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  1. 20 minutes ago, TheA_Bomb said:

    Partially right. My mindset is that Ford is who he is as shown over 27 years of HC experience. It's played out here as it has at his previous stops.  So we need to go a different direction.  I recognize that we may not have the funds. May is to blame for us being stuck. May has also been unable to position SLU to take advantage of the changing landscape. So I think he should be fired. We should have the funds to make that change. 

    I'm not guaranteeing the next hire will win.  I just want to try something different.  We're banging our head against a wall.

    The problem is that we will be banging your head against the wall even with a new coach.  Also, just like potential players, the first question potential new coaches are going to ask is about our NIL money.  It’s not a coincidence that the entire A-10 is currently down. Free agency is crushing the A-10. Do you really think that SLU and Dayton and VCU and all the other A-10 schools just happened to all be down at the same time and there’s no overlying reason behind it? As someone else mentioned, Alabama will probably fall off. So will Gonzaga. Then, schools like Texas will start winning every year.  If that’s what you’re interested in, congratulations on being an advocate for NIL and free transfers.  Student athletes were content for over 100 years in receiving a scholarship and room and board.  And yes, now that they’re being paid, it is ruining college sports and our program.

  2. I find it interesting that there are some on this board that argued in favor of free transfers and NIL money for student athletes and either did not care or could not see what those two things would do to college sports, the SLU men's basketball program, the A-10, etc.  Supporting free transfers and NIL and supporting the Billikens ARE mutually exclusive concepts.  You cannot be both without acknowledging the competing interests at work.  Being pro NIL and free transfer is equivalent to being against our program.

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  3. Every time I watch Jordan play, I scream in my head "remember what got you there."  Now that he seems comfortable in The League, he seems to want to be like everyone else.  He plays like he wants to be a guy who drains 3s and hits pull up jumpers.  I wish he would just be the junkyard dog that got him to where he is instead of wanting to be a star.  If he just gets rebounds, steals, and assists in bunches, he'll stick around.  Just my take on why he's losing minutes.

  4. It's a nice thought, but I don't think the Billikens can make that call.  Like HoosierPal posted above, the injury has to be considered "season ending."  A broken foot is not usually considered season ending unless it requires surgery.

  5. 7 minutes ago, gobillsgo said:

    When I see the same things still happening that we have seen for 7+ years under Ford, I have to laugh so I don’t cry.   If you don’t think it’s laughable, that’s fine.  You’re welcome to your opinion.  But we’ve seen what this program is capable of with the right leader.  We are so so far from that… we haven’t beaten a ranked team EVER under Ford.  Fan pressure is one of the main things that drives decision making in college sports.  I won’t sit by and bite my tongue in order to not offend a few people with my wording. 

    I get it, but don't attack those that, for the most part, agree with you just because they don't choose to use that sort of verbiage in the hopes that some decision maker reads this board.  I am not happy with where the program is.  However, I don't think this program is a laughing stock.  Go ahead and be upset. Go ahead and be over the top.  You're a fan and passionate about the Billikens.  Have at it.  My issue is with those that think they need to direct their ire at other Billiken fans that are just as upset about the state of the program, but not just not losing their heads about it.

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  6. 13 minutes ago, gobillsgo said:

    How many of those other 200 Division 1 programs have our facilities or pay their coach what we pay?   We have been completely non-competitive in our last two games agains mediocre/average at best teams.  The final scores were not close to being indicative of how comfortable those games were for our opponents.  But hey, feel free to keep your head in the sand about the direction of this program. 

    See, this is where this board always goes awry.  I think Billiken Roy and other similar posters, myself included, would all say that this team is disappointing and underachieving given the investment in the program.  We also agree that changes are probably coming.  Please take a second for that to digest.  Yes, we agree.  We don't have our heads in the sand.

    However, if you are not of the opinion that this team is a "laughing stock" a certain segment of this board melts down.  "How dare you think this team is just disappointing and underachieving.  If you you don't agree with me that this team should be labeled a laughing stock, you are an idiot, sir."

    Roy's issue was not with the assessment of the team or the program.  His issue is with the hyperbole that gets crammed down this board's throat after every loss.  It really gets annoying.  Please understand that we see the same things that you are seeing.

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  7. 19 hours ago, billikenfan05 said:

    May hit the lottery with Rebecca Tillet, a coach on the come up. It's a lot easier to do that in sports that aren't Men's Basketball. If/when Travis is let go, May might have to sack up and gamble on an up and comer. Although I'd love to get a guy that's already a name.

    I don't disagree with that idea.  I think that is the route we will have to go.  My issue is with all the guys on the board expecting that we would bring in a big name.

  8. 1 hour ago, Billiken Rich said:

    I thought the problem was not having high enough expectations and being willing to settle for mediocrity.  Unfortunately, you cant just declare your high expectations ala Michael Scott and have it mean anything.....  

    I like the idea of having high expectations and working to achieve those, but that has nothing to do with what an outside coach will do.  If the worst team in Division 1 and all of its fans all say that have the highest expectations, that doesn't mean a good coach will go there, just because they decide they have high expectations.  A person can say that the Billikens have high expectations for the program and should have high expectations for the program, and, at the same time, say that a good coach will not come here, and both of those statements can be true.

  9. 20 hours ago, BrettJollyComedyHour said:

    Should we though? Sometimes, I doubt it.

    That's part of the problem.  Many folks have unreasonable expectations about what coaches would come here, and think that just because they say that we're having high expectations this means a big name coach will be willing sign with us.

  10. 2 hours ago, JMM28 said:

    I'd need to see Tatum work his way up to SLU. Name the last successful first time head coach with zero college coaching experience? Most of the guys that have landed jobs like that are former NBA stars that also spent time coaching in the NBA. 

    Rich Grawer.  Not disagreeing with your point, but Grawer coached us through some good years with Bonner, Douglass, Gray, etc.

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