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  1. Gameday Bump. Fordham Preview is brief but quality as always from @Pistol. it starts at the 55:30 mark. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/midtown-madness-podcast/id1552953967#episodeGuid=41486c7d-c0b0-42e4-b3f4-3b5308ba5c68
  2. A lot of good conversation in this episode, not mention the interview with John Klein. https://tinyurl.com/24n9ky38
  3. Thank you Steve. (also a low key thread bump) this one is enjoyable like sitting in a steam room. It's uncomfortable in the moment but therapeutic.
  4. S317 Does Ford Trust His Team? Does The Team Trust Ford? What Is This Teams Identity? What Does Team Blue Mean? Where Does This Team Go From Here? S3E17 * A Disastrous Week * Asking the Tough Questions * And Trying to Answer Them * Billiken Trivia * Around the A10 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/midtown-madness-podcast/id1552953967?i=1000589909576 @SluSignGuyCurious why our RSS Feed didn't hit the board on this one? Are you censoring our hot takes
  5. We kicked off this week's episode with Lyndsey Heckel, talking everything from US Soccer @ the World Cup, her accolades and of course a travel nightmare story thrown in for good measure.
  6. Our interview with Katie Shields ahead of Saturday's NCAA First Round match. Find out why two players may be in the dog house over the A10 Championship celebration, and whether or not Katie thinks Memphis' Canadian heavy roster is looking forward to Saturday's temperature forecast!
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