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  1. 19 hours ago, bauman said:

    The video posted today by Ankiel show just how out of line your comments are, writing off the young man based on a video you thinks disqualifies him from being a great addition to the Bills.  Wen shouldn't be writing a young man off before he even gets here.  Also, I guess this answers the question of do players, recruits and their families read Billikens.com. . 

    To add to my response, here is my quote:
    On 8/11/2022 at 1:04 PM, cgeldmacher said:  I like everything that I have seen of Vice with the exception of his foot speed.  He has offensive skills around the basket.  He can shoot.  He appears to be able to defend on the block.  However, if he can't stay with someone he's defending or get up and down the court at a college level pace, he may struggle.  We have seen it many times before out of young bigs.  It's the quickness, or lack thereof, that makes or breaks them.
    How can you read all the bolded stuff and interpret my overall comments as I am "writing off the young man based on a video you think disqualifies him from being a great addition to the Bills?"  That is next level disregard for the plain meaning of the English language.  Also, how exactly does seeing video of him on a football field show how quick his feet are on a basketball court.
    Regardless of your ridiculous comments, I remain optimistic about Brock and look forward to seeing him in a Billiken uniform.
  2. 18 hours ago, bauman said:

    The video posted today by Ankiel show just how out of line your comments are, writing off the young man based on a video you thinks disqualifies him from being a great addition to the Bills.  Wen shouldn't be writing a young man off before he even gets here.  Also, I guess this answers the question of do players, recruits and their families read Billikens.com. . 

    The phrases "the video I saw causes me concern about his foot speed" and I'm "writing off the young man based on a video" are very, very, very different comments.  Your take is irresponsible.  I'm excited about Vice and his potential to help out our team.  If the coaching staff thinks he's a good addition, I trust that.  That doesn't mean I cannot comment about something I see in a video that gives me some pause.

  3. 1 hour ago, Lord Elrond said:

    In my original post I limited it to players under 22 years old, which would eliminate Mr James.

    This would be aimed at those who tried pro ball and didn’t make it. There are a lot of those players out there. What is the logic of not letting them try college ball after not making it in the pro leagues? Right now, if you accept any pro money you are ineligible. What is the logic in that, especially in a world where NIL’s exist, and players are getting paid to play college ball (ok, it’s technically not pay for play, but if they weren’t playing don’t pretend they would still be getting those deals)? Why should accepting 1 dollar for playing as a pro make them ineligible for the NCAA?

    Also, you're argument seems to assume that basketball players who choose the pros first are somehow shut out of returning to college.  They are not.  They can attend college just like anyone else can.  You gave examples of kids that go into the Army or work a construction job.  Kids who try pro basketball have the same right to attend college as the Army kid or the construction kid.  What you seem to be suggesting is that they should be able to go for free, the Army kid and the construction kid are very different in that regard, despite shunning that opportunity when it was first presented to them.

    I'm a strong believer in the idea that kids should have options to go pro and avoid college.  They should also have the option to go to college and be an amateur.  For that system to work, they can't be given the option to do either whenever they choose.

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  4. On 9/17/2022 at 9:43 AM, thetorch said:

    There still aren't many NBA fans on the site so I figured I'd write something up about the Wizards and Goodwin's chances of making the NBA again.

    Goodwin signed an exhibit 10 contract with the Washington Wizards.  

    What is an Exhibit 10 Contract?  An Exhibit 10 contract is a one year non guaranteed minimum contract which gives an NBA team 2 options.  They can turn the contract into a 2 way contract, or they can release the player but designate him an affiliate player for their G league team.  The player would be then awarded a bonus up to 50k if he stays with the G League affiliate for 60 days.  So an Exhibit 10 contract allows teams to build their G League teams and entice players to stay in the G league with bonus money instead of going overseas for a higher salary.  Salary in the G League is about 26k, so a 50k bonus is pretty lucrative to a player who doesn’t want to go overseas.

    What is a 2 Way Contract? Teams can have 2 players on their roster signed to 2 way contracts, and are granted extra roster spots for them, so a team can have 17 roster positions instead of 15.  Player on 2 way contracts receive 75k per year while on the G League roster and can spend up to 45 days a season with an NBA team.  While with the NBA team the player is paid the NBA minimum salary by the day, so if the player spends the max amount with an NBA team they can make around 200k per year.  While not an ideal situation for all athletes this is the next step for players on an Exhibit 10 Contract.

