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  1. They should really lower the basket so 6'0 guys with no hops can do that...
  2. That Ramey responded kinda proves that at least some people do care. Ramey wants it both way - his kid to newsworthy, and a star, and yet to control every aspect of the self-generated PR machine. Doesn't work that way...
  3. The biggest problem is the state of the program, constant turnover, and lack of competitive play in conference (and out). Enough to scare any potential recruit. The threat of sanctions compounds the issues.
  4. The financial aid and scholarship packages for the athletes they want will always end up to be full rides, so while not called academic scholarships that is what they are, in effect. Only difference, if grades are maintained they can't get pulled after a year! So in the end, maybe they are a better alternative. I transferred from a DI partial soccer scholarship to DIII powerhouse with a much better financial package, more playing time and quite frankly a better team. I am not sure on academic merit I deserved the scholarship. Just saying - black cat, white cat, they both catch the mouse (to quote Deng Xiaoping).
  5. It's number 6 that I have trouble with, I admit it.
  6. Unbelievable. Pathetic.
  7. Yep, that's where I was going with it...
  8. There's only so many use-able numbers...
  9. It's a good sign when someone from a power conference is envious and jealous of SLU. We must be doing something right!
  10. Full disclosure. I am not in the know. Been hanging around for many years and do know the reaction when a player selects another school. That's about all I know.
  11. You're new, eh
  12. I can add one - get the redesign of the mascot right the first time and save the cost of a re-redesign. Increasing faculty teaching hours is a short term fix with disastrous consequences. The best of the faculty will feel unloved, overworked and will move on. Consequently, incoming grant money further sinks and esteem/reputation with it. [disclosure-I'm an academic, not at SLU, and with a pretty sweet teaching deal...]
  13. From our blocked friend... Okay news. Why not sole rookie of the week? Local player would have won it individually. If you recruited only those players born and raised within a 2 mile block of campus and kept all the local players at home, like we did in the 1970s, we would have been undefeated this year. Guess that's not what the coaches want.
  14. Pathetic. Not b/c it's they think they have found a way around the letter of the law (debatable, and certainly violated the spirit), but b/c it's such a waste of taxpayer money. Ensures the Kansas basketball team will always be ranked well ahead of its academic ranking.
  15. I agree - I think people are misreading it. I see it as a call for SLU fans to give him love on twitter, not that he expected the Michael Jordan treatment upon arriving in the city.