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  1. I find it very interesting Biondi said this and admitted to lobbying BE presidents. It's a tacit acknowledgment that the A10 is no longer the best place for us. I don't think you say something like that unless you are fairly certain you won't be with the league much longer. Whenever May has been asked about this previously, he has always talked about the "strength of the A10" or how it is a "great home for us" or whatever. Of course, he might just be an embattled university president searching desperately for something positive and willing to say anything to get it.
  2. Yes, you're absolutely right that seeds are not "locked" to any particular site but the higher the overall seed, the more likely they play close to home. For example, if Louisville is the number 1 overall seed, they will be the 1 seed in the MW and they will play their first game in Lexington (the closest site). Indiana, the 2nd 1 seed would then play in the East (probably) and play their first weekend games in Dayton. The committee keeps putting teams into the first round sites that are closest until the site is full. Too many teams from the B1G will be seeded ahead of the Bills for us to play in a place like Dayton. I said we are more likely to play in Austin/San Jose/SLC because those are the leftover sites. No 1-4 seed other than New Mexico and Gonzaga are close. (OK State or K State could go to Austin as well) 4 seeds are the last teams to get placed in sites because seeds 5 and up have to "follow" a higher seed to that site ( a five has to go to the same place as a four).
  3. Could be tough. If we are a 4, we might be able to get Kansas City but Dayton won't be available to a 4 seed. More likely Austin, Salt Lake City, or San Jose.
  4. I don't think they would wait to announce the second wave of schools, it doesn't make any sense. Those schools entering the league for the 2014-2015 season would need to declare their intent to leave in order to reduce the exit fee. Whatever happens, I expect we will find out definitively on Tuesday.
  5. Since everyone is sharing BE7 conjecture today, some of you might like to know that Bob Ryan talked about this on Tony Kornheiser's radio show. Bob Ryan said that "[the BE7] have to go after Xavier and Dayton and they have to come up with at least 3 more- they would ideally like to come up with 5 more to have 2 six team divisions, I know that." He then goes on to speculate that the others could be Butler, SLU, and Creighton. Now whether Bob Ryan said he "knows that" offhand or he really knows that I haven't a clue. But I give that more weight than a one-off Gonzaga blog. For the fact checkers out there, here is the link: http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=8755655. The BE7 stuff starts around the 27 minute mark.
  6. Heads up for out-of-towners: for a cool 60 bucks you can now purchase the replica shorts (with pockets) at the SLU shop.
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