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  1. A lot of us thought we would have a winning record. Look at the predictions.
  2. Iggy I like your attitude. It's all about priorities. There are no excuses.
  3. I think the POD system is ridiculous. Take our friends Missouri,had they been good and gotten to play in Kansas City then St. Louis would just have been unfair.The power boys have an advantage with seedings and rpi to begin with. The tournament is at it's best when a Valpo is beating or playing one of the big boys tough. Give the little guy a chance it makes for a better tournament. How many times do I need to watch Duke play Maryland?
  4. We never press yet Brad uses it against Houston to win the game. He played Reggie with 2 fouls in the first half against somebody recently. We play a zone for most of yesterdays game. You are right 3 star,Brad would like to play a certain way but he's smart enough to know that he must adjust to win. Lets face it Brad is a good coach period.
  5. When did Justin Johnson become Reggie Bryant. Before the start of the game the announcers were talking about Bryant. The whole time the camera was focusing on JJ. The camera man at least didn't know who Bryant was .I guess he was looking for a black kid with a head band. Too funny.
  6. I think they should play a game. First Team vs Second Team. My money is on the second team.
  7. Joe B Hall was officially the coach of SLU for about one week. He backed out and we let him out of his contract. Bob Polk was a pretty good coach and had some pretty good teams.
  8. Hey Bob I don't think the student union opened untill 1967. Are you sure you got your year right?
  9. Why don't we get the girl with the mike who says HEY BILLIKEN FANS'''
  10. This is a sad night. This will probably be the last game Louisville will play the Bills in St Louis. We have been playing each other for over 50 years and even in those years when we weren't competitive it was always fun to play the Cardinals. The last 6 years have been a blast and I for one will miss the game.
  11. As I've told this board in the past U of L basketball is the number one story in Louisville. The University of Kentucky takes second billing.
  12. I think your right when it comes to wins and losses. While they would rather win then lose I think personalities are more important to Woolard.Everyone seems to like Jill inspite of her very average record. I would be surprised if there was any movement to remove her.
  13. If you go back to the mid 60"s they were one of the best teams in the country. They went to the college world series at least one year. A couple of basketball players John Davsco and Tommie Thomas were also excellent baseball players who played both sports. Hughes seems like a nice guy but his record is pretty awfull.
  14. Cinn.I believe was led by the great Ron Bonnham{sp}They were huge favorites.
  15. I hate to show my age but the Loyola Chicago game game was my first memory of the NCAA Tournament. Corky Bell Jerry Harkness Something Roush,why can I remember those names but not what todays date is. SI did an article on Mississippi State a few years ago. It was very good.
  16. You probably heard it right. This is something that Romar talked about. I think it makes sense. It wouldn't bother me if we played Missouri every other year on a rotating basis.
  17. See my post above. He did not have enough credits because SLU will not accept a D. Some schools will.
  18. My understanding is that Brandon got a D in his ethics class and SLU will not accept a D as a trasfer credit,therefore Brandon did not have enough credits.
  19. Thats us. The ones yelling at the refs.
  20. I did go to the University of Louisville game last year and their game presentation was light years better than ours. Do I think we're moveing in the right direction? Yes.But I do agree with Bonwich that we don't pay enough attention to the small details. We have had 3 or 4 marketing directors in the last couple of years. Maybe it's the nature of the beast that we lose the Valerie Kotas's{sp} to people like the Cardinals, but it would be nice to have some continuity. Is Woolard hard to work for? Are we cheap? I just believe we have too much tournover.
  21. In spite of his mother Kshoe doesn't always see things in their proper light.
  22. I think Bonwich makes a lot of good points. Our game management is not good. Where are our game promotions? Where is the Cingular billiken bobblehead doll? Where are the free tee shirts? Where are the $10 off pasta house coupons? Where are the buy 1 get 1 free game tickets? Where are the Brad S hair doo contests? You get a good promotion like the Big Shark promo and they can't find a ball? Everybody on this board goes crazy over Guy Philips{who I like} but ignores everything else. Enduring a malfunctioning clock for more than 1 game is ridiculous. What happened to tourning off the lights tryin
  23. I agree Izik is the key. Somebody help me out why doesn't he play more? He's cut down his tournovers,his defense doesn't seem that bad to me,his offensive rebounding is very good. I would like to see him become a better defensive rebounder but all in all his numbers are quite good per min. played. For whatever reason Brad doesn't trust him.WHY????
  24. I don't see David Lee makeing it as a pro. I don't think he's big enough to play inside and doesn't shoot well enough to take it outside. He's a very good college player but I think will be undersized at the next level. If he has an outside shot I haven't seen it.
  25. Isak can get his own shot but needs to play more than 18 min. Ten points in 18 min is pretty good. I didn't think his defense was that bad but he could have been stronger on the boards.
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