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  1. OT: Springsteen at Chaifetz March 6

    Hopefully it goes according to plan. I remember the great Quicksilver Messenger Service concert at West Pine Gym in the 70's. Everyone waited as the band failed to show....
  2. Changes in Branding for Athletics

    Clearly an effort to curry favor with more hoops stars from down under: the tuft of hair atop his head replaced with a tiny model of the Sydney Opera House!
  3. In light of the fact that we took both the regular season and the tournament title, should it be: Blitzkrieg at the Barclays, or Blitzkrieg in Brooklyn ?
  4. MU just pissed away a game at ole miss

    At the end of Harry Hamm's theatre report on KMOX Saturday morning, he threw in a dig at the Boone County boys. The gist of it was: "There's a new cheer in Columbia today. It goes--M-I-Z, N-I-T." Then he added that the Tigers could learn by watching the Bills, who are showing everyone how to get the job done. They're coming out of the woodwork to hop on this bandwagon.
  5. Absolutely! Taj is right--"Pokecheck" was frequently the only black fan in the stands. But we appreciated his support. And the chant of "Howie!" I believe was directed at a player named Skip Howey, probably not from Brown. I could swear it was one of our regualr CCHA opponents. Western Mich. perhaps?
  6. Gruehls has passed away

    I have to agree that Gruehls never talked trash. He came to the board to support his team in a good-natured way. It was as if he could say something in support of the Bearcats, even in support of Huggins, and then step back with a twinkle in his eye, as if to say "OK--come back at me!" He made you feel like he was aware of UC's off-court issues and acknowledged them in his own way, but still needled us about on-court success. He was a great message board buddy.
  7. Where is the radio feed?

    Well, if you waited long enough, the game is there. Audio quality way worse than your average phone line transmission. Sounds like Rammer is on the top of a windy hill, sometimes under water! Why are our broadcasts frequently marred by "technical difficulties?"
  8. Rebounding stats

    The free throw line is 15 feet from the backboard. It is supposed to be 13 ft, 9 inches from the center of the hoop.
  9. New SLU Mascot????

    I anticipate a suggestion that we have a werewolf in a pelican costume--or should it be a pelican in a werewolf costume?
  10. Cory Remekun

    Can you say RON EKKER?

    If we're trying to create a distraction, maybe we should attempt a full-length Kim Kardashian or Beyonce.
  12. We made the Top 15 - TWICE!

    It seems a "neighborhood" is very narrowly defined; so I fail to see why several of the floors of Griesiedieck don't individually make the list!
  13. SAINT vs St.

    I find it interesting that the U. chooses to emphasize the full spelling of SAINT. The Jesuit High School, SLUH, with its common origin back in 1818, seems not to make such an emphasis. The Jesuits on Oakland spell the school name ST. Louis University High School. I'm pretty sure the signage around the building spells it that way. I checked their website--all the references and banners seem to bear the abbreviation. (In fact, space considerations contribute to a pronounced tendency to resort to "SLUH" in written naming of the school.)
  14. SLU Hockey

    OK, You really made me put my thinking cap on to come up with some of these. The Ref who was heckled mercilessly? Frank Larson. (He officiated abaout 60% of our home games didn't he?) The Gary ____ who was a center for the Bills? Gary Murphy--frequently played on a line with Wayne "the worm" Ormson. The defenseman named Doug? Doug Butler. Another defenseman who had some skill but lost some playing time because of a detached retina suffered in an auto accident--Kevin Healey. With the relatively short history of Billiken hockey, there weren't that many goalies who played for us. But you've all left out one of the best--Brian O'Connell. I don't know why, but I have some recollection of a Chicago kid being a bit of a fan favorite--Mark Uvodich. One of our best players from the Rick Kennedy teams--John Nestic. And we all got a kick out of having a Japanese-Canadian player--Dan Tsubouchi. Due to the fact that a high percentage of our Canadian friends were fond of a fashion trend at the time, we were quick to suggest that to play high level hockey one had to wear CLOGS!
  15. SLU Basketball

    Perhaps it merely indicates a lack of interest in posting on the board in reacton to the game.