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  1. Hey now, don't insult the Knives Out series like that, haha. Some of our final 20s were wayyyyy lazier than Glass Onion, lol.
  2. I thought the ending was ok. I just take as much Benoit as I can get, I'm not sure why folks expected lightning to strike twice, it rarely does. I just like the world-building of the Benoit-verse.
  3. I guess I'm in the 3rd group that loved both and thought they were a lot of fun
  4. Honestly I just want the double bye. We can win it if we keep that. Anything else and I have zero confidence we string 4 wins together.
  5. The fact that we're watching possibly the best pure defensive player SLU has produced along with the best floor general we've seen in the same season is crazy.
  6. You're not wrong. The models are based on competing for a full 40.
  7. Y'all giving the Wiz a hard time when the computer predicted we'd lose and we lost. yeah it was by double what the computer predicted, but in the end it doesn't really matter. The Wiz's predictions have always been right in line with all the other gametime predictive spreads give or take a point. The team isn't performing up to these predictions because they aren't playing to their potential...for some reason. Even if we played our game, we still probably lose. Unfortunately when we lose, it seems like we lose big.
  8. I think zone should just be the default after everything I've seen this season.
  9. I made myself a pregame whiskey sour with egg white according to the IBA recipe. Gotta say, it's smooth as silk.
  10. Bourbon. Woodford Reserve, rocks. Nuttin' betta.
  11. I disagree with this. There's a difference between straight up trolls who post nothing but unhelpful, derogatory content, and posters who engage in worthwhile discussion, but are just annoying. I think we have more of the latter, but the former certainly still exist here and it DOES make the board worse for wear.
  12. I think it's mostly a small handful of sh*t disturbers mixed with long time posters with legitimate criticisms, O.G. is the exception of the long timers.
  13. Brian Kelly is so much better, honestly.
  14. Did you include the 7 in today's game in that total? Or did I just do my math wrong?
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