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  1. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    I'm in again for this year...
  2. Damn. Would there be an appropriate way for the SLU fan community to reach out in some way?
  3. Recruiting - 2021

    Love that we're working this East Coast connection, and offering a guy like this with a high-ceiling early. PSA and NEPSAC consistently put out top quality players. Is this Macon's territory?
  4. Yeah, I'm not going to throw opinions around until we know more... Thank you, Glorydays and others, for sharing this info at the very least. Might want to hold off on the judgment (in either direction) until things clear up a bit, however. Also, I'm still impressed by our collective restraint in naming names thus far. Keep up the good work, and let's see what the investigations find out.
  5. 2017-2018 Season Prediction thread

    I'm not going to post names publicly on this message board until after they are named by law enforcement or the University. The info is floating around elsewhere, anyway.
  6. 2017-2018 Season Prediction thread

    Yeah, I had seen a text message about the allegations that named players yesterday afternoon. Really don't know what to think at this stage.
  7. OT: Midtown Development

    A high school friend of mine opened up the Stellar Hog, and it's quite good. He worked at Adam's for a bit before setting off on his own. It's got a real "third place" neighborhood pub kind of vibe. His brisket is outstanding, and they do a cheesy pork fries dish that is basically Americanized poutine.
  8. 2017-2018 Season Prediction thread

    Optimistically... Non-Conference: SEATTLE W ROCKHURST W n-V-TECH W n-PROV L DETROIT W W-MICH W @BUTLER L SIU W HOUSTON W MURRAY ST L @OSU L CAMP W SEMO W Non-Conference Record: 9-4 Conference: @LAS W @DAV L RICH W URI L @GMU W DUQ W @UMASS W VCU W DAY W @SJU L FORD W @SBU L LAS W @RICH L @DAY L GW W @DUQ W SBU W Conference Record: 12-6 A10 Tourney: 2-1 NCAA: 2-1 (First Four Win, make it to the round of 32) Overall: 27-12
  9. The lack of institutional support for research was one of the reasons my faculty advisor left SLU almost five years ago. Glad to see the new administration is being proactive here, as it will only help SLU hang on to excellent faculty and attract new hires. I hope they also figure out a more competitive stipend system for grad students in a range of departments - being able to attract great grad students is a major factor in retaining and attracting high-achieving faculty.
  10. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    In no way did he ever openly defy the law of the land. I am assuming you are referring to his message regarding DACA. He was very clear in saying that "We will take every action within the law to protect all members of our community" and that " SLU will not allow access by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to student records information (including immigration status) without a subpoena or other legal requirements." He is very clear in saying that SLU will support students impacted by this to the degree that is allowed by law. The law does not say that a university can't educate someone who is a DACA recipient, or not a DACA recipient for that matter. Yeah, if ICE or someone else shows up and demands student records through legal channels, I'm sure that SLU would cooperate. This is the position of every academic institution that I am aware of, and there is no prosecutor who would take Pestello or SLU to court over this. This is an important point. US Law is not the highest authority on SLU's campus, for better or worse. EDIT: Also, shout out to everyone for keeping this a respectful discussion about SLU and not about other people/things.
  11. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    Pestello has done an excellent job of navigating a political minefield. The fact that his willingness to foster dialogue is considered a sign of weakness by some is unfortunate. I don't think I'd want the strong leader to which some are alluding. SLU hasn't made negative national headlines despite being at the epicenter of today's civil rights movement. That's a win. In fact, I'd argue that if we were to look closely at the manner in which Pestello listened to people who just wanted to be heard that we'd realize his approach has diffused several fraught situations, and that his example should be followed by those elsewhere.
  12. Golf tournament postponed

    Disagree. Up here in New York it was rather unremarkable.
  13. Wholeheartedly agree with this last statement, and also think Bess could provide more value off the bench than he would as a starter.
  14. I agree here, that putting out a lineup that adequately spreads the floor will be something of a challenge until Graves shows up. Bishop is an average 3-pt shooter, while Johnson, Roby and Henriquez are good from that range, and Graves looks to be somewhere in between. Welmer is good for a big, while French, Foreman, and Santos are not known as shooters (although French and Foreman do look reliable from 16-18ft). If Goodwin and/or Bess even shoot at an average clip (33-35%), we will be in good shape. But it is quite probable that they don't, affecting - even though they profile as key players - the rotation, as they will need to share the court with other guys who can shoot. Whether we need two or three capable shooters on at any given time will depend on a lot of things, but the consensus seems to be that we need at least two guys out there. This puts the utility of a lineup like Goodwin-Bess-French-Foreman-(+1) in doubt.
  15. I think you have it right, although I could see Welmer filling a niche and getting into the double digits for minutes/game.