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  1. This team has unreal talent across the board the previous did not. We often relied on pure grit but this team has it all. I believe
  2. We need to schedule a Big East team every year and dominate them until we can get a bid
  3. If you go to CUCUcover.com and use this image attached, you should be able to make a cool credit card cover with the Billikens on it. I tried to send the one I made, but unfortunately I can't, plus you have to format it for whichever card you plan to use it on.
  4. SLU really did a good job about keeping Goodwin. We already forgot about the 2017 fiasco. SLU promoted Goodwin as the local team leader along with promoting Hasahn and others. I think Nessbit knows he can join Hargrove as the new leader once that class leaves, and I am sure that is what Ford promoted
  5. Who are you expecting to leave? They do not have any more available scholarships according to Verbal Commits
  6. Memphis just got a 4* SF. Good news for us re Nessbit?
  7. There was something I read earlier last week that talked about the NFL lockdown. The team knew who was dedicated when everyone came back. I don't see anyone on this team not determined though. We have one of the hardest working team I have ever seen
  8. Marten was easily the best player on the subpar team. If you look at the stats he is in 3rd with 10.5 ppg. #2 is 10.6 ppg and #1 is 11.8 ppg It seems his foul trouble limited his minutes but if you give him good backup and a good guard to pass to him, he will breakout next year. How many times do you see Forwards be stat leaders on subpar teams? Also writing is on the wall for another player, either way we will be very big next year. I wouldn't be surprised if Goodwin goes D league though
  9. Football players usually need a year of a six fig training and diet program for the big leagues so they don't get major injuries freshmen year
  10. The feedback they would get would look something like this Goodwin needs a tad better inside shot and three point shot French can't be the sole reason are team is bottom in the nation in FT, also needs a mid range shot, cant dunk over every NBA player. Not worried at all about them being drafted because they won't. But I am worried about them leaving for a D League team and not finishing up their degree.
  11. It is a legitimate question. I thought we had our two 2020 scholarships
  12. Does this mean we are anticipating a player leaving? Would that be Hightowers schollie?
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