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  1. LOL Who is your coach? Mike Boynton? Who?
  2. He is staying at Winthrop... Weird.
  3. Can Willie Reed come back to College and play the 5 for us? Does that count in my dream scenario?
  4. Oh thats true. Good point!
  5. Soooo.......... is Tillmon coming to SLU!?
  6. People on this board have terrible reading comprehension. Hmm. Our top ranked recruit in the class of 2017 has explicitly said otherwise. Was Goodwin lying about that? Sounds like For Da Love thinks Goodwin came here simply because he saw Jett and Mitchell and would have come here with Crews at the helm instead of Ford. Like I said.. I would put my life savings on it that Goodwin would not be here if Crewsplatt was here.
  7. I think we all agree For Da Love is wrong. Kids come for the coaches more then anything else. Thats why you have so much talk about a recruiting class sticking together once a coach is fired or hired elsewhere. Goodwin would not be here if it was not for Ford. Tatum was never going to come here to play for Crews. Both can 'want to help the City' all they can... but like we saw with Tatum, Coach K is a lot more interesting then Crewsplatt.
  8. Wait... are you telling me that if we had Crews Goodwin would still be coming here? Please...
  9. LOL @ the posters saying Glory implied that Zeke was leaving because his number was taken. Some people on this board are such a joke. Glorydays was absolutely right on this.
  10. Jesus... this is the new "SLU should be in the Valley" talk
  11. We have this guy named Arron Hines... whats all the worry about?
  12. And if that is the case then we can hire walker since per above you can only have 3 assistants active in recruiting
  13. Illinois board seem pretty stoked about it to me.
  14. OSU board blaming OSU AD being gunyshy on paying Underwood cuase of Ford Supposedly OSU AD only learned of underwood leaving through Twitter heh.
  15. hahaha... woww....