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  1. He peaked that high, but it was early in his HS career. Definitely fell off a bit towards the end. Regardless of rankings, he's a proven shooter and scorer from a strong conference. I'll take his collegiate performance as an indication that he can contribute to a good team.
  2. Individual rankings are definitely a bit hard to pin down as there is little consistency outside of the top 75ish. Do note that I got the Jalen Johnson ranking from our team page on verbal commits, not from the player list, so unless VC got them mixed up somewhere that should be accurate.
  3. Don't forget Jalen! According to Verbal Commits he had a composite rank of 144.
  4. I think this is important: Goodwin and French will not have to change their bodies to be successful at the next level. That is a potentially major hurdle they have already cleared.
  5. http://www.courtsidefilms.com/news_article/show/657595?referrer_id=1473345 In case anyone has forgotten what a werewolf this guy is. Welcome to SLU!
  6. Much appreciated, Steve
  7. That team should be dancing
  8. Yes. Tempo is (usually) calculated based on number of possessions per game, so turnovers and transition do factor in.
  9. Very interesting, and thanks for checking. Every time his team was in the top-half nationally in terms of tempo, they were in the top-26 on Pomeroy. Whenever they were slower than average, his teams were worse. Wonder what is driving the correlation here; it is actually a good idea to play more slowly with less talented teams in order to increase the amount that randomness affects the outcome (more variability in possible outcomes with smaller sample sizes). I wonder if he is that stats savvy, or if it is more along the lines of 'well, we aren't good, so let's make sure the players do the things we want them to and learn something', leading to more rigidity, less freedom, and a slower pace. Or something else entirely. Whatever the reasoning, hopefully he can get to that level of tempo and performance again here.
  10. How did Ford's teams do in terms of record when they were playing high vs low tempo? He seems to be somewhat flexible, but I'm curious what has brought him success in the past...
  11. As with Pistol, I think 13 is on the right track. Neufeld and Gillmann need to step up. Otherwise, we might see more Reggie at the 5, with Johnson shifting to play more 4 than 3. I think Welmer will begin the season as Reggie's back up at the 4. Of the bench guys, Johnson will likely get the most minutes by virtue of his versatility. He's skilled enough to play on the wing and long enough for the post. Him, Welmer, and Neufeld will be the players most worth watching closely, as we still don't know who will pair with Foreman moving forward. Ideally it's Welmer or Neufeld so that Johnson can be a mismatch and scoring option off the bench.
  12. If you follow saintlouismbb on Snapchat, they had some stuff from the event. Looked like a fun atmosphere.
  13. Yeah, really hoping that a few of the underclassmen step up. You're dead on with what needs to happen for us to be good in 17/18. Regarding your first point on Bishop, even though he was an All-Rookie selection, he needs to become a lot more efficient to contribute to a tourney team. I think it was pretty clear that he is very skilled, but inconsistent - which is totally acceptable for a freshman on a not so good team, but we will need more from him as expectations increase.
  14. I'll take this player any day: http://www.courtsidefilms.com/news_article/show/657595?referrer_id=
  15. Just looking back in this thread indicates that Ford re-issued the offer to Watson at the beginning of August (the post is from 8/6). The obvious priority for most of the summer was Goodwin, so it makes sense that we were at every Eagles game and probably missed some of Watson's. You're the first one I've heard complaining about Watson's recruitment, as he seems to be just about the top priority for '18. It's unclear if Ramey has ever expressed enough interest to be worth pursuing.