    Wizards Roster Composition

    PG - Monte Morris (Acquired in Trade)

    PG/SG Delon Wright (Free Agent Signee)

    PG/SG - Jordan Goodwin (Exhibit 10)

    PG/SG - Davion Mintz (Exhibit 10)

    PG/SG - Quenton Jackson (Exhibit 10 Contract)

    SG - Bradley Beal

    SG - Corey Kispert

    SG - Johnny Davis (2022 1st Round Pick)

    SG - Jordan Schakel (2 Way Contract)

    SG/SF - Dani Avdija

    SG/SF - Will Barton (Acquired In Trade)

    SF - Kyle Kuzma

    SF/PF - Rui Hachimura

    PF - Isaiah Todd

    PF - Anthony Gill

    PF/C - Daniel Gafford

    C - Kristaps Porzingis

    C - Vernon Carey

    C - Taj Gibson (Free Agent)

    C - Makur Maker (Exhibit 10)

    Roster Outlook

    The Wizards roster is set with 15 players under contract.  Their big move in the offseason was acquiring Monte Morris & Will Barton from the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Kentavious Caldwell Pope & Ish Smith.  They also signed Delon Wright & Taj Gibson in Free Agency.

    The Wizards will be led by a hopeful big 3 of Bradley Beal, Kyle Kuzma & Kristaps Porzingis.  Beal has solidified himself as a top 20 NBA player and perennial All Star.  Kuzma has become a smooth 3 man and Porzingis when healthy can affect the game on both ends with his shooting, passing, and shot blocking.  These are all big IFs, Beal could still be moved, Kuzma has never been consistent and Porzingis is always hurt and has performed poorly when he isn’t the top option on the team.

    In the frontcourt the Wizards will look for Rui Hachimura to take a leap as their PF.  They have tried to shore up their interior toughness, defense and rebounding with teh signing of an aging Taj Gibson.  Daniel Gafford provides energy off the bench at the 4 & 5.Isaiah Todd, Vernon Carey & Anthony Gill will be deep options off the bench at the 4 & 5.

    In the backcourt Beal will hold down the 2 spot with recent draft picks Corey Kispert & Johnny Davis competing for backup minutes.  Kispert is poised for a breakout season while Davis had a disappointing summer league.  Kispert may see some time at the 3 as well.  At the wing Will Barton will be a nice utility player who can do everything pretty well.  He can play any guard spot and is a solid playmaker.  Dani Avigda had a standout performance in Euro play this summer and is the best perimeter defender on the team.  Kuzma will hold down this position but with all the versatility in the backcourt the Wizards may go small a lot and play him at the 4.  The Wizards have several options at PG.  Monte Morris was the point guard for the Nuggets, though he was always a secondary playmaker to Jokic.  He shoots well and is efficient with few TOs.  It remains to be seen how he operates without the greatest big man passer in history.  Wright will back him up, he was seen as a steal in FA, he’s never played a lot but has good analytics and again doesn’t turn the ball over.  Expect to see Barton play his fair share at the 1 as well.  2 way player Jordan Schakel is another combo guard who can fill in at the PG but is mostly a specialty outside shooter.

    The Wizards hope for a playoff berth this season but with their logjam in the perimeter they may make a move to consolidate some of the players.  Kispert, Hachimura, Avdija are possibilities for trades if they underperform or just can’t get into the rotation.  The addition of Morris, Barton, & Wright will bolster their playmaking and lower TOs.  Defense is still a big question mark though.  Wright, Avdija, Gafford are the strongest defenders but they are all buried on the depth chart.  The Wizards top 8 only has Gibson as an elite defender and at his age he can’t anchor a defense.  Rebounding will once again be a problem.  Even Gibson has never been known as a strong rebounder.  

    Goodwin’s Fit

    Goodwin is in a similar situation as last season.  His skill set brings some things to the table for the Wizards.  If on the roster he would be their strongest defender at the 1 or 2 and maybe the best rebounder on the team as well.  He proved in the G league that he can shoot well enough to keep defenses honest and his athleticism holds up at this level.

