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  1. I don't think it's the same Padgett. The Padgett who played for UK I thought was from Louisville and this guy is from Reno.
  2. UNCA have you been into your wine cellar?? Your frisky today.
  3. Many of us die hard fans go to every game regardless of who we play,when we play, or where we play. I'd be happy to fill out your survey but I would think my responses would skewer your results
  4. Heard a KFNS interview with Irons last night. Some of the players who are on the team include Matt Baniak{what happened to med school] Donnie Dobbs. Johnnie Parker. J P Mitchem{Ladue].Kenn Brown. Kern had not yet signed a contract but Irons felt he would eventually play.
  5. I think they changed the rules. He did not hesitate. He said there was no such thing anymore. I had read somewhere that the Dwayne Wade senerio did not exist today. I don't know of any partial qualifiers anywhere.
  6. Somebody asked Brad about partial qualifiers ,his answer was that it no longer exists period. TL either qualifies or he doesn't. For what it's worth{probably not much} I read Brad's body language to be very hopefull about Tommie. My prediction is that TL will wear the Billiken Blue next year.
  7. There is going to be an ice ring built on campus to play hockey. The money is being independently financed through tax free bonds. the university is donating the land. I asume it's to be built somewhere near Compton. The university will not be involved in it's operation.
  8. I read or heard somewhere that one of the issues was whether the arena would include a seperate practice facility. Billikan is this one of the design issues your talking about?
  9. As previously discussed on this board Depaul's support for their program is not very good. We have trouble getting our students to travel a few blocks to Savis how about a 30-45 min. drive to All State arena. He's probably underpaid. I wouldn't be shocked to see him go.
  10. I think this board is getting carried away that this story is gospel. While it wouldn't surprise me if that is what Missouri gets, it also wouldn't surprise me if they got something less severe. How is this rumor any different than the coaching change rumors that get published and never happen. I believe that if the NCAA had finished their report they would be currently notifying Missouri of their findings not waiting for May. I'll use that expression that I hate ,I'm from the show me state.
  11. My understanding is that it's a 1 shot deal.While I generally don't think we should play such games it is Duke ,and will help our RPI enormously. Let's just get to the point that we won't have to play these games.
  12. SLUDrew you beat me to the punch. I obviously agree with you.
  13. I wouldn't bet against Brad going with a 3 guard offense. If St Joe can plays 4 guards don't be suprised if Dwayne Anthony and Reggie lead the team in min. played. Obviously good guards are the most important part of winning teams.
  14. Heard on KFNS this morning that Kalen Grimes was the Gatorade Player of the year for the state of Missouri. I don't care if he's going to Missouri or not ,that is ridiculous. He didn't even make first team All Metro. I don't know how this award is choosen but they need to get real. Even the guy on KFNS couldn't believe it.
  15. The announcer was Jim Holder. He's the sports director of radio 550 and the announcer for the Rams games.
  16. On Tommy's bio in the post the rporter wrote Signed with SLU but may go the junior college route. Is there something new here? I was under the impression that if he didn't qualify a prep school was the most likely. Do prep schools offer scholarships? The problem with going JUCO is that as a non qualifier he has to stay 2 years.
  17. For a cool website go to remembertheaba.com
  18. It was father O'Connell[sp} who almost killed the program. Fr. Fitzgerald was after O'Connell. Fitzgerald saved the university from going bankrupt. This was in 1978-1980 era when short term interst rates were in the 20% range. The university was borrowing heavily all short term rates tied to the prime. Fitz came in and installed fiscal dicipline, refinanced short term dept to long term tax free bonds.Fitz was hired because he was a money guy and he did a damn good job.
  19. I think it is obvious that the NIT would love to have ND get to NY where their subway alumni would buy tickets to their games.
  20. Thats not the way I saw it. Sloan thought he was fouled as he went to the basket. He was jawing with the ref when Brad got up and started angerly pointing at the ref. Quick T. I quess your not suppose to point at a ref. Part of it had to do with Sloans complaining.
  21. Hey Bill I'm not trying to be hostile but you come on a say no one in their right mind would have thought the bills would have a winning record. Well a lot of us in our right mind thought we would. Why should we not take offense?
  22. You obviously look at us as this little train that could. I don't think we overachieved at all. Guards win in college basketball and we have good guards. If Tom had not been hurt or haveing breathing problems all year I believe we would have made the big show. I'm not saying I'm disappointed in the year,but lets not look at the year as some great accomplishment. Brad was quoted in todays paper saying he didn't think the quality of play was ncaa tournament worthy. He didn't say we didn't have enough takent but the quality of play. I'm glad there is at least one person out there {brad} who is wi
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