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  1. The Lisa Stone holdovers continue to prove they're the best.
  2. I mean, when your official cheerleader and most notable person is a 103 year old nun, I guess it makes sense.
  3. I mean, you're right here, but we should never be ill-prepared in any case
  4. Weren't half the pregame notes about Loyola being super foul prone? WTF changed?
  5. I turned off for sanity too early. I feel like this'll be like the GW game but I hate feeling stressed.
  6. Can't buy a shot. Down by 20 halfway through the 2nd.
  7. The Goldens can't stay away from the A10 apparently. And the legendary acrimony continues...
  8. You definitely love to see it, especially after the years of A10 dominance on the women's side.
  9. I wouldn't want to play either if my guts decided I needed to empty every few minutes.
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