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  1. I don't follow womens basketball and don't know who's good and who's not but I'm sure that UofL does not play at Freedom Hall,Depaul does not play at Allstate,Marq. does not play at Bradley and Memphis does not play at the Pyramid. I would also guess that our rotten attendance at West Pine is better than the league average. I think Jill has done a poor job of putting her teams together. Bring back John O'Brien.
  2. I agree Jill has not done a very good job. West Pine is an excuse. That said who cares. The only 2 sports I care about are mens basketball and mens soccer. Sure it would be nice if we had a good golf team,baseball team or whatever,but I really don't care. The fact that Jill and Bob Hughes{?} are still there are they must be liked by the administration and the administration really doesn't care whether the non revenue sports win or lose. Sure they would rather win but not enough to really spend the money to upgrade those programs. Just give the money to Brad and Dan, it's ok by me.
  3. College coaches don't do a good job of taking advantage of match up problems. I wrongly said that Brian Grawer could not play D-1 ball because he would be abused in the low post. In his 4 year career he was hardly ever posted up. The college game just doesn't exploit size problems. Polk will be a strong defender.
  4. While we all think that playing 4 years and graduating is the way to go these 2 guys probably would have been first round picks last year.Somebody told them that they could move into the lottery after their senior year. Something to be said about putting that bird in your hand.
  5. Our outfield play last night was just awfull, Anderson and Luna are just too large a liability to play out there.We'll score enough runs to win most games.IMO Tony nedds to play his better defenders.Mabry and So Taguchi. Picking up a LF is my highest priority.
  6. I think we should trade Scott Rollen for Placido Palanco.Placido got us in the playoffs.
  7. As I said before I hope he is really good. I'm a big min. per game guy. If you have a whole bunch of guys playing 15 min per game it hurts the flow vs.3 guys playing 25 min. per game. If he's good enough to beat somebody out then it'd good, if he's only going to share someones time then I think it's a mistake. As I said in my original post word is they really like him.
  8. I know the word is that they really like this guy and they think he's a complete player but I just don't think it makes sense. Unless he is clearly better than lets say dreja, we just don't need another guard. I know we'll play 3 guards most of the time the but position is awfully congested. If you can't get a 4 man I would have kept it.
  9. Someone just told me that Kevin played in some AAU Tourney in Texas over the weekend. He averaged over 30 points per game and everyone was all over him wanting to know where he was going to school. Anybody know who he was playing for or anything about the tournament?
  10. Why not add quality starts? If you play 15+ min. turn the ball over less than 2 times-shoot 45+%-get 4 rebounds would be considered a quality start.Dave Duncan Thorpe can keep stats in his book.
  11. Billiken Rich I wish you would tell us what you really feel. You hide your opinions and we never know what you really think.
  12. Ohio State fired Jim O'Brien today for alleged recruiting violations. He supposedly gave money to a foreign recruits family. It's good to see a school stress ethics unlike somebody else we know.
  13. Ekker married Ginger,they are still married with a couple of kids. The ex Mrs. Ekker is a Billiken fan and comes to all of our games. By the way I voted for Grawer.
  14. Ian can shoot the ball. How many big men outside of the NBA can do that. If he stays here a couple of years he will be the best center we've had since Melvin,and I thought Melvin was pretty good.{I am not including Jamal Johnson.}
  15. Your not going to find any courtside tickets for $80. I know this is NY, but I bought a trip to NY and tickets to a Kicks game at the billiken golf tournament in Larry's rookie year. The club tickets which came with the package had a face of $150. I thought I was getting 2 tickets but ended up with 4 and got to see Larry play against the Knicks. Probably the best bargain anyone ever got at the Billiken Tornament. Airfare,Basketball tickets,Hotel Room,and a great dinner hosted by a SLU restraunt owner,and the priveledge of being one of the few people in America to see the play the Civil War for
  16. I will never ever spend one dime of my money to watch an exhibition NBA game.I can't believe anyone on this board who has been to one of those games felt he got his money's worth or even remotely felt it wasn't a waste of time. Each year the attendance for this game drops because they have run out of suckers.
  17. This morning they were talking about White Castles. Now I like an occasional Castle but I don't know how you can spend a whole segment talking about Castles.
  18. Frank does a mid day show that I never get to listen to. Management must have gotten to him because according to Bernies Pressbox he did a segment on why people get divorced.
  19. I'm having a slow day and so is the board so has anyone listened to the new "look" fans radio. New management wants to turn the station into guys radio and so far its been pretty rough. They are going to run out of TV and Movie critics to interview pretty quickly. Maybe Bonwich can get a food gig on how to grill hot dogs. Ramsey and Claiborne weren't bad at it because they are use to shooting the breeze about TV and stuff. The morning drive guys were just terrible. Maybe new management will replace half of these guys . Tony Kornheisers non sport sport show was great because he was an interesti
  20. I think we will be very competitive immediately but it may take a year of college ball for Tommie and Kevin to excell. My early prediction is we will be in the top 3 in Polks junior year.
  21. I posted this once before. Luke is entering SLU as a soph. What type of graduate degree he wants will have a major impact on whether he wants to red shirt.
  22. Alexander has three years of elibibility so doesn't that mean that he was a qualifier. If he was a non qualifier he would have to be a jucco grad.
  23. How about Eddie Stewart? He and his wife would like a change of scenery.
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