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  1. Sources say two other present sophomores have requested transfer papers, in addition to Milik. Any confimration of this?
  2. This is sad because we recruited some selfish guys who don't seem to get the concept of team ball and defense. i can't stand watching MY play. I come to see Reynolds and Crawford--those guys care. Ash seems to have lost his focus; Roby is not thinking. But at least Crews has benched MY.
  3. Does anyone else think Crews doesn't anticipate meltdowns like every team has and call timeouts? We lose some games when there is a four minute period when we get confused. He NEVER calls a timeout to collect ourselves until it's too late.
  4. We have no leader on this team. Someone needs to get Lacona and Crawford, both good players, to be more intense--last year, Evans played that role well, as did Lowe. Sorry, we have no point guard to distribute the ball or lead our team.. Our starting point guard plays like we are in a half court church league, shooting whenever he wants, not thinking of others, not concerned with where his teammates are when he launches his bombs. If he could make 40% it would be different, but his shooting is very spotty.. Notice when Crawford is out there he points to each freshman where they should be. He shows leadership in the few minutes he is there. McBroom never helps the freshman. McBroom does not lead at all, in my opinion. We should develop Bartley as PG and put Hollywood on the bench.
  5. For what it's worth and what it means --Chris May told a close friend of mine to "wait till next year" on whether SLU will join Big East. My friend gathered that May was hinting that we will be joining the Big East.
  6. Manning must have irritated Crews because he didn't play much after looking pretty futile on a few plays. We got the idea he was in the doghouse. We understood Gillmann to be a project; he looks like he'll play as he is more athletic than Manning, but needs 30 llbs or so. Lacona looked lost. I wish they would feed Crawford more. McBroom had a very good game, but he sometimes plays like this is a Sunday afternoon church league game, and if he has the ball, he will put in up or drive without looking for another. I liked his open shots; I don't care for his ball-hogging and ill-advised shotw when others are open. He started off last year this way and then quit with the forced shots; I had the feeling Evans and Lowe sat down with him. Maybe I am wrong, but as good as he played last night, I still am frustrated with his selfish play.
  7. No expert but I thought Crawford was underused last year due to all the senior talent. He can be explosive and I believe he will eventually start and be a leader on this team.
  8. Austin McBroom seemed to have lost his confidence in the last 6 games or so. He was yanked by Crews for launching 3 pointers too early in the 35 second clock and many were off balance, he wasn't set. He quit shooting as the season progressed into the playoffs. I think he needs to play a lot of summer ball to get his head straightened out. I hope the freshman can take over the point guard. I don't see McBroom as a leader, sorry,although he is our best free throw shooter. .
  9. Really proud of our effort. DE, JJ, MM, RL all played well. I think JB is having some confidence problems, but he contributed. I must say I am most proud of JM, who is starting to show some strength under the basket offensively, and uses his wing span to the best of his ability.. McBroom launches his Sunday church league bombs before he is set, His 3 point shooting is getting worse. He seems to shoot off balance, instead of taking a second to square up. He is deadly at FT, though. I wish JJ, JB and DE could take some FT lessons from him. The free throw shooting is unacceptable. Got to have 70%. Just not focused. I don't use being tired as an excuse for not concentrating. But I bet these five days together without classes will allow us some time to scout and re-focus. Today was the most important victory of the season so far.
  10. Beat VCU and all will be well again. We were due for a bad game. Everyone has them. This is our first bad loss, after 27 games. Not bad. We will fight hard against VCU, beat Dayton, and fight hard again against UMASS. We will do fine in the tournament. We played
  11. Ray Hartmann sits behind me at Billiken games. He attends about half of them. He may share seats. He really likes the Bills.
  12. What is beautiful about this team is there is enough talent and experience to overcome some players' bad games. San Diego State has one player. We have a number of good to come in, players like Grandy who can come in and spell an Evans, who was in foul trouble. I personally think McBroom is very valuable, even though he sometimes launches those off balance three pointers like he's playing a Sunday half court league. Coach had him in the game at the end to get fouled and shoot free throws, and that worked. Crawford needs confidence, but his brilliant drive is what he can do when given the chance. He needs to play a lot if we get ahead of Duquesne and/or Dayton and let him drive. Last night, the shots at the end didn't fall for JJ, but he was there. My biggest disappointments were Barnett missing BOTH FTs near the end, and McBroom's ill advised threes. Also, we seem to get out of control when we have a lead, trying to bury the opponent, and get sloppy. Crews has been brilliant, but the one very small beef I have with his coaching is he doesn't call time out when the team is out of focus, like RM did. BTW, that bald-headed ref is horrible. Every time we have him he calls twice the number of fouls on us than he calls on our opponent, and a lot of those fouls are clearly wrong. I watched the replays and it is clear to me he doesn't like SLU. He called one on Manning that was the worst.
  13. I hope I'm too conservative. But beating us is important for others' seedings too.
  14. As fantastic as this run has been we have to acknowledge a little luck has contributed to the streak. I believe 4-2 for the last six games is realistic and damn good. Hope I'm too conservative. Also I got a kick out of Knight and the other announcer on TV referring to us as Saint Louis U., not Saint Louis. Like 1965.
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