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  1. Stopped in Memphis today for lunch while driving from Dallas to Nashville. We ate at Rendezvous...great dry rub ribs. Thank you Memphis for the ribs. Not a bad town. That pyramid downtown is odd though...
  2. He hits big shots when we need them. I had flashbacks tonight from the Dayton game on mardi gras a few years ago. Gave me chills. These were obviously more important momentum changing shots though. Go Bills. Thanks Kwa.
  3. Sang the fight song at a bar in Nashville. Many people joined in. GO BILLS!!!
  4. Andy Katz just re-posted a link on Twitter that I found interesting. It comes from Greg Shaheen. "NCAA individual team sheets:bit.ly/yj31ha. If we were any more transparent, you'd install us as replacement windows." It says our average RPI win is 170 while our average RPI loss is 56. Not sure how much these actually mean to the committee when it comes down to it, but that's a debate for another day.
  5. That was a great game at a tough place to play. Learn from it and let's dominate A-10 for the next couple months.
  6. We got flat out beat. Bummer. Nothing worse than losing a game you should've won...
  7. They have also been able to avoid that 5 minute scoring drought every 2nd half that was so common the past couple years
  8. Glad he admitted a mistake. It was funny to see him stir up the Billiken Hornet's Nest though.
  9. There's a fine line between playing pissed off and playing so pissed off that it has a negative impact on your game. Evans appears fine for now, but it's definitely something to keep our eyes on. Hopefully the early success of the team can help him understand how important of a role he can have this season if he can transition into a new position.
  10. yeah I'm not sure how he didn't break his arm the way he used it to break his fall
  11. via Twitter: "@GaryParrishCBS Glad I wrote that SLU column last week. Majerus making me look smart. Billikens killing a quality opponent again. Will be ranked this week."
  12. Yeah his name is Matt Howard. I couldn't help but laugh all game though....he looks like Andy Samberg
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