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  1. Guys, I think I found the new Billiken.
  2. I now need to write a defense of the new Billiken.
  3. Or if it put you on the mailing list...
  4. Not "national pub" but I put my two cents on our site.
  5. Also, I love how they tried to tie in the fleur-de-lis into the hair. execution, but A for effort!
  6. If they made video access to it on a livestream available only via a $20 donation, they'd probably have their best fundraising day in years.
  7. I think you mean "lost causes" in which case would be St. Jude.
  8. I heard it poll tested well with kids as having shown up in their dreams. A subliminal long con to make future generations of Saint Louisans into Billikens.
  9. It looks like a two-faced steamboat with ears. But on a mascot body. Please come back, Billy. SLU can walk this back and say Billy decided, like most SLU undergrads, to stay for grad school. One-eyed Billy can come back in four years looking different and they can just say he changed.
  10. JEAN ROBERT! Sadly, his wife died late last year I see.