    His direct competitors for the 2 way contract are

    Quenton Jackson - 5th year PG/SG out of Texas A&M.  A high level scorer.  He finishes at the rim and at the line.  Not a great 3 point shooter.  Was a PG on A&M but projects as a combo guard at the next level.  Was a projected late 2nd rounder who fell out of the draft.  Not a star defensively bit more than adequate.  Will be Goodwin’s biggest challenger. At 6’5 he has + size for his position.

    Davion Mintz - 6th year PG out of UK by way of Creighton.  Mintz is an all around player with no outsize skills.  His shooting is his best attribute.  He is only an average PG as far as passing and handling goes.  His defense is not NBA level and he was known to float through games without much of a motor.  Looks like G League fodder and not much of a contender to make the team.

    Makur Maker - 6’11 big who play for the Sydney Kings after spending his freshman year at Howard mostly injured.  Polished low post moves and a good mid range shooter, he is a traditional big man.  Doesn’t have 3 point range.  Solid rebounder but needs more effort on defense and is not a good shot blocker.  He has the most NBA potential of the 3 Exhibit 10 signees but his skillset and position aren’t in demand around the league.

    I think competition will be high for this spot.  Jackson and Maker are real talents and both could fit in on an NBA roster.  Also most teams end up filling one of the 2 way contracts with FAs let go by other teams that they identified in the draft or summer league, although the Wizards have not done much of this in the past.

    Several factors line up in Goodwin’s favor.  The Wizards brought him back for a 2nd Exhibit 10 contract.  This does not happen often.  Makes me think the Wizards favor Goodwin in a role on this team.  Goodwin’s skill set continues to fit in with the team more than his competition.  The Wizards love combo guards along with backcourt players who can play guard multiple positions to make up for the poor defense of Kuzma and Beal on the outside.  Goodwin could easily plug in to the role of Morris, Wright or Barton ie a primary ballhandler who can guard all the 3 wing positions.  Goodwin also addresses multiple team needs.  The Wizards still will struggle on the boards, a strength of Goodwin’s and they lack perimeter defenders, really only Wright & Avdija are + defenders on the wing.  The rest of the roster on the outside is really bad defensively.

    In conclusion the Wizards spent all of last season evaluating Goodwin at the G League and NBA level.  He proved himself as a high level performer.  Bringing him back on another Exhibit 10 shows they believe he can contribute on the NBA level for them.  He should go into camp as the clear favorite to win a 2 way player contract.

    Wizards camp starts September 24th.

    It would seem to me that the sales pitch for Jordan is that he is the perfect sub to bring in late in a game that an NBA team is winning.  If an NBA team is up by 10 with two minutes left, or up by 4 with 30 second left, what kind of player do they want on the court?  Then answer is one that is proficient at defense and rebounding.  That's Jordan.  I would equate this idea to a defensive replacement toward the end of a baseball game.  The problem with the Wizards is that they aren't often winning at the end of their games.

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  5. 23 hours ago, RUBillsFan said:

    If I'm remembering correctly that path likely means Thatch would finish his 2nd major this academic year and likely not return to the team for his 6th year of eligibility.  I seem to recall it being a choice of 2nd major & play 1 more year or go for his doctorate and play 2 more years.  If accurate, the path he's on doesn't necessarily preclude a return, but makes it much less likely than if he was going for his doctorate.  MBMs please correct me if I'm wrong here.

    He can always start going after his doctorate next season and not finish it if he so chooses.  It is not the completion of a program that determines eligibility, its just being in a program.

  6. 23 hours ago, Compton said:

    It's under 1/2 mile to campus and under 1 mile to Rose Hill gym. Because of the limited car access to campus it'd take about as long to take a taxi as walking.

    When we went, the gates allowing entry to the campus that would make it a 1/2 mile walk were closed and locked.  We had to walk to the main entrance which was a little over a half mile away, and then walk about another 1/2 mile through campus to get to Rose Hill.

