier 3 sounds ambitious.
  15. Milik's coming, per verbal commits. Posted on another thread but should be here too!