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  1. The Davidson game is on Twitch.tv right now so I would guess SLU will be too.
  2. Memphis added #3 Prospect Emoni Bates. That game will definitely be something.
  3. Not to be superstitious but at least the past few years the projected top two teams in the A10 have always under preformed expectations.
  4. It was unanimous? Unless you’re referring to something else.
  5. VCU will not even be in the top four without Hyland.
  6. What reason does St. Joes keep getting invited to these besides their market size?
  7. I have family up there but if they were fans of any a-10 team it would definitely not be the Billikens.
  8. JP’s numbers likely go up so maybe if he can shoot at a really high %.
  9. Wonder what Brighton will have to say about this.
  10. Why not both at the same time?
  11. If it was Goodwin Carter would likely already know.
  12. If this is really going to happen let me just say I called this almost immediately after he committed to Memphis.
  13. Which school he would consider “home “ is what we have to worry about.
  14. Four players this close together could mean Penny is about to get hit with violations.
  15. Think we just got back this year’s local guy.
  16. Mizzou Twitter about to be in tatters.
  17. Apparently he still comes on the board. What is that about?
  18. Well who are your sources? If they aren’t local it’s probably because they don’t want to give SLU any recruiting attention.
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