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  1. W. Kentucky Recruit ....

    He's going to KU but will never play a game. He's a one year practice player.
  2. Recruiting - 2017

    In a very strange move Kansas added some grad transfer from William and Mary. I'm guessing Tillmon told Hall of Famer Head Coach Bill Self that he's going to Mizzou.
  3. A10 arenas

    Don't know much about the dorm situation at SLU but I would put SLU facilities up against almost any Big 10 or Big 12 schools.
  4. OT: ESPN Layoffs

    Freddie Coleman survived?
  5. JT requests Release from NLI

    I'm sorry, I didn't get my diploma from a farming school. Please explain...Actually you can't so don't bother. Tillmon isn't even KU's top target anyway now so I hope he goes to SLU. Mizzou has a long history of getting beat by KU so they are used to it by now. I want SLU to show the "Slavers" up this time.
  6. JT requests Release from NLI

    What do you mean by he was in the Big 12?
  7. JT requests Release from NLI

    See it's great Billiken fans like this guy that make it so easy rooting for SLU.
  8. Missouri Post-Dispatch

    Have fun in the NIT MUTGR because that's where Martin shines.
  9. Dayton, VCU and Wichita St. to AAC?

    What if the Big 12 doesn't exist?
  10. Dayton, VCU and Wichita St. to AAC?

    This would be a strange pick up for the AAC. In the next 5 years Iowa St, Kansas St, TCU and Baylor will become available to them. If they want to add a school now UMass would be a perfect fit.
  11. Dick Vitale's preseason top 40

    ...and...now Dick Vitale may select his pre-season top 40.
  12. Dick Vitale's preseason top 40

    How can he make this list without knowing where Wiggins is going to school?
  13. Davidson to the A10

    Sorry guys I just informed you of information already known to those that follow this. That filler school known as KU ranks third in revenue behind only Texas and Notre Dame. I do not wish to hyjack this thread I only wished to correct a mistake made earlier. Clocktower you are now free to chant MIZ SEC.
  14. Davidson to the A10

    Wrong, the Big 10 wants KU very much. KU rated higher than any school in the Big 10 private study but they waited too long and KU signed away its TV rights. Really according to Orangeblood.com the only reason the Big 12 even exists is the PAC 10 demanded that KU gets a spot before Okie Light or Texas Tech but Texas and OU couldn't make that move. For those that don't know Orangeblood.com is Texas's under the table mouth piece. One move that may happen is the Big 10 takes VU and UNC to bust up the ACC. Then Florida St., Clemson and Miami are allowed to move to the Big 12 so the Big 12 releases KU's GOR so they can go to the Big 10. For those that do not follow this stuff, the moment to watch is when the Maryland lawsuit with the ACC gets settled. Maybe the ACC is so weakened that ND leaves for the NBE.
  15. Agbeko

    UK doesn't pay it's players, they have NIKE do it for them.