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  1. Pathetic. Not b/c it's they think they have found a way around the letter of the law (debatable, and certainly violated the spirit), but b/c it's such a waste of taxpayer money. Ensures the Kansas basketball team will always be ranked well ahead of its academic ranking.
  2. I agree - I think people are misreading it. I see it as a call for SLU fans to give him love on twitter, not that he expected the Michael Jordan treatment upon arriving in the city.
  3. You are an immense source of knowledge - I'll add my thanks to your work and dedication in providing the 411 on the recruits. One question - not living in St Louis how do you know so much about a high school basketball team? I'm amazed.
  4. Congratulations - you are the first person this foreigner has ever put on the 'ignore' list. Ever. In any forum. I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt. But the post I partially quoted really says you are who a lot of people on this board say you are. Glad you follow the soccer team, but sorry you can't be constructive.
  5. Look back to the 1970s - yes SLU had a huge local flavour, but also look at the St Louisans that played professionally. A lot went to IU! That pipeline has been there for decades. We tend to re-write history, and by saying all the best locals used to stay home we are doing it now. Edit: Tim Walters is the first name to pop into my mind, then more recent IU players such as Pat Noonan and Chris Klein...Mike Ambersley too, why don't you go call him a traitor at Stl FC matches.
  6. Hey, I was lambasted for bringing up academics in the context of the rather odd collection of schools Miles Reynolds was looking at when transferring... I just don't get some 20 year olds... My favourite this year though are the twins that transferred from Brown to Florida Atlantic. What are they thinking (hand on head...)?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  7. Remember the good old days of Howard University - did they even have one American on the roster?
  8. Why discuss the semantics, we all know why they lost. Two reasons: (1) too many foreigners; and (2) not enough players from St Louis.
  9. It's a good point @WV_Billiken but don't forget there is spring soccer anyway. It's just limited organised practices and a few games against local competition (there's limits but I am unsure of the current details) but nevertheless it takes time away from studies (and coeds). So it's a fallacy to say soccer season is only fall. In my day, which was 20 years ago, we also had captain's practices which while not technically organised and overseen by the coaches it was made very clear these were not optional. One thing to note with this proposal is the impact on the MLS draft and players turning professional. Teams will have to draft and wait for the players season/studies to end. Not a big deal for seniors, but underclassman may be in a bind as declaring for the draft may render them ineligible for the rest of the season. Thoughts?
  10. In fairness, while @Tilkowsky appears to be a troll who should just be ignored, I have not seen anything in this thread or the soccer thread which would cause him/her to be banned. (S)He is stirring the pot, but if lack of rah-rah sentiment is enough to be banned most of this board would have been banned during the Crews era.
  11. Come on, cheeseman. Oi veh
  12. It started with Foreman, then the other two transfers, but this is a big piece. How exciting to be a Bills fan! Love JG's story of being chased by a Billiken. So true, three or four guys will be playing for their spots in 2017. The board will soon re-hash the ethics of recruiting over current players. We will be winning. Fast may it come and long may it continue.
  13. Yes, asked a friend of mine in State (ie diplomat). He carries black when posted abroad.
  14. Of course you can. I have four valid passports (UK, US, Australia and Canada)... Can get awkward though when departing and entering countries due to airline information (can only enter one passport into the system) until one gets the hang of it. In any event, this is getting easier with self check-in immigration procedures. I don't get why people still think Americans can't have dual citizenship, yet know of old sportsmen like Brett Hull and half the US soccer team (all those German-Americans are still German). Old US law allowed for dual citizenship by birth but naturalisation elsewhere was potentially illegal, although not directly. That was changed a long time ago. There's certain instances where doing an act towards another country could cause revocation of US citizenship (I would argue, say, joining the parliament of another country), but again it's unclear and the law is untested. Incidentally, I used to work in the Australian foreign affairs and when on official business our passports are green as opposed to the normal dark blue.
  15. "Gross" area includes some common area space (I haven't figured out what is included and what isn't), divided by the number of apartments. It was a realtor trick, before the law changed and now they have to disclose "saleable" area - which is the actual sq ft of the apartment. People would think they were buying, say, a 1000 sq foot apt but really it was 800 or so. @Old guyof course it's ridiculous, but a bit of fun.