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  1. I just hope our players in waiting aren't rethinking their choice...
  2. I bet Crews had to be stoked to get canned last year. This team is a disaster.
  3. Yup... that worked.
  4. Exactly. We can't handle a zone how are we going to play man to man
  5. Good foul
  6. What??? Did Majerus ever run anything other then man to man?! And you want to take coaching tips from Jim Crews? We dont have the guys to run man all night against K state unless we want to lose by 60
  7. We were in a man for the last 5 mins of the first half.... That didnt work. We dont have the guys in quality or quantity to run a man.
  8. We are gonna lose by 40
  9. That is unfortunate
  10. Well, not even Gus Phillips could take this show
  11. No basket for the bills in the last 5 mins... nice
  12. This is bad.
  13. Same people on this board that are already writing off our freshmen and sophmores were the same people who were writing off and constantly calling for the heads of JJ, Loe, and mccal. Just remember that.
  14. God if I was a star recruit, I would just troll away on twitter. Be The Don of twitter recruits. Have 50 year old men hanging on to every emoji I tweet. lol.
  15. Maybe the presser for Illinoi$ tomorrow is to say they are switching directions and moving away from groce now that he lost two studs to Slu. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