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  1. And people have a long weekend of NCAA basketball ahead. I know it is not the NCAA, but I love the NIT. I do. But I also love the Missouri Valley so feel free to ignore. This should be a great game though.
  2. Indeed, Christian is out after three seasons including two that overlapped with Covid-19. That is harsh. The conventional wisdom is that makes the job less desirable, but maybe they have a plan.
  3. Is it just me or is the Billikens as a mid-major trying to reach the College Cup a weird way to frame the Post Dispatch story? I know most of the Billikens best seasons happened long ago, but it seems crazy to think of SLU Men’s Soccer as a mid-major program. Not that it matters… There was reporting yesterday that the Washington coach stated that SLU has not seen a team as talented as the Huskies. That they were Duke but with far better defense.
  4. I think he could have, but Twitter is not conducive to long, nuanced thoughts as we know. I just think we need to read Tweets with a grain of salt, even when the person Tweeting is a journalist.
  5. I think you guys are reading too much in to that Tweet. He could have pointed out that it is perfectly reasonable for SLU to expect a 1-1 or 2-2 or 1-2 with two in St. Louis, given the state of the programs, but Twitter has a character limit. Also, go look at the forums and clearly no one dislikes Mizzou basketball like Mizzou fans.
  6. @courtside Your posts are so good that I feel like I should be paying you to read them. As long as you are posting, I have nothing to add, but I'll say this: for the casual fan who usually goes to a few games because you love supporting SLU, it is definitely time to get back to campus for a game. It may be that I was overly excited to watch my first in-person game since 2019, but that was a great game. SLU plays a style that should appeal to most fans and does so with a number of local players. Lots more intriguing games on the schedule. Go support this team!
  7. Easily! Among the best I have seen in the tournament.
  8. This guy should be good even at a high major program, but needs to add musclein the off season.
  9. A higher ceiling than a Sweet 16 and a Final Four in a four year period?
  10. Georgia Tech and Illinois both hit Loyola with a zone defense. The fact that Loyola was shooting below 20% from the perimeter for most of the game (1-9 in the first half) had a way of making the zone look obvious today. Loyola had lots of good looks all around, but they were obviously not falling.
  11. Interesting. Also, I totally forgot about Nolan Berry as a Division I prospect.
  12. The Big 10 is the best conference in the...(checks notes...) Big 10.
  13. Best announcing crew in the tournament so far is doing the Houston and Rutgers game.
  14. This is so true. My parents became big bandwagon Loyola fans in 2018 and hoped on the bandwagon again when Loyola played Drake in the regular season. And Sister Jean is to blame.
  15. Agreed on Moser, he can go anywhere. A dominate performance from wire to wire. Just as long as he does not go to DePaul.
  16. It will be very interesting. Porter Moster basically has tenure at Loyola and earns $1.2 million. No way he goes to Indiana. He can double his salary at Marquette but the pressure... Loyola has two families that have been kicking in money so I expect his salary to go up $500K.
  17. Illinois motto: #everydayguys Reduced to average, everyday guys.
  18. Loyola makes mistakes, but the effort is never in doubt. Quick story about the history... SLU thought that Washington University kept them out of the MVC in 1907. Later, Washington University thought that SLU kept them from playing the conference teams when the Bears left the Valley in 1942.
  19. Historically, they were almost a founding member of the MVC. Joined 7-10 years later.
  20. I like SLU in back in the MVC, but I thought we were not supposed to talk about that...
  21. Porter Moser was good enough to get a job, but not keep it until he worked for Majerus. No question.
  22. This game is terrible and the announcers are making it worse. May go watch Eastern Washington if they maintain the lead over Kansas.
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