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  1. When the computer says this, does it mean more minutes for the Momos and Sinceres of the team?
  2. 100%; I hate losing coaches but I hate never being in tournament even more.
  3. I'd never heard anything negative about Rickma. I'd only heard he was quirky and a bit odd.
  4. This is the NIL problem. They're already getting paid and if they have eligibility left, they can just go somewhere else and get paid. There's no incentive if there are already incentives.
  5. I've heard at least one member was present at every event they requested. It was usually Austin, unfortunately.
  6. From what I've heard they don't even offer food or appreciation if those events are at odd times. They just assume they'll be there.
  7. I've only ever known it as MacArthur Park. Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed have a great instrumental version on their Me & Jerry album.
  8. All they have to do is just not be jerks to the band. It's not really like they're asking for much. Give them back control over what they do and the problem is mostly solved.
  9. I would let them know. They don't listen to the band. If enough people said something then maybe something would happen.
  10. If you know any donors who can raise hell with Chris May, they'd be the first I'd go to.
  11. The worry here seems to be they'll just replace them with the DJ and not even bother trying.
  12. This is unfair. The people considering continuing it have given just as much and do not deserve to be attacked. E: I get the sentiment, but this comes off the wrong way in my opinion.
  13. Color me the eternal optimist on that front. I'm not a big fan of bastardization nor am I losing institutions, but the folks I know who are choosing to try to trudge on are doing it for the right reasons; AD be damned.
  14. To speak to this, a few current alumni are trying to keep it alive contingent on demands being met, but the people I know aren't optimistic about it. My thinking is always just to outlast the a$$holes even if new ones take their place.
  15. Couldn't have stated any of this better myself, guys. Thanks for this.
  16. Yeah, no matter how the team is doing, it's still fun.
  17. I'd have to imagine the same reason Hasahn never got better at free throws, lol.
  18. Would be nice to have an AD that isn't a businessperson playing as someone who cares about athletics. A former coach would be amazing.
  19. I was with you up until now. Pestello has plenty to be criticized for, but May plays Grima to his King Theoden when it comes to any non-donor complaints.
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