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Coach on KMOX Sports on a Sunday Morning

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Yuri's crazy hook shot; he didn't miss a shot all game.  

Came back from UMass and watched film all day.  Showed the team where the problems are.  Some reason, we get into games and we become one dimensional, guarding your man but not playing team defense.  We had 25 wasted possessions at UMass, yet still scored 81.  Yesterday we took better shots and let our defense dig in.

16 point half time lead was good to gain confidence.

Thatch injury took wind out of the team for 24 hours. Fred is handling his situation better than the rest of the team.  Sounds like Ford got the results of the MRI before Thatch did. (Weird.)  Ford hated his career ended on the road.  Fred will be successful in whatever he does.  He has developed many relationships that will help him down the road.  Ford said he talked to Fred about what he wants to do in the future.  He has companies here in STL that have already talked to him about jobs.  He has thought about going to law school.

A10 will be a tough challenge to win.  OOC is over with now.  15 team league is very competitive, inside the league.  

Parker and Hughes, have gone through the normal process to get to D1 level.  Just have to stay ready, stay positive as they adjust to this level of competition.  Parker hasn't shot well, but he is in the gym every morning at 7 AM.  He is getting more comfortable with his teammates and with the competition.  Told Parker about Perkins and his rocky start.   Hughes plays with personality.  He is becoming a leader as a freshman.  He will get more playing time.  He will tell the upperclassmen what needs to be done.  Day to day to routine is a big adjustment from HS/JUCO.  These guys are simply going through the process.  Time management is something that they have to experience.

Yesterday, the team played 'together' on each end of the court.  'Am I doing my job for the team.'  It's a chemistry, connection on the court.  Don't worry about the last play.  Move on.

Coach's Show with Rammer starts tomorrow night at 6 pm.

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