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  1. I don't have confirmation, was just told by someone who would know
  2. Sounds like Tanner is headed to UNLV as a Graduate Assistant; a demotion, but to a solid program.
  3. http://m.palmbeachpost.com/news/sports/basketball/heat-fill-out-roster-with-flurry-of-signings/nrwYc/ This article indicates that year two is a player option, which is a very good deal. A tad surprised he didn't go somewhere with a more obvious route to playing time, but he did play with them last summer, so maybe there's an extra level of comfort in Miami. Hoping for the best! Congrats, Willie.
  4. Some say that Klinsmann was unhappy that he didn't go to Werder Bremen after Klinsmann got him a workout with them. Honestly, Morris had a rough start to the year while Wondo was on fire, although Morris has turned it up of late. Add that to Klinsmann's preference for veteran players, and there you have it. Morris would've been a perfect back-up for Wood's position. Wondo, well...
  5. I kind of disagree with this. Last year in the Confederations Cup playoff (I think they called it the CONCACAF Cup), Mexico thoroughly outplayed us and we bunkered most of the game. The final scoreline flattered our performance. Against Germany, we registered zero shots on goal and Belgium dominated the run of play - Tim Howard had to have a record breaking game in goal for us to have a shot. In competitive games against these teams (and add Argentina to the mix, a game in which we had zero shots), we play more scared than ever and sat back to absorb pressure without attempting to possess, and without a threatening counter attack - we at least had the latter in such games under Arena and Bradley. We played better vs Mexico and Germany in '02 than we have in meaningful games under Klinsmann. We played better vs Spain and Brazil in '09. England in '10. Top that off with our worst loss (vs Guatemala) and lowest FIFA ranking since the 80's earlier this year and I think it's impossible to argue that Klinsmann has taken us to new heights. He's maintained our level of results while adopting an inferiority complex against strong opposition.
  6. The U-23's failed to make the Olympics for the second time in a row, which is not good, especially after Klinsmann highlighted it as a top priority. U-20's looked pretty good last summer at the World Cup (in spite of Tab Ramos) before losing in the quarterfinal to the eventual champ on PK's. U-17's performed terribly at the WC and didn't make it out of their group last summer with Pulisic as captain, despite looking like world beaters the previous year and having quite a bit of talent - Richie Williams lost his job as coach after that, which was a long time coming. Overall, we have more talent in our program than ever before, but they are spread out all over the world and haven't always come together at tournaments that well. Combined with mediocre to bad coaching, we have under-performed relative to our talent level in youth competitions for the past few years (dating back to 2011, really).
  7. He had a mixed loan spell with Rangers in Scotland. It's tough to see a clear path for him to playing time at Arsenal, so it depends on how the next couple of loans go. Still has plenty of promise.
  8. His cousin is not as good, there are better guys in his age group for the US. Keepers develop later, so it's hard to predict this young, though. Horvath and Hamid are the most likely to step in post-Guzan based on what we know now.
  9. As Skip notes, winning was certainly unlikely under any circumstance. But we lost in a pretty terrible way. Coming into this game, we were 2-4 all-time vs top-ranked ELO teams. We had never lost by more than one goal. Those previous American teams were also outclassed, but played together in a way that gave us a chance. We didn't even register a shot, the first time that has happened since good records exist. Even when considering the relative ability of the opponent, this was an historically bad loss.
  10. Skip, you are dead on. We abandoned the flexible shape that we used all tournament and replaced two of our faster players with Beckerman and Wondo. This team was set up to bunker with no chance to counter. The game was over before it began.
  11. Appreciate the info! Also, I believe you asked about other food options in Austin. Another fun, rather unique place was called Chilantro. They're like a Mexican-Asian fusion place. I went to their food truck, but I believe they have a permanent location as well. Definitely worth checking out as a foodie. The food truck scene down there is phenomenal. Edit: Also the turkey at La BBQ.
  12. Just to add my two cents here, A_Bomb is dead on with La BBQ. Best brisket I've ever had, hands down. Was able to get some Franklin from a friend who picked a bunch up before the rest of our group got into town (he waited 3+ hours), and I preferred La BBQ. But the Franklin had been sitting out a while, so there's that caveat. Pappy's pulled pork is my favorite, and I prefer the ribs at Bogart's. As others have said, Adam's has great sausages and I really enjoy the other more experimental things they try on a day-to-day basis. A friend of mine used to cook there and they always had something fun to try out. He's actually opening up (has opened?) a place called The Stellar Hog. If I were in town still, I'd have checked it out, but it's at least worth a try.
  13. Excellent news!
  14. Awesome, thanks for reporting
  15. Really like this layout, especially on mobile! Thanks again for all you do, Steve.