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matt shaw


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saw this on the ill st. board.

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-- the following post was taken from a message board on highschool elite. hopefully it is not true because i think matt shaw would be a good pick up for us. but i guess we will see.

"I'am the head of the booster club at Centralia & Matt told me that he had chosen 4 schools 1. Creighton 2. Sou. Ill. 3. S.W. MO. ST. 4. Marquette."

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Here is the page where you can find that Illinois State post. http://www.redbirdfan.com/cgi-bin/ikonboar...ffff;act=SF;f=8 (The link won't work because of the semicolons, and you'll have to select and copy the address and paste it into your address bar. The page is a child frame of www.redbirdfan.com.)

If you ever want to access team messageboards and official sites, one place to go is Workman Poll (http://workmanpoll.cnchost.com/othermbs.shtml ).

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Seems kind of hard to believe that he would have SMS on his list over SLU with an offer on the table. If there is any truth to this, I can understand his interest in the other three programs, although playing time at Marquette might be hard to come by.

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Marquette is searching for a PF for their last scholarship. They lose Merritt this year and Jackson (JUCO) the year after that. They will only have 1 other legit PF, incoming freshman James Matthews, remaining after 2004-05. Shaw, if he's legit, could definitely get significant playing time at MU.

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