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  1. JEAN ROBERT! Sadly, his wife died late last year I see.
  2. Was out with friends and came back to office. Bills lead at halftime. Wife went to Mason. Phoned home to inform her I'd be office late.
  3. Side bar: ‪VCU bragged that their band has a bus to taunt the SLU band. I'm happy they have a nice way to drive back to Richmond after losing.
  4. Speaking of the VCU trolls, I don't seem to see any of them here. Strange.
  5. 1000% true.
  6. DE is looking better from the line tonight.
  7. Taxes in NJ are nuts. Even with Christie in power. Who would ever want to live there?
  8. Would prefer not to find out. I was told they were at the GMU game, and apparently live in the DC area now? Didn't approach, didn't want to bother them.
  9. Image Redacted
  10. Image redacted.