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  1. Billiken fans collectively got Travis to come on the pod. Flex that muscle and tweet at Larry to come on the podcast.
  2. Bumping this for those who may have missed it over the holiday yesterday.
  3. I have 4 tickets to Thursday's game vs Louisville if someone would like to use them. - Zac
  4. The above description is what happens when you edit and upload late at night. The description may be low quality but the interview is peak Billiken content I promise you. - Zac
  5. Go look at my face and I think less conspicuously Peter's face on the Youtube version when he said Salina.
  6. I can't stress enough how truly surreal this was. I totally understand if people prefer to listen to the audio only version while in the car or at work but man for us Billiken die hards it really is worth grabbing your favorite snack and/or your drink of choice, kicking back on the couch and watching it on youtube.
  7. Bumping this for two reasons: I'm excited to wake up at 4:30 for this interview and because I don't want anyone to miss a chance to submit a question.
  8. We've been asked if we could let the board know when we have a guest coming on and have posters suggest questions or topics. We have Kevin scheduled to record Wednesday morning. So if there's something you've always wanted to know this would be a good thread to ask the question in. We obviously will have exhaustive outline so I would say make your questions pretty specific or outside of the box. We obviously won't get to all of them but we'll grab a couple of our favorites to ask him.
  9. Thank you for the feedback! Just a response to your note on the Goodwin/Yadier comparison. I think it was less about age and more about moving on in terms of style of play and start to let these younger guys reach for a bigger role on the court and in the locker room. It was about having the decision of whether or not to bring a veteran player back or not, which is a decision that college coaches have never had like this year. But I totally agree with you on the aging part and Goodwin in his prime and like I said, I'd love to have Goodwin back if he's open to playing an undersized 4 role. I really have no interest in watching Goodwin on the ball or at the two taking shots outside of 6 feet from the rim next year and it may be a dumb opinion but it's mine and I'M STICKING TO IT!
  10. Bill McDermott joined our show to talk SLU Women's soccer. Worth a listen or watch above.
  11. It was awesome to catch up with Bill McDermott! He's one of the gems this city has to offer and his knowledge and passion of Soccer and SLU soccer is unmatched. Please give the interview a listen if you haven't yet. I don't want to pat ourselves on the back but the basketball discussion is some of the best back and forth Peter and I have had since we joined forces so it's worth a listen for that if you aren't keen on soccer.
  12. I wanted to add the Youtube option for anyone who wants to watch our interview with Coach Shields. I think my reaction after the interview speaks for itself but man, Katie Shields just has IT. The interview runs about 38 minutes at the beginning and really is worth watching.
  13. A short little episode to take in with your morning coffee and get ready for the Men's and Women's A10 Soccer Tournament. We'll most likely record an episode after the men's and women's a10 tournaments, would be nice if they could both grab an NCAA Tournament bid so we have more to talk about. After that we'll probably settle in to once every 2 weeks release schedule during the offseason and focus on bringing you all interviews. Speaking of interviews, we recorded an awesome interview with the former head of SLU Sports Medicine Anthony Breitbach, so be on the look out for that at some point next week(we could push the release another week pending the NCAA Soccer tournaments so that we can keep a steady stream of content.
  14. We recorded the majority of this episode on Sunday night, we had heard the rumblings about the big news coming down the pipe at 10:30, we debated recording a Nesbitt segment just in case but we were nervous we'd jinx it. We decided to go ahead and record just before the National Championship and release this morning. You'll notice a segment, post Nesbitt commitment talk where we discuss Nesbitt being in the portal. Funny part is between recording sessions I upgraded to a new macbook air so if you watch on youtube you can see the difference in quality of my video when we transition from Rashad Williams to Jordan Nesbitt.
  15. Hey guys, Technology has really been a pain in my butt today. I have been trying to get our video on Youtube and Anchor to upload our audio only episode to all platforms. I finally managed to get Youtube up and I wanted to put it up here because this board has been so instrumental to the success of both podcasts. Given our special guest, I think the video edition is well worth a watch! Audio only will be up at some point this afternoon. I'll be upgrading my macbook soon so hopefully these issues will be a thing of the past.\ Zac
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