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  1. I am not sure where we will stand on available scholarships but I think you should always have one for the mid season transfer.
  2. I am actually surprised he waited this long. His body language on the bench was that of a player who was not happy. I for one think he was underused.
  3. I was told that Bidwell would make significant anonymous gifts to the athletic department.
  4. Correction. It was the tip-off club.
  5. Rose Kennedy reference. Billiken Board first.
  6. It's Skips use of bitcoin that seals the deal.
  7. I am beating a dead horse here but the idea that kids follow their father to his school is vastly overdone on this board.
  8. I am curious why SLU did not have camps this summer. Covid? Stuen's death?
  9. I think you are dead on. The potential recruiting abuses could be huge.
  10. What am I missing? Why would Cockburn want to come to SLU?
  11. First I think the novelty of it will be there at the start. I don’t see big deals but small ones. A Bobby McCormick who advertises his basketball camps on radio using a Billiken player. A workout center using a player. A farmers market trying to drum up business. An injury center talking about rehab. A basketball hoop company. Small creative things.
  12. CNBC had a segment today on the Cavinder twins. Women’s basketball players at some west coast school. They were some kind of social media stars on tik tok . They have been hired by some management company to a contract . Didn’t disclose the monetary value but said it was significant. I am sure their fame is not hurt by the fact that they are very attractive and wear little clothes. Yes. I checked.
  13. Brooke was the key to the teams late season run.
  14. I think I would be a billionaire if it weren’t for Thurteen Carnival. Wash U holds around 4K and is usually free.
  15. I think what Skip is saying and I agree is that I am a fan of SLU Basketball. Whether the players are Jordan Goodwin or Sam Smith it is the team that I support and am fans of. Winning of course helps. If Goodwin played for the local YMCA team in an industrial league I could care less. Now I know the University is trying to make the Universities Team the Cities Team but that is really the same thing.
  16. He attends a lot of games in the vip/coaches/recruits section.
  17. The college game would be better if the one and done's don't go to college. I am a strong advocate of the baseball rule. If you sign with a college you can't go to the NBA G League for 2 years.
  18. I actually think that should be the minimal expectation.
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