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  1. I suppose it's too much to think that coaching might have played a part in Conklin's improvement (as well as the improvement of the other players). Nah, it's just hard work, attitude, smarts and effort. Wouldn't want to think Rick and his staff had anything to do with player development.
  2. This is my favorite thread of the summer - funny on so many levels
  3. That's still every bit as funny as the first time you used that line. Nice job, Roy.
  4. My son will be going to camp Monday. Anyone else sending their son? I saw a different thread where folks were wondering which players were on campus. That should be answered tomorrow because the players are usually coaches/counselors at the camp.
  5. Kids got a great shot, and I love his patience with the ball. Very nice.
  6. Does anyone know what a coach in the D league makes? Was this really a raise for Alex? What do our assistants make?
  7. Roy's just mad Rick didn't take the SMU cash. He probably had a whole "I told you he was a dick" post ready to go if the word came down that Rick signed with SMU.
  8. An FYI that this type of stuff happened EVERY YEAR when Rick was at Utah. He doesn't do a good job of refuting rumors, so they tend to spread. This may be a salary plea, but Rick is smart enough to know he is much better off at SLU over the next five years than anywhere else. If money was that important, he would have left Utah, but he didn't. He also ultimately turned down USC for big money. He will be a Billiken next year.
  9. I have five responses to Jimbo's post: 1. Loved it 2. You remain my favorite poster (by a long way) 3. I love that your avatar (or whatever the hell it's called) is back working. It was missed. 4. Definitely need to update to the 2012 sponsor of the Letter J 5. I hope to God I never piss you off
  10. How is Kentucky not at risk with their APR?
  11. This is no surprise to me. Big Blue fans are obnoxious. I have no idea who to root for tomorrow night. My two least favorite college basketball teams are playing each other. Worst case scenario
  12. I'm perplexed why you all are having a stupid argument about soccer when the above video is available to watch. Take a look. It's incredible! Jimbo, please add some of your finest pictures/videos to cleanse this thread of its awfulness. Thank you.
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