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  1. Does anyone know if SLU sells the soccer jerseys somewhere? I love the stripes on their jerseys this year!
  2. It's not video, but here's the audio of the L'Ville upset. Gotta love Earl hyperventilating in the background! http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=KAWQSfD-w9c
  3. I was able to dig out the audio files I have from Bob and Earl doing the play by play - Earl was definitely hyperventillating! No video, but check out the audio here:
  4. Top 10 team? Hell yea storm the court. I'm all for it...except after a first round NIT winning buzzer beater from Drejaj
  5. Rocking my WE ARE SAINT LOUIS tshirt, and Bills basketball jacket I snagged off an auction a few years go. Co-workers giving me strange looks - Go Bills!
  6. I like it! I've been in performance mode since I woke up - getting anything accomplished today is not happening - let's go blue and white!
  7. Tacky - I love Whities at 3 AM as much as the next guy, but really? Really?
  8. A bad loss to Bonnies won't help Xavier's case. This is how a large part of their season has gone - they just fail to show up too many times during the year.
  9. Wait, Shimmy was still the coach? How did she last that long?
  10. Objectively, I thought he did fine. Well spoken, composed, didn't sound like a complete idiot. BUCKLE UP! It's gonna be one helluva ride!
  11. wow what a beautiful transformation! I'm always amazed every time I come back to campus and see these renovated building!
  12. Any idea what they are going to do with the building/gym after the new arena opens? I always thought it was a cool gym/atmosphere in there...use it for intramurals maybe?
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