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  1. Presently I am long $200 of Has over at 40.05%. Bets will be settled with my fellow seatmates in legal tender as they have my cash from last year and I want it back. However, I would be willing to discuss taking the obvious comp that is coming my way in Billiken cookie dough. Although it goes without saying that it depends upon the final name chosen for the presently unnamed dough.
  2. Thanks to all who offered input. Today is Christmas, spring training and New Years resolution all rolled into one as we get our first look at our Bills. Given my enthusiasm and total belief in Has my first thought is to set the bar for the year at 52.5%. I firmly believe and can see it in my mind that he is knocking down 1 and 1's on the way to the Sweet 16 in Indy. However as a grad of the SLU Biz school where I took stats and probabilities I understand basic math. Although past performance is not an indication of future results you are what you are after 3 years typically. I have
  3. Last year I shot my mouth off that I though Has would improve at the line. Lead to a bet with my fellow ticket holders as to his % for the year. Cost me $ as we settle on 45% and I was never a contender. What does the board feel would be a fair number for the 20/21 season?
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