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  1. Looks to have a clean stroke, and kind of has that Roby-esque leg action that draws fouls on jumpers. Also seems reasonably athletic and like he has good court awareness. A solid combo-guard prospect.
  2. Are you talking about Dennis Smith, Jr.? Because he's a one-and-done and probably a top 5 pick, so he's definitely not transferring.
  3. He's going to get a big next contract if he stays healthy. Great to see him doing well. Would love to see Ford get him involved on campus.
  4. While what you said was true in the past, within the past five or so years, the top-tier clubs require their players to only play for them (regardless of how good/bad their high school team is). It was a joint initiative between MLS and the USSF to get high school age kids in a more European/Pro-style environment, as the commitment is essentially year round. In STL, that means kids who play for SLSG (I think that is what they currently go by) can not play for their HS, period. This is true for something like 75-100 Developmental Academies, as recognized by USSF. And each MLS club has indirect control over players from within their "footprint", which is why a guy like Josh Sargent, who plays for SLSG, qualifies for a homegrown contract with Kansas City.
  5. https://theringer.com/college-basketball-power-rankings-oregon-wisconsin-7323afbe6a5b?source=linkShare-fbbcc0d7697c-1486746711 Mark Titus gives us a mention in his power rankings article. I commented to answer a couple of the questions he asked at the end.
  6. http://www.sbnation.com/2017/2/8/14557002/saint-louis-loses-to-st-bonaventure-then-gets-left-at-arena-by-team-bus-driver
  7. Hot shooting! I genuinely enjoy watching this team.
  8. Back on topic, the team has definitely gotten better as the season has moved along. And this is happening even with major injury problems. Definitely reasons for optimism moving forward.
  9. He had to get some tape because he was bleeding at one point...not hamstring related, unless there was another time that I missed.
  10. Really fun to see these guys play so hard and continue improving. A genuinely good game, too. Love that the transfers and bench guys were so excited by the win, good to see that they're invested.
  11. He has definitely improved, yes. He's gone 16:9 over the past five games, which is solid if not spectacular. My concern with him lies primarily with his lack of athleticism and corresponding poor defensive ability. Even if he can take care of the ball better, I just don't see him as anything but a liability on a team that hopes to reach the NCAAs.
  12. Hines still has a 1:1 turnover ratio, which is not good. Just because he is our only healthy point guard does not mean that he is a good basketball player. He's been invaluable to this year's team, but if he continues to have a role next year, our team is not Dancing. Keeping him around would be a very minor priority if I were Ford.
  13. Great post. French and Foreman actually seem to have jumpers, but not quite 3pt range. Both would be complemented nicely by Welmer. I think Johnson and Bess will end up playing the 4 as well, and we know Johnson has a respectable stroke. One would think the offense will be more effective with 3 shooters out there, so I anticipate clever rotations to make sure that happens. I'd guess Welmer and Johnson rotate and then Foreman and French man the other post spot, occasionally playing together with a shooter-heavy backcourt (e.g., Graves-Henriquez-Roby).
  14. Why is our walk-on the primary option in crunch time? Roby? Crawford? Anyone?
  15. Crawford struggling, but had two big plays to keep us in control.