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  1. 49 minutes ago, BACKHANDtheRICAN said:

    Thatch is no Goodwin. At. All. Get your head out of your ass.

    Bad post. Both 6'3, both great defenders, Thatch has a reported 46" vertical, has decent shooting form. Before his illness, the coaches figured he would be the leading scorer last year. The post was no knock on JGood, he's a junkyard dog who has made himself into an excellent player. Among other things, his anticipation and positioning for rebounding is amazing. From a size and athleticism standpoint, I don't see any reason why Thatch can't be a similar player to what JGood has become, especially if he has three more seasons to develop his game.

    It's just speculation based on potential. There are too many MBMs on this board who want to get their panties in a wad, especially in regard to JGood.

  2. 37 minutes ago, Reinert310 said:

    I think there are a few guys who could take over that roll (Thatch, Jacobs, Hargrove, Strickland) or it could just be a committee of players. But I also think JGood go down in Billikens history. The fact that we actually have a number of guys who could hypothetically fill his shoes shows just how successful Coach Ford has been in recruiting.

    I can see a lot of Goodwin in Thatch, and although he hasn't shown it yet, I think he can become a more reliable shooter. JGood has improved his shooting and hit some big threes but, to this point, is still a streak shooter. Thatch has all the same tools and might be a better scorer.

  3. Some Friday scores of note:

    SIUE grounds Morehead State - 69-65

    Richmond crawls past Loyola - 75-73 and

    Davidson rams past Rhody - 67-58 as Carter Collins pours in 22 on 8-14 shooting.

    Davidson has five solid starters and almost no depth. Collins, Grady, and HJ Lee combined for 49.


  4. 12 minutes ago, Taj79 said:

    You know Caleb is Josh's brother, right?

    Despite that, I thought the analysis was pretty detailed and, well, analytical.  To understand Yuri's ability to put his body on a defender while on offense, or understand the feet positioning of the defense, are things easily lost on MBMs like me.  The analytics brought me back to some of the teaching RickMa insisted on with ball screens, defense and the like.  I've been impressed with Caleb's writing so far.  The analysis of Devon Daniles was excellent and frankly, I thought he and Brandon Beverly played a lot of hero ball in the second half ---- Beverly making a lot of his stuff to receive Abomb's "Amish dude" call.   Still, a nice win to bask in the glow of. 

    Didn't know that although I wondered by the last name if there was a connection.

  5. 17 minutes ago, 3star_recruit said:

    Collins, Goodwin, Perkins and French are four of the all-time greats at their respective positions and they're all on the same team.  Jacobs is one of the greatest sixth men we've ever had.  Gibson Jimerson is one of the greatest shooters we've ever had.  They're on the team too.  Our average margin of victory through six games is 25 points.

    Now we do have to go on the road so that margin of victory will drop some.  We will even lose some games.  But I can already say that the last 11 games is the most dominant stretch of Billiken basketball I've ever seen, ranking or no ranking.  What a great time to be a Billiken fan.

    Here's a dominant stretch of basketball which brought us the win. Taking out the last two possessions with the questionable traveling call and intentional clock violation, over the previous 21 possessions, the Bills scored 32 points on 11-16 shooting, 2-5 arc, 8-12 from the stripe, with only one turnover. That's a ppp of 1.52 on 69% from the floor, and a turnover rate of 4.8%. Even better, 2 of the missed FG attempts led to offensive stickbacks, and JGood's turnover was immediately redeemed by his blocked shot and rebound which led to 2 FTs and a 60-58 lead.

    Despite all that good play, it might not have been enough without Yuri's decision to take over the offense in the first half and keep us in it.


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