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  1. I checked out the website and they don't offer too much stuff for each school. Just some t-shirts and hoodies using older mascots/logos as mentioned above.
  2. There is a link to the PayPal for the trust in the obituary linked above.
  3. Yeah, there are more pullover options on that page than I can find in total for SLU right now.
  4. I've looked at the Peter Millar site and was ticked that they didn't have anything SLU. Same for Yeti.
  5. They lost in the title game to Maryland in the 01-02 Season.
  6. Also saw Fred Thatch on my way in today.
  7. Just saw Welmer in a boot waking back to the locker room
  8. I'll make sure to not wear my coat on the way out of the game next time so you can see me wearing blue.
  9. I’m the shortest at 6’1” my friends are 6’3” and 6’5”. I said the same thing he doesn’t seem to be 6’8”.
  10. I also found that the TO's left and Team fouls were small and difficult to read.
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