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  1. TJ is my favorite player personality-wise and I have a personal rapport with him so I like it, yes, lol.
  2. I don't mind long hair on guys, but make it make sense. Flowing locks like that seem like it would make basketball difficult! Plus being called Golden with Golden hair just opened me up to calling him "Sister Golden Hair" every game.
  3. Yep, ESPN+ are just placeholders for Bally. The only time they won't show them on the main channel is if there's a Blues game the same night, then they get bumped to BSM+ or only on ESPN+. All the women's games are available on ESPN+ as well, regardless of TV scheduling.
  4. I unironically love Necco Wafers and Ok a chocolate covered waif would be ok, too.
  5. Yeah but this is probably why 23-7 and a good conference record gets us an at-large assuming we don't beat up on each other and the Bills finish top 2 in the conference.
  6. No one's said anything about Brett Jolly yet if we're veering onto inane topics lol.
  7. You know I'm too young to know what that is, but what is that? At least I'm aware of the Billiken Bench Club which is where my parents would go in the late 80s/early 90s.
  8. Pretty soon 3/4 of your life kind of funny that an 11 year old started a board that ended up being mostly frequented by 40 and 50 somethings.
  9. I read/thought they can only take a trip once every 5 years? Last time was 2017.
  10. Maybe they're banking on the rest of the A10 being monsters?
  11. These sponsored tourneys are verging on bad movie title territory.
  12. The "B" name version of Karen, also my aunt's name, but she's a sweet lady.
  13. The Raising Cane's thing would be an easy slam dunk. They've done promos in the past!
  14. Anybody see the collab they did with Series 6? The SLU-sphere has some cool apparel for this year.
  15. I'd think a basketball team would want to shy away from this one, lol.
  16. Sounds like @SluSignGuy might have some cleanup work in the future if these keep getting bumped.
  17. I saw Marque Perry and Brad (Soderbergh) and was like, is this a meme post?
  18. "19 years later..." ah yes, I love being confused on threads that started when I was 7 years old, lol.
  19. Even if they weren't trying, we turned it on in the first half and didn't embarrass ourselves. Myia Clark had 18 points. Yes we were always going to lose, but the first half was actually fun.
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