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  1. Oddly enough someone else caught it before me, just figured I'd post it here.
  2. Yes, that's what I meant. SLU has scheduled against D-III Knox College tomorrow night.
  3. No one is sticking around until 11 on a Tuesday to see all of this lol.
  4. Ah I wasn't able to be there for that, so I don't know why they've decided to schedule this.
  5. Yeah aside from having a senior night, I don't know why they're doing this.
  6. Apparently they've scheduled another game for tomorrow against Knox College, a D-III school.
  7. Enough knee injuries to not even field 6 players would be insane. The tournament starts next week, should Davidson just resign itself to not competing in it?
  8. What? That's news to me. Either Davidson caught massive covid or they're scared of us?
  9. Damn, this is slightly big news. The conference was getting a bit crowded, anyway.
  10. Yeah if you want people to be there, don't make them stay until 11 just to see senior night on a Tuesday.
  11. Well, I mean, if he makes it that far, I'd say keep him.
  12. The band numbers also reflect this decline. I remember my first games in 2013/2014 that the student/band section would often be so full that it was like sardines. We were LOUD.
  13. That was you?? First time I don't pay close attention. Congrats, Wiz!
  14. I'm the mask fella, only wear'em at men's games lol. Aren't enough people at women's games for me to care as much.
  15. Thank you I got to be guitar instead of bass today. We have a proper rock rhythm section to back up everyone.
  16. Steve, I'd love to forget this, thanks.
  17. My guess is ~3000 paying and another 2000 in giveaway/comp tickets.
  18. Lol Brighton, why are you even here? Everyone's already down and angry. This program landed Majerus and had Charlie Spoonhour, I wouldn't call that squandering. We just need the AD to reform (without Chris May) and get its head out of its a** and we'll be ok again.
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