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  1. Anthony and Santos

    I thought all medical redshirts (after playing some games) were decided after the 4th year of eligibility, and not before...Did the NCAA change this rule?
  2. Recruiting - 2017

    True, but all too often a 2/3* player that signs with a P5 conference team miraculously (and quickly) is re-classified in the star ratings to 4*... So the rating *s are as much following the signings as the coaches following the 4/5* players.
  3. JT requests Release from NLI

    @ACE Vtime/(wanna be)Insider did say his brother posted under the V name from time to time. Did lil' brother grow up and become 314? Or is it V/Insider under another name? Am I close? Again, if you have to tell the board you're an insider or a coach, you probably are neither. Well, I guess Porter Sr was a 7th grade girls coach before becoming assistant coach at Mizzou (women). So the term can be applied loosely and anything is possible! You can get respect and props for being "in the know", but have to earn it. I am yet to be convinced. Sorry.
  4. JT requests Release from NLI

    314, i think you've reached a low point in your billikens.com posting days. Your post is idiotic. More pathetic is that some others on this site give your self-proclaimed title as "coach" credit or respect. I wish Missouri success, competition is welcome. I also hope they agree to put SLU on the schedule in the coming years. Then we'll see who has the "local shine".
  5. Recruiting - 2017

    Just curious as to why? 4 years instead of missing a year and 3? Former Missouri? Or do you also mean in terms of play? If the latter, any particular reason?
  6. Moore & Neufeld transferring

    I don't know or care if you really are Zeke's father - but I wish Zeke all the best. I hope he has success on the court, but (far, far) more importantly I hope he gets a good education and becomes a success in life. We on the board are myopically focused on basketball when there is more to college, and life.
  7. JT requests Release from NLI

    Well, the short version - prior to being hired at Mizzou women's team (when his sister-in-law hired him) he coached his seventh grade daughters team. He was also a christian rapper (no, I'm not kidding). He then miraculously moved to men's team at University of Washington, where his son committed to play. Unrelated, apparently. Now, after one year there he becomes a hugely paid assistant at Missouri, where rather coincidentally his son has now committed. Once again, I will not laugh at him or call it unsavory if he remains a D1 basketball coach for more than 5 or so years after his son's move on (we're often too loose with the word 'graduate').
  8. JT requests Release from NLI

    Exactly. I jumped in when people said they would hire an asst in order to get a recruit. Unlike some, I think it's unsavory and said I wouldn't like such a move. I also said, in a further response, that in Porter's case the credentials don't match with his job. I didn't say illegal or an NCAA violation. But let's call it what it is and not act like the hiring of father and the son's commitment (twice - to UW and Mizzou) were totally separate transactions. That's farcical. I didn't even cast any aspersions towards Martin - and agree with @HenryB that the love and respect some have for the virtuous coach seems a little misplaced. Porter's hiring is also a helluva waste of public funds, but that's a different matter.
  9. JT requests Release from NLI

    Are you seriously trying to say that Porter being offered to move over to the men at Mizzou, moving Washington and being offered elsewhere (Kentucky!) had nothing to do with Jr? Really? How many women's assistant coaches move to the men's game, let alone to a power 5 team? I'd be surprised if you could come up with 5 names (to the men's D1 game, let alone a quality program). How many move over and get a serious salary and other perks, which have been said (in newspaper articles) to include a country club membership, courtesy car, four season tickets to men’s and women’s basketball, and access to all other home sporting events. Come on Stl Hoops, you tell Roy not to be naive in regards to recruiting - but you can't be blind on this hiring... As to his initial move to Mizzou as an assistant on the women's team - all I can say is that word was (at the time of the hiring) that it was in view of the family pipeline (and the one doing the hiring was his sister-in-law). But then again, I am sure the transition from Christian rapper to high end D1 women's basketball coach with little in between is also commonplace!
  10. Recruiting - 2017

    Adonal Foyle to Colgate!
  11. JT requests Release from NLI

    I may be in the minority here, but it's unscrupulous to me - dad was "already" a men's college basketball coach only because of the talents of said son. He was a women's basketball coach only bc of two daughters. Other than those connections, he was not a men's or women's college basketball coach. Paying over $300k to get a kid to come to the university (perhaps for only a year or two), or maybe two brothers, is distasteful to me. If dad remains a basketball coach for 10+ years following the departure of his kids from the team (at any D1 school), I'll happily eat my words.
  12. Recruiting - 2017

    So what changed is now you say they are close pals, and when you said they weren't close (and even that Tilmon dropped interest in SLU b/c of Goodwin) that was good information at the time... Um, right. My prediction, SLU will sign another recruit before next year. Can't wait to gloat when I am proven correct!
  13. Recruiting - 2017

    Being 6'9 and 220lb is not normal. I think we discount - or don't see - many health problems associated with abnormal growth patterns in young men (and women).
  14. Recruiting - 2017

    I can't believe this - despite his prowess at baseball if the basketball scouts saw something they would have been all over him, trying to convince him that b-ball was his best path in college. Could be a "late" bloomer, or just dramatically improved as baseball path fell away (due to injury, if I recall the chatter on this board saying) and he concentrated on b-ball.
  15. Mike Lewis

    You really don't help yourself, kid.