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  1. Some pics. I hate GW, and I hate their fight song. (No offense, Steve.)
  2. Like a weird Guy Fawkes mask slapped on a Lego head. But with a pointlessly square jaw.
  3. The owner of the soon to be demolished Humphrey's (RIP) is selling memorabilia. Spoonball poster, framed, $75 bid on eBay right now.
  4. Turns up volume to 11. "Alexa, play Saints by SLU Pep Band." (Wife, STL native, went to GMU...)
  6. Yoink.
  7. Welp. GMU 54 to 52. 3:42 left
  8. These threes though.
  9. #SavetheDayJJ
  10. Save the day JJ.
  11. Side note: I hadn't seen the :30 second SLU commercial. (Had seen the longer video the clips are taken from.) It's really good. Lots of them are lame, makes SLU look great.
  12. Agbeko like a freight train.
  13. Excellent planting of the feet.
  14. This Richmond St. Joe's game is taking FOREVER. (Says the bad fan who lives 30 minutes away from where game is taking place...)