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  1. Seattle and Detroit will certainly be at home. And I think the Houston game is at home this year as well.
  2. I hope you're correct! He's never been seen or performed as a shooter in the past, however, so I also hope you recognize why others may not share your perspective.
  3. Those of us with Roby in the starting five over Bess may not be saying what you think we're saying. I think Bess is likely a better player. However, he's a bit of a tweener - he will need to be accommodated in the rotation so that he's out there with other guys who can shoot (like when Johnson/Welmer are one of the bigs). Sometimes your best five don't start the game, rather you shift around your rotation to make sure everyone is put in the spot where they are most likely to succeed. During our breakout year with Majerus, this is partly why Jett and Ellis came off the bench together - in order to maintain our spacing, those two guys complemented one another nicely. Surely, as a coach, you know these things.
  4. Gordon is now on Team Penny as well, though...
  5. Seriously though
  6. Huh, when I have seen them both side-by-side, Watson looks a couple inches taller. Watson is definitely more wiry. Thatch - much like French, Goodwin, and Gordon - seems to have a man's body already.
  7. I really like Thatch, but Watson seems to be more athletic, a better shooter, and has better size. Watson also seems to be getting more love from the ranking services.
  8. I like that lineup you throw out at the end. Crazy length and athleticism, three dependable shooters, multiple ball-handlers - very nice.
  9. That's my hope for him as well! Add Tatum to Bledsoe and Booker, and that's a downright scary set of scorers.
  10. I'll reiterate, Welmer was our best player/minute by every advanced metric last year. He also passed the eye test, scoring in the post rather well (if infrequently), and demonstrating an excellent outside shot for a big - Ellis had one season with better three-point shooting, Loe had none. Interestingly, a lot of his value came on the defensive end, which we started to see in the box score towards the end of the year when he was getting more blocks. He adds a dimension that no one else on the team does, and is all the more important when two of our better guards (Bess and Goodwin) are not expected to be significant outside threats. If healthy - a big if - I don't know how you can keep him off the floor. My rub on Foreman is that he was never very efficient offensively (46.3% is not a good shooting percentage for a big who plays inside), and measures out as a solid, if not spectacular, defender and rebounder. But putting Bess as one of our two bigs, as Skip notes, may be useful when trying to create match-up problems, but would be a red-flag if it became our bread and butter. It would mean that French isn't as ready as we hope, Welmer and Foreman have struggles coming back from injury, Johnson hasn't improved, and Anthony can't handle minutes. Or that Bess is an all-conference first teamer (a la Dwayne Evans), I guess.
  11. In line with your thinking, he seems to be moving back up the boards ever since the season ended. People are realizing that the crazy season at Duke didn't really make him look as good as he actually is.
  12. As you noticed, it had something to do with rotations, and the fact that we are weak at the 5 spot. Honestly, I expect more from Welmer than Foreman, I just am concerned about his durability, and would hope that the staff is too. Bess will probably end up being more valuable than Foreman, Bess just plays a position where we have more depth.
  13. Honestly, I wouldn't be overly surprised if he starts either! Johnson came on strong at the end of the year, we just have a sort of logjam at the 3/4. He needs to become more productive and consistent in order to beat out our other solid options at his position, in my mind.
  14. Echoing what others have said, I just don't see Bess as a 4. I could be completely wrong, but it seems like we'll need him more on the wing, unless both Welmer and Foreman struggle to come back. Glad to to see other opinions, and optimism with regard to other players. I'm excited to see how these guys all come together as a (hopefully) successful team. Edit: Should say I don't think we will do as well if most of Bess's minutes are at the 4.
  15. Roby definitely improved as a scorer last year, and I agree that Johnson made a lot of progress. I just don't think that they're better than Bess/Henriquez/Goodwin. The context of my reply was talking about who would get more PT, and if it turns out that Roby and Johnson (and Bishop) are leading the way, then we probably aren't an NCAA team.