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  1. Could be the phone itself, I suppose if it's older, it might just be a performance issue
  2. I wish he was playing in London so I could make a Werewolves of London joke.
  3. I'm just skeptical of introducing more money into all of this. Money complicates things.
  4. Some of these players attend public universities run and funded by state and federal money. In SLU's case, you're correct, but it's not unreasonable to ask this of a public university.
  5. I think that's a problem, though. If we're going to introduce money into college sports, it needs to be publicly available and reported. Otherwise, you end up with a dark money situation with no accountability.
  6. Yeah honestly, this tournament has been wild with all the upsets.
  7. What's funny is I added that to display the lack of fan/donor/parent/student interest in bidding (for a good cause) on an item signed by our head coach. The fact it had almost no takers and went for such a low price illustrates the fan temperature right now. Fans should want to buy memorabilia from the head coach! Edit: *signed by the head coach Now I have an image of Travis Ford selling his old Kentucky jock straps out of his car.
  8. There's clear separation between Ford haters and people who have seen enough. Aspiration is different from denigration.
  9. Anecdotal, but I remember a time where I was a student and Travis was running practice in the pavilion prior to a volleyball game and I overheard a conversation from a few mid-high level athletics officials trying to decide who had to tell Ford he needed to end practice so the VB players could do their pre-game. They were all afraid to be the one to ask him to stop practice. That's a problem and it's always stuck with me.
  10. I mean, my mom bid on something since it was an online and in person auction and she told me because she thought I'd find it funny.
  11. We have Sinquefield money (not Texas oil money but a lot) but he's obsessed with chess and getting rid of income tax. If we could get him invested in MBB, we might have a chance.
  12. I'm not so sure the majority believes this. This is a weird indication but they hosted a parent and family trivia last night with an auction that included a jersey signed by Ford. Apparently there were no bids for most of the night and it finally went for $60/$70. Brutal.
  13. Yeah uh, considering the pre season hype, you'd be an absolute fool to say it wasn't a bad season. Honestly if we don't make the tournament next year, Ford should be gone. May and Pestello are signing off on long-term mediocrity.
  14. This is how it should be for every non- power 5 conference honestly.
  15. Only because it seems to be trending that way given the official media statements. It seems like we're destined for another disappointing MBB year before we pull the trigger on the inevitable.
  16. I agree with this take. Ford is out if he doesn't make the tournament (NIT?) next year.
  17. It's historically accurate to refer to Washington's period as the "Colonial" era of the US, so even as a 26 year old who is sensitive to this kind of stuff, I don't get it.
  18. Yeah this one is kinda weird. I'd get it if they were the colonists.
  19. The women's team had to deal with this back in 2016 and they still technically won the regular season title, but since they were the 3rd team to share the title in terms of tie breakers, they were seeded 3rd, I think.
  20. UT throttles Toledo 94-47 in the 2nd round. I don't feel too bad about our loss, now. They're clearly on a mission.
  21. No problem, I'm probably being a bit too venomous. I had a weird day and came off too defensively.
  22. I'll count 2014, but not 2013 for the past decade. The success has been more consistent, though. From 2014 up until 2019, the women were infinitely more fun to watch.
  23. Dude would be...76, 77 when the contract expires?
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