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  1. Given that Humps is apparently permanently closed, that doesn't seem likely
  2. No, a good number of knew he'd transform our program into a dumpster fire at the time: From this thread: The hiring of Jim Crews should probably go down as the the worst AD decision in my lifetime, and probably one of the worst in program history. Man, all these years later and I still become livid when I think about it. The amount of raw passion, energy, enthusiasm, and buy-in from local fans that we had from 2011-2014......... So pathetic. What could have been.
  3. But the regular season and conference tournament titles were very clearly the work of Rick Majerus's team. Crews road the late great Rick's coattails all the way to a Coach of the Year. Anyone who didn't know this then was kidding themselves. Crews had a very clear track record of being a not-very-good coach. It was a long, extensive track record whose highlights amounted to a small handful of fluke mostly one-and-done NCAA Tourney seasons. I'll admit, I'm not up on who the hot men's D1 college basketball coaching prospects are in any given season. In fact, I think you raise a good question t
  4. Couldn't pay me enough to go watch this embarrassment of a team. Doesn't mean I won't inevitably wind up going to a game at some point in the next couple months, but damn.
  5. The buck stops with the people who hired him. They need to fix this, yesterday.
  6. You saw a good one. The Lady Bills are definitely getting it done for the most part, so far.
  7. If dishing it back when I receive it makes me a "troll," then I guess so be it.
  8. Completely agree with everything in the first post of this thread. No one could have said it better than:
  9. I realize you're just (poorly) trying to make a point, but the difference between what you're doing and what I did is that I was rudely lambasted and condescended to for sharing my opinion those years ago, whereas you would catch no flack for unironically stating the Billikens will not be going to the final four anytime soon because everyone pretty much accepts that at this point. On the other hand, for whatever reason, a number of people here were hilariously unwilling to accept the reality of the uninspiring nature of the Jim Crews hire, when he was hired. And, don't worry, the extent that
  10. "In a world where pointing out that the Billikens won't be good without a good coach makes one a ******, one man stands tall to speak the truth..."
  11. The most disappointing part is that it directly followed a high point for the program.
  12. In fact, my m.o. is pretty much the opposite of the Marquette guy, from what I can gather. I created this account and posted back when we started to become really good under Majerus. I never shared an exchange with the Marquette guy during that time, so I can only assume he wasn't really posting here much when we were good. I really only like to post here when the team is fun to watch. Honestly, I really only enjoy following the team when they are fun to watch. Once the Majerus players all graduated, I was pretty much done following the team. Now that the Bills suck again, it seems the Marqu
  13. Yup. But please for the love of God exhaust all "proven guy" avenues, first. Leave no stone unturned, no dollar unspent.
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