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  1. Two 8 oz beer glasses with Falstaff on one side and the Billiken on the other. They must be from the height of Billiken and Falstaff popularity, in the late 40's or early 50's.
  2. I have a neighbor that is going to his first Billiken game, because his cousin plays on GM. I asked if he is sitting behind the GM bench, and how he got the tickets. He said his daughter got comp tix from a SLU player. Is there a legitimate way he could get in a GM section, or behind the bench?
  3. FYI: if you have a ROKU or anything that plays youtube, just type in "SAINT LOUIS VS BYU" it appeared for me straight away. Thanks, this works for me.
  4. I will have no problem watching the game on a desktop, but does anyone know how to find the game on the utube channel of roku?
  5. Do you all realize this is a 2 1/2 year old video of an incoming freshman?
  6. Salecich will be here. A kid comes half way around the world to play 4 years and go back. SLU is home away from home to him. He plays good D. Rick will not run him off.
  7. Summer of 1970, I attended the Ed Macauley basketball camp. The instructors were Press Maravich, Wes Unseld and------------Jerry Sloan.
  8. Coach Dave Loos, Mehlville '65