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  1. I think threatening is pretty right on. If the region doesn't get our numbers down you will definitely see more closures and restrictions. At least we don't have football games to celebrate.
  2. Number 3 older SLU fans who want to go to games.
  3. You didn’t point out that Frank said we didn’t want him. That the offer was not good. We don’t think he can help the program.
  4. They run you out of town?
  5. The legislature in Kentucky threatened to do something but the schools agreed to play and nothing was ever passed.
  6. Absolutely. Unfortunately they will be gone for much of the season.
  7. This is the reason why league only games are a possibility.
  8. For you old timers. How about Billy Lou.
  9. There is a lot of talk about doing away with non-league games. Thus January.
  10. Unless they moved up this year Bellarmine is D2. I believe the play Elon every year.
  11. That is definitely from the top of the law school.
  12. Obviously this would be a good thing for our program but for basketball conversation doesn't this hurt the development of a TJ? More transfers?
  13. Frank had a brief interview with Travis on the morning news. Ford smiled at the possibility of the 3 seniors sticking around. He said seniors will not count on future rosters. So you could have 13 players plus whatever senior who would want to play. I take this to mean it doesn't effect anyone but seniors.
  14. As the great Nancy Sinatra said "These boots are made for walking:
  15. I have a rather negative few of all college recruiting. I would like to believe that we are perfectly clean but I don't know that. It would not surprise me that Memphis came in and made his family an offer they couldn't refuse.
  16. And we almost beat them here and could have there.
  17. Dayton could have been a 1 seed. Could we be as good as Dayton was? Why not?
  18. What's with this 5-7-12 seed talk. I want to be a ONE.
  19. I don’t know the number but Pitino had several over the limit at Louisville.
  20. I think you could be reading something that isn’t necessarily there.
  21. I think you stated this before, they may be trying to save a little money during trying times.
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