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  1. I'll take this player any day: http://www.courtsidefilms.com/news_article/show/657595?referrer_id=
  2. Just looking back in this thread indicates that Ford re-issued the offer to Watson at the beginning of August (the post is from 8/6). The obvious priority for most of the summer was Goodwin, so it makes sense that we were at every Eagles game and probably missed some of Watson's. You're the first one I've heard complaining about Watson's recruitment, as he seems to be just about the top priority for '18. It's unclear if Ramey has ever expressed enough interest to be worth pursuing.
  3. Game tonight on A10 website... Is it free? Edit: It's free! Link
  4. Not to single you out - it feels like a number of people are forgetting how strange our rotations were the past couple of years. Quite a few teams hardly use their bench at all, and I'd say most use about 8 guys in a typical game. The conference championship teams basically played six guys plus <10 min for two more (manning/glaze). You can squeeze out extra minutes if it becomes absolutely necessary. We we can make it through the year with 9 scholarship players plus Hines. Obviously it's not ideal due to the possibility of multiple injuries and foul trouble. I see next season as an opportunity for the wheat to separate itself from the chaff. The guys who step up will get big minutes to prep for next year.
  5. Let's not forget that most guards (1 & 2) in the A10 are under 6'3". I actually think Allen would be great next to Goodwin, as they complement each other in a couple of important ways (shooter v slasher, quick v strong). Allen can play the 2 on offense and guard the smaller, quicker guys on defense. Goodwin might struggle with the water bug types defensively, and having another smaller guard in addition to Bishop should make that less problematic. Remember that Moore, Henriquez, Bess and Johnson are all over 6'5", so we have plenty of big wings on the roster should we encounter a huge backcourt.
  6. No. Texas and SoCal are the hot beds of youth soccer these days. Most of the rest of the country has caught up to STL or passed us by entirely.
  7. Friendlies are nearly meaningless. Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 and then lost to Mainz by the same score a few days later. Liverpool have had a mediocre start to the season and Barca looked great in their first La Liga game. No need to overreact to a poor result vs a community college. Over the course of a season, our talent will determine our success more than anything else and it looks like we have a decent amount of that. Probably not enough to be overly optimistic about making a deep run in the NCAAs, but something is there. I would agree, however, that McGinty has earned himself a place on the hot seat. If we don't win the A10/get to the NCAAs, he should probably start looking for a new job. If we drop out in the first round or two, May should be willing to pull the trigger if a high-level replacement becomes available.
  8. Coming back to this thread... Lisch and the Aussies struggling in the first quarter. He hasn't played particularly poorly, they just look to be in a funk as a team.
  9. Gordon, Ramey, and Watson make up my pipe-dream of a class of '18... still in play!
  10. Thanks for expanding on the timeline. This does make it seem like there is probably nothing to the rumor... So it seems like French is definitely a top priority for '17, and I think he'd be a solid addition. He looks like quite the athlete from the highlights I've seen - the mythical werewolf power forward that we've always lusted after. Also he's a lefty, and we are so close to being able to play only lefties that I want this to happen. Who is our other target though? One would think that it is another big of some sort. If Tilmon really is off the table (I'm still hoping he's not, mostly due to the fact that everything that could go right in the Ford-era thus far has), there aren't really that many real center options out there. So we'd probably get a project, or a 4 and just play him up a spot. Anyone else have a different take on the situation?
  11. They are definitely in good shape to medal. Have looked like the second best team for most of the tournament.
  12. So we've essentially got four guards, four bigs, and Johnson (kind of a 3/4). One has to think the minutes will be distributed pretty evenly between all of the underclassmen to see who has what it takes for the tourney run in 17/18, plus good minutes for our seniors because why not. Can't wait until we start the projections thread.
  13. Wow, that was quick. French seems like a solid target. As others have mentioned, using a 4 at the 5 is less risky in the A10 than it was in the Big 12. Regarding Savon Goodman, and why exactly he might want to come here... Maybe he thinks putting up big numbers for one year gets him into a better place professionally? Is he a fringe NBA guy even? Genuinely asking. And finally, let's get Tilmon here. Make it happen, Travis. Goodwin, Henriquez, Bess, Foreman, Tilmon. That's a team that can go deep. Edit: Definitely not (currently) an NBA prospect.
  14. Yeah, this would be a bummer if Ford pulled the rug out from under the kid. However, these students aren't dumb. I'm sure he saw the writing on the wall and realized he was going to spend his senior year on the bench. Even if he improved, it was always going to be hard for him to get pt over the new coach's "guys". Can't blame him for wanting to see more of the court. Best of luck, Marcus. Appreciated the effort you gave as a Billiken. Some program will be getting a very good shooter.
  15. http://heatdiehards.SportsBlog.com/posts/23659653/heat-center-willie-reed-making-the-most-out-of-his-off-season.html