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  1. We tend to avoid discussing injuries/medical information as a matter of principle. Whether Perkins is 100% or not or if Fred Thatch is back to his pre-medical mystery form. It's not our place. Neither of us have any medical background. Now if the question is: what does Player X being out for X time do to the rotation or team performance. Fair game. But speculating on health/fitness just isn't something I'm interested in. Mostly "how the new guys look question" was not answered due to not really knowing anything more than what we all saw at the open scrimmages and discussed right after, there's not anything new we could add.
  2. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/midtown-madness-podcast/id1552953967#episodeGuid=f5a65c99-8358-4176-afac-9990133b039d
  3. We're planning on doing a mailbag for an upcoming episode and want to get our fellow Billikens.com MBMs who may not be on twitter a chance to drop questions. We may not have the answers to your questions but we can promise you some fun discussions and banter. We are also working on a guest that may be able to provide real answers, but that's still unsure. Reply to this thread here, DM @Midtown Madness or @Pistol or drop us an email at [email protected]
  4. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/midtown-madness-podcast/id1552953967#episodeGuid=a25022ad-84f5-4d96-b6b5-aed10b9c280f
  5. We kinda discussed this on the latest show. Feels like the A10 is more focused on getting marquee games on ESPN and weeknights are the easiest way to do that. As opposed to being on a smaller network on a weekend.
  6. I have been saying this a lot in the days following our call: I am starting to feel about Coach Shields the way Anne Kordes made me feel. I would go so far as to say she is probably a more effective leader. I love her, but Anne had her faults when it came to leadership.
  7. One last point: Everything I do is aimed at breaking down that "wall of professionalism" of our guests(especially current coaches). I would much rather have them consider me an acquaintance than a media member/podcaster whatever other dumb titles are out there. I think that's how you get little cool moments like Katie saying "b!tching" in our first interview and talk about them "sucking" because she was struggling to find an identity for the team.
  8. Thank you. Re: Tank Tops 1. That eliminates 50% of my wardrobe. 2. It was the women's soccer 25th Anniversary Tank and the only women's soccer specific item of clothing I own.
  9. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/midtown-madness-podcast/id1552953967#episodeGuid=a0630e79-19aa-4602-bfc6-6d7e36e5430f
  10. Make sure you're tuned into Youtube at 7pm!
  11. We're dropping our interview with Coach Shields in prime time! I kinda like the idea of Youtube premiers being "live broadcast". I think it's perfect for this type of thing too. Tune in at 7pm CT Billiken Soccer fans! #RollBills #HTR
  12. This is the last thing I'm going to say here regarding this insane saga of jealousy, spite and just plain ignorance: -I post under two different usernames. I don't hide that from anyone. I post under this username in a purely informational manner regarding episodes and news concerning our content creation. Anytime I post differently from this, it's accidental and I forgot I was logged in. These usually get deleted quickly when I realize the error. -The reason I post under this username is two fold: I like at least some veil of anonymity on my other account. It's an open secret who it is, but I like that at least a little critical thinking has to go into figuring it out. I have strong opinions, I say things that are way more reactionary and hot headed. I keep these two accounts separate not only for my own protection but also out of respect for Peter and all of the work he's done on this show. Peter does not mind the lack of anonymity so he uses @Pistolat all times. I have two accounts, Pete has one. It's really that simple and benign. -Steve very kindly allows our podcast RSS feed to be auto posted to this forum by a "bot" the same way Chris May's interviews do. For that we are grateful. This doesn't include links to the actual show on individual platforms. So I provide those as well as add in some extra context to the episode that doesn't make the description due to short turnaround. Peter does the same. -Do we shamelessly self promote? You bet your fuoking ass we do. We will never apologize for it. But please don't sit here and act like we're reaping any substantial monetary gain from this. We do this as a creative outlet for our mutual love of Billiken athletics, our desire to shed light on every team in that athletic department as well as document as much Billiken history as we can. In fact Peter and myself are both still in the red, and that's fine. We don't complain. Our sponsor 2 Men and a Garden generously cover enough for us to operate the basic podcast at a 0 cost this, but this doesn't include technology or previous seasons. -We're going to keep doing this as long as people keep listening. The way the numbers have been trending...I don't think we'll be stopping any time soon.
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