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  1. all people deserve a basic modicum of respect as humans. old people don't deserve any more or any less. as for old guy.......... he honestly scared me with some of the unhinged drivel he posted about me a couple years ago to the point where I don't feel comfortable on this board anymore. that's OK, though, this is the internet and I don't get to say who gets to post Having said that I feel he is perfectly capable of defending himself (I mean, look at those credentials!) and am not sure why people are white knighting for him.
  2. I've been here a long time but missed this one. can we get the backstory??
  3. FYI I think you're responding to @RUBillsFannot me
  4. I get this and am not saying otherwise - just trying to get Taj to understand not all of the small NIL deals are free product. Seems like he understands and is just leaving it out to make a point.
  5. 05 didn't say Fred got free pickles; he said in a deal he (05) brokered, the pay was gift cards. Completely different situation Lots of deals will be paid in free product. Lots will be paid in cash. We don't know the terms of Fred's deal but you could probably DM Two Men and a Garden since for some reason you are so interested in this topic. Re the bold part of your post... How does any company gage whether an advertising campaign is effective? Look at the time the ad was run and sales before and after... You are making this way more complicated than it needs to be
  6. Confirmed (though i'm probably a few years past "young")
  7. I'm surprised they reject this. My little brother went to LOYNO
  8. Having followed KenPom for a long time I remember a blog post of his that explains his thinking on home court advantage. He broke it down in a two-part post. If you are a subscriber to his site: How to measure site-specific home-court advantage, part one | The kenpom.com blog How to measure site-specific home-court advantage, part two | The kenpom.com blog His blog is actually pretty interesting (though not very active). He also has a lot of posts with Majerus mentions, including dedicated posts about how great of a coach he was: rick majerus | Search Results | The kenpom.com blog
  9. Agree they would be going from a mascot that's mid at best to a top tier below only billikens and other unique mascots only a single place can claim per the Official Power Rankings of Mascot Categories. Like I get that Colonials fits with GW history but the mascot itself is not that cool. Hippos and a story about a drunk university president? It's a yes from me.
  10. I struggle with this. I feel like I need a couple additional categories but I can't figure out what they would be. Maybe A) inanimate objects (boaty mcboatface, spurs) B ) vibes/ideas (orange) C) weather events/geographical features (crimson tide, hurricanes, rockies) C is between 3 and 4 for me, A and B are sort of wildcards highly dependent on specific cases. Boaty mcboatface would be incredible. Spurs... Meh.
  11. This definitely seems silly and unnecessary. Who was asking for this? Having said that I hope they use this as an opportunity to come up with something really rad. Here are my definitive power rankings of types of mascots, GW please take notice: 1. Billikens 2. Other imaginary creatures or unique mascots with history, non-human (e.g. Jayhawk) 3. Uncommon animals (e.g. Spiders, golden retrievers, kangaroos) 4. Cool humans (e.g. Storm chaser) 5. Boring humans (e.g. Colonials) 6. The Same Animal Mascots Every Team Has (wildcats, bulldogs, rams) 7. Literal slurs ... There's a lot of room for improvement for them to move up in Rgbilliken's power rankings. The best they could do would be to become Billikens. But if I were them I'd settle for a cooler human mascot or an uncommon animal.
  12. We got the hot salsa and the spicy dill pickles, plus a DIY pickle seasoning. Haven't pickled anything yet--plan to use that on some peppers we are growing in our garden. But I really liked the salsa and the pickles. Both live up to the name of actually being spicy, which is great and hard to find at the grocery store imo. The salsa has some sweetness to it to cut the spice. I'm in the Kansas City metro and was thrilled to find Two Men and a Garden was sold at my local farmers market last weekend, so I've picked up more stuff in the time since my original order, which I had placed online.
  13. I liked bad post/troll too. I have probably used them < 5 times total but overall I think the reactions were good for people like me who don't post quite as much. Actually I think more, not less reactions, would be good. Part of the problem as some people have pointed out...Just because you disagree with a post that doesn't necessarily mean it is bad. Like/Agree/Disagree/Haha/Uncalled for/Troll would be what I would do, I think.
  14. This is definitely true, too. I am sure these business owners are SLU fans. But they are still paying for a service. I am sure Two Men and a Garden got a great ROI on their ad with Thatch if they paid him market rates, for example. I personally spent like 40 bucks on salsa, which I did to support Thatch and encourage more businesses to do... But it's not mutually exclusive with me enjoying the salsa too. Hope that makes sense.
  15. These deals aren't meant to compete with the 200k pay-for-play-masquerading-as-NIL deals. They are local businesses paying student athletes their worth on the free market for a service. The service in this case is posting an ad to a targeted audience, the same as any Instagram influencer. This isn't meant to sound snarky, but ask your grandkids about it.
  16. The other thing is that each team has limited minutes they can give. Even if Duke wants to hoard players who would be 15-16 on their depth chart...These guys are fierce competitors. I don't think most of them want to go get paid to sit on the bench when they could go get paid maybe slightly less to be a star somewhere else. I also think donors to an NIL fund won't be happy if their funds are going to dudes playing like 2 min a game.
  17. I think this rule is not NCAA but has more to do with work visas vs student visas? Maybe?
  18. This is exactly right. For the average fan, self included, any money I could part with is better spent funding my kids' 529 plans so they can one day attend slu.
  19. Getting a matching pink jumpsuit plus the black zip hoodie. This stuff is pretty sweet imo
  20. Guys......I'm pretty sure 05 was being tongue-in-cheek.........."xxxxx slander will not be tolerated" is a common phrase that means "hey don't talk sh!t on this guy!"
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