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  1. I just talked to my friend in the ticket office and asked him about what's available, and he said they probably had between 1,000 and 1,500 left. Spread the word, let's sell it out.
  2. To me, the Arch shows that we have a real Nike contract now. If I understand correctly, until recently (maybe this year?) we were a second-tier Nike school, meaning we basically have the license to use their unis, but we order the stock template in our colors from a glorified Johnny Mac's that sews the names and numbers on. The schools that got the designs on the back are higher tier schools (Power 5 and big mid-majors like X, Gonzaga, etc.) that ordered straight from Nike. I wonder if Travis was able to use his connections from his time at OSU to get us to that next level. Anyone who
  3. I agree, and thought the same thing, but the reason the head kinda has to be "low" like that is because the person inside has to see out of the eyes, where as on the two-toned one from September, you saw out of the mouth. The old suit you saw out of the eyes, too, but the head was so damn big it didn't really make a difference.
  4. More of a general question about the SLU-WSU series... didn't we reup our home-and-home agreement with them through the next 4 years? The initial deal was for 2 years (this being the second), but I could have sworn I read over the summer that both sides agreed to extend it through 2018?
  5. This just dropped from Dr. Pestello: While there has been considerable speculation in the media, Saint Louis University does not know with certainty when the St. Louis County grand jury decision may be announced. At this time, the University plans for all campus activities and events – including classes next Monday and Tuesday, and Sunday’s men’s basketball game – to go on as scheduled. Additional information will be communicated when there is greater clarity on the grand jury’s decision. Please share this information with others as appropriate. Thank you.
  6. Last I saw, they did have them in the bookstore. But this was back at the beginning of the season, stuff may have been rotated out for basketball.
  7. I think that was VCU last year, right? Because Bobby Knight on the broadcast was saying "NO NO NO NO" when Loe put up the shot, and he nailed it.
  8. I think this is a great article that answers the question of why it's news: http://therotation.sportsonearthblog.com/why-the-derrick-gordon-story-matters/
  9. If you want some silver lining, we appear in Deadspin's "Dumb Shining Moment" on the receiving end of a dumb NC State play http://deadspin.com/dumb-shining-moment-your-2014-ncaa-tournament-lowlight-1559929109 About the 50 second mark. FWIW, I thought our One Shining Moment clip would be Jordair's scream after the game tying lay-up.
  10. My wife has accused me of the same. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL
  11. Hey everyone, they also have the Billiken Pride and SLUNATICS t-shirts in the bookstore, $25.
  12. Looked like it was from after our win against Memphis
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