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  1. I think people on this board need to start adjusting to the fact that this young Billiken team will put it together under TF real soon and will exceed expectations. Not gonna be a cake walk beating these boys going forward. They are maturing fast.
  2. 1000% on point. TF is not playing around this season at all! Boys are buying in. Great to watch the growth taking place on the court.
  3. I doubt Travis lets SLU sleep on any game they play! Boys will bring it.
  4. I think past history allows everyone to think it will be the same kind of season as last two but I think it will become very clear to many this is not the same go around. Ford has laid a strong foundation and I think has predictably kept expectations low to get everyone into a wait till next year mode. He is a fierce competitor, the players believe in him, he believes in them, and he has righted the ship. When a coach has high expectations of you as a player and shows you the way to achieve it, that can only have a positive effect on players that are now playing for each other. Talent level at SLU has always been high but Crewsplatt did not know how to harness it. Calling it now.....18+ wins. Final thoughts.....dunk city is back at SLU. Mentality around the program is high. These boys will compete! Beating SLU is not going to be a walk in the park. Go Bills!
  5. Congrats to Grandy, people know how bad a coach Crews was the last 2 years but I am pretty sure those same people will be shocked how bad he really was. Some of the same players that people on here have dogged to no end will be the ones having similar or better production this season and next.
  6. Travis Ford over Crews any given day. As for the Xs and Os, that remains to be determined.
  7. So far I am excited about the Bills prospect to be a good team. I think many on this board are rightly so sleeping on them. They will be a better team or at least a more exciting team to watch!
  8. More dunks and more blocked shots please!
  9. 10000% correct. Ash never had a chance here to be the best he could be. I think his talents were misused here and he is 1st real victim of the Crews era. Not only could JC not develop him, he did not do so for any of the other players. It will be interesting how Coach Ford works with MC and RA to put them on a real trajectory.
  10. No expectation but to be bad once again? I thinks the Bills will do just fine shocking the A10 next season.
  11. Ford is setting the tone already? I am definitely liking this coach.
  12. MY, wishing you the best where to land and thanks for the memories. More to come....definitely not over.
  13. Good one HoosierPal! I almost lost my lunch I was so mad to see that title. Would be a surefire way to empty the current roster.
  14. Thank you Coach for the great memories of Billiken basketball over the past couple of years. We wish you the best in all do.
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