  7. Someone needs to explain this whole endowment thing to me.  Schools build up these massive endowments that they never touch or use to improve the school in any way.  Yet, somehow the size of a school's endowment is factored into how good the school is in the rankings.  Why?  I feel like there is part of the equation I am not seeing.

  8. On 9/8/2022 at 4:22 PM, Cowboy II said:

    -just a guess, all the schools send dates their gyms are available, the A10 does the schedule according to availability, I wonder what input the schools have, other than availability, on the schedule? Frank, please ask this of CFord 

    -how much different is travel to a Friday night game versus a Saturday noon ET game?

    -someone, the league or ESPN, said we want SLU on the Friday Night Showcase so it appears that's where 2 Saturday's got shifted to Friday, because we are thought to be good

    -fly nonstop to Logan and make the drive and it will be less time to Mohegan Sun than connecting to Prov or Hartford

    I have a large group that I draw from of SLU grads that travel to a game every year.  Friday night games are much harder to get guys to.  My group often has guys who fly in or drive in on Friday night.  Same is true for Sunday games.  Many of my guys leave early Sunday morning.

  9. 15 hours ago, thetorch said:

    Looking for that blue and white checkered suit that loudmouth used to sell.  If I'm going to Loyola & Dayton this season I need to be dressed in style.

    Let me know if you find it.  I want one too.

  10. 20 hours ago, Cowboy II said:

    -looking at the ,pdf version on SLU's site I count 6 Saturday games, 1/3 of the games, one more than was on last year's schedule, did I miss a blue font?

    I was, in general, referring to games that could be used for a road trip. As Billiken Booster pointed out, we have nine conference road games.  Only 2 of the 9 are on Saturdays.  One of those two is on New Years Eve.  Most people don't want to be out of town on NYE.  The others are 3 Tuesday games, 2 Wednesday games, and 2 Friday games.

    As far as non-conference schedule, we have 3 times where we are away from Chaifetz.  They are Auburn (9 1/2 hour drive from STL) on a Sunday, Iona on a Tuesday, and the Mohegan Sun Tournament on the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving.  The weekend before Thanksgiving in tough since many people travel for Thanksgiving already.  Also, the Mohegan Sun arena is an hour from Providence and 45 minutes from Hartford.  Not exactly easy to get to.

    So, the only Saturday game on the entire schedule that might be reasonable to travel to is the January 14, GW game.

    I will concede that we have 7 home games on Saturdays.  Seems to me that we are making it much easier on our opponents fans to travel to Chaifetz than they are making it on us to travel to their arenas.

  11. 17 hours ago, Taj79 said:

    Where is the annual cgeldemacher trip going to be?

    Looks like I got 'for sures' to Maryland and the second game, St. Joe's, George Washington and Dayton.  Up in the air on Iona, Fordham and Richmond.  Have some free Southwest tickets .... thinking of saving those for the First Round location this year.  I can drive to Greensboro, Albany and Columbus  but will require flights if they go elsewhere.


    Looks like it will be February 10 at Dayton.  Don't like that since we've done that 3 times already, but I had conflicts with the other two options which were GW and Davidson.

  12. On 9/5/2022 at 11:57 AM, 3star_recruit said:

    Player poaching is the major issue with the NIL.  It appears that high school recruiting will remain business as usual -- 2 and 3 star recruits will continue to go to mid majors, borderline 4 stars and above will continue go to high majors.

    True, but the difference in high school recruiting will come with the occasional 4 or 5 star that we may have had a shot with.  Under this system, we are not going to get a Larry Hughes, Sr. anymore.  We are not going to have a shot to get a Jayson Tatum anymore.  The NIL dollars will be so different between us and the alternative blue blood school that the kid will not be able to reasonably includes us as a choice.

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  13. On 8/26/2022 at 1:02 PM, BilliesBy40 said:

    This is why I think people are looking at NIL through the wrong lens when they say non-power schools won't be able to keep up with power conferences. Most of the big-time schools were already paying players. 

    They did, but that was the under the table stuff by a few boosters.  Those same schools have a lot more crazy boosters that will be willing to spend money on bringing in players that were not willing to do the dufflebag full of cash type stuff.  That's the difference.  Making it legal is opening up a lot more money than the system before did.

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