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  1. wow, I opened this thing up and I thought it was serious... an MIP? please.
  2. I would assume they have someone already ready to go this late in the game...
  3. Whoever runs that twitter seems to love SLU.
  4. yeaaa SMU and IU are superior schools in most every category (academic, alumni, pedigree)
  5. Once again, Mizzou is too scared. Frank Cusumano ✔ @Frank_Cusumano We sat down with Travis Ford today. SLU really tried to make that Mizzou game happen this season.
  6. So may be we are jumping the gun here? Or is this a done deal
  7. Ill take that all day.
  8. Sure... got to get every University/College some form of 'ranking' for marketing purposes. Im not sure what you consider a good school... I personally do not believe that just having a pulse entitles you to being a good school and I think most would agree.
  9. Mmmm... I wasn't aware that a school with an 82% acceptance rating and unranked nationally is strong academically, but to each their own.
  10. Im confused... since when does the like of Evansville, Illinois State, SIU, Missouri State, Valpo have 'strong academics'?
  11. I dont think Tilmon knows where he is going
  12. SLU to MVC confirmed
  13. Supposedly we never gave PIckett an offer
  14. Whats the point of even fielding a team? Lets dissolve the program IMO. I hear SLU can't even schedule games because Chaifetz is so busy.