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  1. Dick Vitale may select his pre-season top 40.
  2. How can he make this list without knowing where Wiggins is going to school?
  3. Sorry guys I just informed you of information already known to those that follow this. That filler school known as KU ranks third in revenue behind only Texas and Notre Dame. I do not wish to hyjack this thread I only wished to correct a mistake made earlier. Clocktower you are now free to chant MIZ SEC.
  4. Wrong, the Big 10 wants KU very much. KU rated higher than any school in the Big 10 private study but they waited too long and KU signed away its TV rights. Really according to the only reason the Big 12 even exists is the PAC 10 demanded that KU gets a spot before Okie Light or Texas Tech but Texas and OU couldn't make that move. For those that don't know is Texas's under the table mouth piece. One move that may happen is the Big 10 takes VU and UNC to bust up the ACC. Then Florida St., Clemson and Miami are allowed to move to the Big 12 so the Big 12 releases KU's GOR so they can go to the Big 10. For those that do not follow this stuff, the moment to watch is when the Maryland lawsuit with the ACC gets settled. Maybe the ACC is so weakened that ND leaves for the NBE.
  5. UK doesn't pay it's players, they have NIKE do it for them.
  6. No hats please.
  7. This sucks, the best radio show in the market. I'm assuming those that didn't like his show are Slaten fans?
  8. Good pick up for the A10 but if Slu was sticking around then I'd want Loyola University in Chicago and Bradley. I'm hoping that George Masion will be someone elses problem.
  9. The Big East will need to go to 12 to better prepare for what's coming. The ncaa tournament will not be around much longer.
  10. Maybe Fox is willing to pay the same amount for 2013-2014 as 2014-2015 with the understanding that the Big East must have 12 teams by 2014-2015. Bigger slice for the first 9 in 2013
  11. Guys like Barnett and Cassity demonstrate the growth of the program. Before Rickma SLU had similar players as the lead scorer for the team. Now they are nice role players coming off the bench.
  12. I believe you were the first person to talk about Ben Mclemore anywhere. Now he maybe the first pick overall in the NBA Draft.
  13. If SLU doesn't get in, the first call needs to be to Memphis, Cinn and Temple. They will be scrambling for any league that can give a payout. Maybe a temperary Conference USA like league makes sense. I'd rather see SLU play UCONN, Bearcats and Memphis over being in the MVC.
  14. Schools like NC and Duke would go to one of the 16 school conferences. Those 64 schools then leave the NCAA to form its own basketball post season.