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  1. Navy Pier in winter is bracing if you're a masochist
  2. To quote Clint Eastwood in Outlaw Josey Wales: "Dyin' ain't much of a livin'"
  3. Not NHL personal reasons, hopefully have to specify.
  4. Yeah there are ~4000 colleges and universities in the US and SLU is usually in the top 100 to 150, so that line of thinking is definitely dark side.
  5. I would welcome the players pushing back if the coaches get out of line.
  6. WTF? He's shooting from the arc at that point I hate this sh*t
  7. I think the women will be better positioned in the conference than the men this year. Road wins have been scarce, but the non-con was more challenging.
  8. Ask anyone about this movie and this scene is all they remember, lol.
  9. It's happened several times. Definitely home cooking.
  10. Is Richmond having a heat wave? I swear the cutaway had those musicians in shorts and t-shirts.
  11. At that point, it ceases to be an amateur sport. We may as well just call it the College Professional League or something and have the NBA absorb it as another G-League.
  12. I think that's really why this season shows our weakness right now as a program. We're toward the bottom in a conference where everyone is having a pretty poor year, relatively speaking.
  13. Feels mean to say that, but I absolutely believe he's not running his own Twitter.
  14. I asked my former low-A hockey player co-worker/coach the same thing and he doesn't know much about basketball, but he remembers Majerus being really good at "molding young men to be successful on and off the court," so I might add that?
  15. 69% is unsustainable (I say trying to jinx GM) I think even if they lose, they'll make it close.
  16. I like this link better, it comes without snark and a badass picture of Tillett.
  17. Speaking of the on topic part of this thread, does the coach's show get archived? I'd like to listen to the women's feature from this past Monday.
  18. I scream at visiting coaches over this all the time, I hate it, too.
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